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VW Parts

VW Parts
DAS AUTO in the Haus
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Beetle [A5] Parts (2012-Present)

Beetle [New] Parts (1998-2011)

Golf / GTI / Golf R [MK7] Parts (2015-Present)

Golf / GTI / Golf R [MK6] Parts (2010-2014)

Eos [MK5] Parts (2006-2015)


GTI / R32 [MK5] Parts (2005-2009)


Rabbit [MK5] Parts (2005-2009)


Golf / GTI / R32 [MK4] Parts (1998-2004)

Golf / GTI / Golf R

Jetta / GLI


Jetta [MK6] Parts (2011-Present)

Jetta [MK5] Parts (2005-2010)

Jetta [MK4] Parts (1998-2004)

Passat [B7] Parts (2012-Present)

Passat [B6] Parts (2005.5-2011)

Passat [B5.5] Parts (2001.5-2005)

Passat [B5] Parts (1997-2001)


Tiguan [5N] Parts (2017-Present)

Tiguan [N/A] Parts (2008-2016)

Touareg [7P] Parts (2011-Present)

Touareg [7L] Parts (2004-2010)


We love VW's at ModBargains

These VW parts take you to the pinnacle of driving performance. Our goal is to help you get the maximum benefits out of any of the parts that you choose. Our VW parts will make your ride so much better than the stock parts that are already on your car. The best bet is high quality parts from Modbargains.

We care about the parts you have and thats why we have hand picked these to make your modifications meaningful. The addition of parts that are provided by us, will make your car stand out on the road. When you modify with Modbargains, your vehicle is going to look completely different. Get your parts from us. We definitely make a difference.

If you have any questions regarding VW parts, please feel free to call one of our Modification Experts at (714) 582-3330, we are here to help.

GTI/Golf/Golf R VI (2010-14)
Golf VI Brakes Golf VI Exhaust Golf VI Exterior Golf VI Intake Golf VI Lighting Golf VI Performance Golf VI Air Suspension Golf VI Suspension Golf VI Wheels Golf VI Interior

GTI/Golf/Golf R VII (2015+)
Golf VII Exhaust Golf VII Exterior Golf VII Air Suspension Golf VII Suspension Golf VII Performance Golf VII Intake Golf VII Brakes Golf VII Interior Golf VII Lighting Golf VII Wheels

GTI/Golf V (2005-2009)
Golf V Brakes Golf V Engine Golf V Exhaust Golf V Exterior Golf V Intake Golf V Interior Golf V Lighting Golf V Performance Golf V Air Suspension Golf V Suspension Golf V Wheels

Rabbit (2006-2009)
Rabbit 2006+ Brakes Rabbit 2006+ Engine Rabbit 2006+ Exhaust Rabbit 2006+ Exterior Rabbit 2006+ Intake Rabbit 2006+ Lighting Rabbit 2006+ Air Suspension Rabbit 2006+ Suspension Rabbit 2006+ Wheels Rabbit 2006+ Performance Rabbit 2006+ Interior

GTI/Golf/R32 IV (1998-2004)
Golf IV Brakes Golf IV Engine Golf IV Exhaust Golf IV Exterior Golf IV Intake Golf IV Interior Golf IV Lighting Golf IV Performance Golf IV Suspension Golf IV Wheels Golf IV Air Suspension

Beetle Brakes Beetle Exhaust Beetle Intake Beetle Lighting Beetle Performance Beetle Suspension Beetle Wheels Beetle Exterior Beetle Interior

Jetta/GLI VI (2011+)
Jetta VI Brakes Jetta VI Engine Jetta VI Exhaust Jetta VI Exterior Jetta VI Intake Jetta VI Interior Jetta VI Lighting Jetta VI Performance Jetta VI Air Suspension Jetta VI Suspension Jetta VI Wheels

Jetta/GLI V (2005-2010)
Jetta V Brakes Jetta V Engine Jetta V Exhaust Jetta V Exterior Jetta V Intake Jetta V Interior Jetta V Lighting Jetta V Performance Jetta V Air Suspension Jetta V Suspension Jetta V Wheels

Jetta/GLI IV (1998-2004)
Jetta IV Brakes Jetta IV Engine Jetta IV Exhaust Jetta IV Exterior Jetta IV Intakes Jetta IV Interior Jetta IV Lighting Jetta IV Air Suspension Jetta IV Suspension Jetta IV Wheels Jetta IV Performance

Touareg Brakes Touareg Exhaust Touareg Intakes Touareg Lighting Touareg Suspension Touareg Exterior Touareg Performance Touareg Interior

Tiguan (2009+)
VW Tiguan Suspension VW Tiguan Exhaust VW Tiguan Wheels VW Tiguan Exterior

B7 Passat & CC (2012+)
B7 Passat Intake B7 Passat Air Suspension B7 Passat Suspension B7 Passat Exterior B7 Passat Exhaust B7 Passat Brakes B7 Passat Interior B7 Passat Exterior B7 Passat Performance B7 Passat Lighting B7 Passat Wheels

B6 Passat (2005.5-2011)
Passat B6 Brakes Passat B6 Intake Passat B6 Exhaust Passat B6 Exterior Passat B6 Lighting Passat B6 Performance Passat B6 Air Suspension Passat B6 Suspension Passat B6 Wheels Passat B6 Interior

B5.5 Passat (2001.5-2005)
Passat B5.5 Brakes Passat B5.5 Engine Passat B5.5 Exhaust Passat B5.5 Exterior Passat B5.5 Intakes Passat B5.5 Interior Passat B5.5 Lighting Passat B5.5 Performance Passat B5.5 Air Suspension Passat B5.5 Suspension Passat B5.5 Wheels

B5 Passat (1997-2001)
Passat B5 Brakes Passat B5 Engine Passat B5 Exhaust Passat B5 Exterior Passat B5 Intake Passat B5 Interior Passat B5 Lighting Passat B5 Performance Passat B5 Air Suspension Passat B5 Suspension Passat B5 Wheels

Phaeton Brakes Phaeton Lighting Phaeton Wheels Phaeton Exterior Phaeton Suspension Phaeton Performance Phaeton Interior Phaeton Intake

Eos Brakes Eos Intake Eos Performance Eos Suspension Eos Wheels Eos Exterior Eos Interior Eos Lighting

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