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  Jaybee Valledor
Product Marketer
  714.582.3330 Ext.8013 [email protected]      



Unlike some people, Jaybee didn’t grow up surrounded by cars or with arms deep inside an engine bay or with oil marks permanently stained on his shirts. No, Jaybee was completely different with his upbringing when it comes to the topic of “cars”. Before middle school, his mindset involving automobiles were almost strictly to do with riding in the back seat and enjoying the old school sounds of the radio his parents had engraved in his head. It wasn’t until one fateful day at his friends house during his 6th grade year did he realize what would fuel his drive to spend money…

So one evening, Jaybee was hanging with his friend and unexpectedly, his friend throws a dvd into his dvd player and it began to play. Being very naive and completely unbeknowegst to what he was watching, he had assumed that it was something to do with “cars”. Next thing he knew, he was witnessing four black civics with neon green under glow chase down and subsequently drive underneath a 18 wheeled semi-truck. It was at that moment that changed his life forever. It was then that he wanted a car of his own not just to drive around from point A to point B, but to modify and make better to really unleash its true automotive potential.

For the next few years, Jaybee did research on what moves a car. He learned the basics of a piston engine, the basics of how suspension acts and reacts, and even how a manual transmission works. Fast forward to the year 2006; he and his cousins go to the movies to watch the third installment of the beloved franchise. From ear to ear, his face was just glowing with pure inspiration and joy. He walked out of that theater a new man - a man that just wanted to throw his car sideways and create magical clouds of white smoke. 

Pressing the two NOS buttons to later years, Jaybee got himself a Nissan 350Z and considered himself to be Donkey Kong. It was with that car that he truly got his foot into the floor with the car world. His dream is to be able to drift this particular car and he was almost there! Having modified his Z33 with BC BR-Type Coilovers, JWT Pop Charger, he was almost ready to take on Irwindale, Streets of Willow, and even Shibuya Station. Unfortunately, driving at the wrong place at the wrong time, his Z was tragically totaled in the heavy rain on the 15N freeway. He then remembered the wise words of the character Han during a scene in his favorite movie, “Life’s simple. You make choices and you don’t look back”. 

During his earlier years of car-learning, he had told himself that he’d only allow a certain kind of cars within his life of owning cars. The main rule was this; it has to have appeared or used by the characters in his favorite movie. Luckily for him, he can cross the Nissan 350Z off his list and accepted that it was time to move on to the next chapter in his life.

Furiously traveling at 9,500 revolutions per minute, Jaybee got himself a Mazda RX-8 and was introduced to the world of Rotary Engines. Completely baffled by how different and albeit ingenius the “rotary engine”, he saw it as a new challenge and opportunity to get back on track towards his dream of drifting. The Mazda RX-8 is a near perfectly balanced 50/50 weight distributed car with high-speed corner abilities and is a favorably better car to drift in. He loved his 350z, it’s been the car he’s always wanted. But it wasn't until he drove the RX-8 that he really “fell in love” with a car. Currently, his car has Racing Beat lowering springs and his future plans include a Racing Beat Sway Bars, a Bridgeport, and a 3rd rotor and/or a turbocharger.

Alongside modifying his own car, he has gone to school to learn about TV/Film to eventually land himself the career of the next great director or producer. Until then, on his spare time, he loves to practice photography and videography. On another occasion, he can not only nerd out about cars and his top favorites, but will nerd out about cameras and film studies of the sort. Over the years, Jaybee has a garnered of experience with shooting cars and models and you might be able to catch him at local car meets enjoying the pure bliss and appreciation of people’s builds. He wants to inspire people with his photos/videos the way the “fast & Furious” films have inspired him. 



List of Cars
  • Nissan 350z (Totaled)

Present Mod List for the Mazda RX8
(Current - Daily)
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Lowering Springs



Future Mod List for the Mazda RX8
(Current - Daily)
  • LS Swap
  • Sway Bars
  • Bridgeport
  • 3rd rotor OR Turbo

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