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**Forgestar CF10 Wheels Ford 19"/20" 5x4.5in 5x114.3mm


Quick Overview

The Forgestar CF10 is sold and priced per complete set of 4.

Sku # : Forgestar-CF10-Wheels-Ford-19inch-20inch-BM
Front Wheel Size
Rear Wheel Size
Center Caps
Cone Seat Lug Bolts

ModBargains is proud to offer you the newest design from Forgestar, the CF10. The new CF10 uses flow form casting process, a construction method that Forgestar has become known for. This is the same construction process used by BBS and Enkei, wheels that typically cost twice as much! These wheels are made to order and can be made to fit your Ford with a large range of available sizes, offests and finishes.

The Forgestar CF10 has the durability of a fully forged wheel, without the large price. These wheels are perfect for anyone looking to improve not only the looks and stance of their Ford, but also performance, corning, and acceleration.

*Please note the Forgestar CF10 will require cone seat lug nuts so that the wheels sit properly on the hub. We can provide these for you (see attributes).

Want more information on Forgestar CF10 flow forming? Give us a call: 714-582-3330

"Talk about a head turning wheel!! The Forgestar CF10 is one of my favorite wheels of all time. I have received so many compliments on these wheels. I have these wheels on my own personal car and absolutely love the way they make my car look. Once I took the boring stock wheels off my car and replaced them with the Forgestar CF10's, my car had a completely different personality. It was suddenly aggressive, but clean. It was just downright impressive. If you're thinking about these wheels, just do it, I promise you that you will love them on your own car just like I love them on mine!"

- Mike Brown, Co-Founder & CEO


Forgestar CF10s 20×10″ Front, 20×11″ Rear
Falken 453 Tires 275/35ZR20 Front, 315/35ZR20 Rear

Forgestar CF10 Features

  • Flow form construction - high quality, low price
  • Durability of a Forged Wheel
  • Lightweight - Improved acceleration, and handling
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Clears OEM calipers and aftermarket big brake kits
  • Custom offsets and bolt patterns
  • Can be made to fit nearly any vehicle!
  • Wheels are made to order
  • BMW Caps Available (+$50)
Customer Reviews
First off thanks for the people at ModBargains.com for hooking it up! Jason and the tech really know what their doing there and are very helpful! Great customer service so thanks again!

Forgestar CF10 Available Finishes
All Forgestar CF10 finishes are powdercoated. If you would like custom pinstripe please call in to place your order, (714) 582-3330.

  • Gloss Black
  • Matte Black
  • Textured Black
  • Silver
  • Gunmetal
  • Textured Gunmetal
  • Frost White
  • Race Gold
  • Premium custom powdercoat finishes also available (See below)
  • Semi Gloss Black
  • Brushed Black
  • Brushed Charcoal
  • Brushed Titanium
  • Carbon Overlay - 100% real carbon fiber overlay
  • Karbon Overlay- This is a carbon fiber look overlay

Custom Finishes Available:
(disregard the style of wheel shown, the picture are just to showcase finish)

Forgestar CF10 Available Offsets and Sizes
19" 20"
19x8.5 offsets from +14 to +52 20x8.5 offsets from +10 to +50
19x9.0 offsets from +20 to +60 20x9.0 offsets from +16 to +56
19x9.5 offsets from +2 to +42 20x10.5 offsets from +20 to +61
19x10 offsets from +8 to +48 20x11 offsets from +28 to +68
19x11 offsets from +21 to +61 20x12 offsets from +40 to +80
19x12 offsets from +34 to +74  


Not sure what Forgestar CF10 offset you need?  Let our Ford specialists take care of it and give us a call at 714-582-3330

Why Forgestar CF10 Wheels are Better Than Cast Wheels

  • Custom Offsets - Forgestar wheels can be made in virtually any offset, whereas standard cast wheels come in a set offset. This allows you to dial in exactly how you want your wheels to sit (we can help you select the offset you need for the look your looking for). Having custom offsets allows for fitment of wider wheels in stock suspension and lowered vehicles. Forgestar wheels are designed specifically for your car and it's suspension setup, where cast wheels are designed for everyone and typically do not take in to account lowered suspension setups.
  • Weight - Forgestar wheels are also much lighter than cast wheels. The 20x10 CF10 wheel weighs 24.6Lbs, where a cast wheel of this same size would weigh anywhere from 32 to 37 Lbs. This saving of roughly 7-13 pounds per wheel makes a BIG difference in regards to handling and drivability. Reducing unsprung weight (weight that is not supported by the car's suspension, i.e wheels, tires, brake rotors, and brake calipers) is one of the easiest ways to improve your car's handling, braking, and acceleration. As a general estimate 1 pound of unsprung weight is equal to 10 pounds of static weight. (weight that is supported by the vehicle's suspension).
  • Strength - Flow-formed wheels are similar in strength to that of a fully forged wheel, without the cost. The process used to make the Forgestar wheels is the same process BBS and Enkei Wheels use.
  • Range of Sizes - Forgestar wheels are available in a multitude of sizes, allowing you to decide exactly what diameter and width you want to run on your vehicle, rather being forced to run a set staggered size with cast wheels (As cast wheels usually are only available with one set front wheel width, and one rear wheel width).

Forgestar CF10 Weights

  • 20x10.0 24.5Lbs

Forgestar CF10 Shipping
Local pickup of these wheels can be performed in the southern California area, please e-mail a ModBargains sales representative to schedule an appointment. Otherwise shipping is a flat $99 to the US. International shipping quotes are available via email.

Want to know how much more power you will get by putting on lighter wheels and decreasing unsprung weight? Give us a call at 714-582-3330

Forgestar CF10 Wheel Gallery
Forgestar CF10s 20×10″ Front, 20×11″ Rear
Falken 453 Tires 275/35ZR20 Front, 315/35ZR20 Rear

Forgestar CF10s 20×10″ Front, 20×11″ Rear
Falken 453 Tires 275/35ZR20 Front, 315/35ZR20 Rear

Forgestar CF10s 20×10″ Front, 20×11″ Rear
Falken 453 Tires 275/35ZR20 Front, 315/35ZR20 Rear

Forgestar CF10s 20×10″ Front, 20×11″ Rear
Falken 453 Tires 275/35ZR20 Front, 315/35ZR20 Rear

Forgestar CF10s 20×10″ Front, 20×11″ Rear
Falken 453 Tires 275/35ZR20 Front, 315/35ZR20 Rear

Forgestar CF10s 20×10″ Front, 20×11″ Rear
Falken 453 Tires 275/35ZR20 Front, 315/35ZR20 Rear

Forgestar CF10 Wheel Finishes

Available Finishes

Semi Gloss Black:

Brushed Black:

Blood Red:

Anodized Purple:

Tiffany Blue:

Bronze Burst:

Forgestar F14 Brushed Charcoal:

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