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VW Lighting

Do your current headlights leave you feeling "left in the dark"? modbargains offers many types of lighting upgrades that can improve the aesthetics of your Volkswagen and offer dramatically improved light output. With modern illumination, yourVolkswagen will appear more upscale and more attractive, and you're sure to get noticed whether you're having a hamburger at Sonic or at Dubfest. Whether you are looking to purchase projector headlights, LED taillights,or anything else - we offer lighting products to let you to see the road clearly regardless of the weather ortime of day.

modbargainsVolkswagen Lightingproducts are meant to replace your outdated OEM lightingwith modern technology. We offer lighting products from the popular names in Volkswagen lighting, including DEPO, City VisionLighting, Eagle Eye and GP Thunder to name a few.


GTI/Golf/Golf R VI (2010-14GTI/Golf/Golf R VI (2010-14) GTI/Golf/Golf R VII (2015+)GTI/Golf/Golf R VII (2015+) Jetta/GLI VI (2011+).Jetta/GLI VI (2011+) GTI/Golf V (2005-2009)GTI/Golf V (2005-2009)
Rabbit (2006-2009)Rabbit (2006-2009) Jetta/GLI V (2005-2010)Jetta/GLI V (2005-2010) GTI/Golf/R32 IV (1998-2004)GTI/Golf/R32 IV (1998-2004) Jetta/GLI IV (1998-2004)Jetta/GLI IV (1998-2004)
B6 Passat (2005.5-2011)B6 Passat (2005.5-2011) B5 Passat (1997-2001)B5 Passat (1997-2001) B5.5 Passat (2001.5-2005)B5.5 Passat (2001.5-2005) EosEos
PhaetonPhaeton TouaregTouareg BeetleBeetle B7 Passat (2012+)B7 Passat (2012+)

Popular VW Lighting Brands:


GP Thunder Lights

Lamin-X Lights for VW

What Go Intercontinental with Euro-spec Lighting Components
Euro-Spec HeadlightsVW Lighting from modbargains

Stand out from the crowd here in the states by swapping out your tame US-spec lighting components with Euro-spec headlights or tail lights for a crisp, custom look. European lighting components have different designs and functions than US spec lighting equipment and often can give your Volkswagen a more distinguished, worldly look.

What are HID headlights? What are Xenon headlights?
HID Headlights for VW

High Intensity Discharge, or HID headlights are totally different from incandescent bulbs in both design and operation. Rather than run electricity through a filament, the HID system uses a glass bulb filled with metal halide gas. The gaseous metal is extremely conductive and generates intense, bright light when illuminated by an arc of electricity. The HID system has two parts, the bulb and the ballast. The HID system can't work unless both parts are working properly, which can make troubleshooting a challenge. Many Volkswagen models come equipped factory with an HID lighting system, and for those who already have HIDs we offerthe best and most affordable replacement HID bulbs on the market. For added style, we offer HID Replacement Bulbs in multiple color temperatures, such as 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, and 12000K.

Can I put HIDs in aftermarket projectors?
HID light with aftermarket projectors

YES! Using an HID bulb in an aftermarket projector typically works just fine, however this may not technically be legal in all areas. Simply replace the Be sure to check local regulations to ensure you are compliant with any relevant laws.

Can I upgrade my headlights or fog lights without HIDs?

GP Thunder Plasma Headlights GP Thunder Bulbs

YES! modbargains offers high performance replacement bulbs in a variety of color temperatures allowing you to get more light output out of your halogen lighting components as well as the flexibility of styling your illumination with yellow fog lamps or whiter or blueish primary headlamps from quality manufacturers like PIAA, GP Thunder and City Vision lighting.


What is Color Temperature? What is the best HID color temperature for my Volkswagen?
Lightout put for HID headlamps is highest between 3400k (more output) and about 6500k (less output) - the higher the number for the color temperature, the more "purple" thelight will appear to be and there is little actual light. 12,000K HIDs are still putting out light- but the light it is generatingis outside of the spectrum of light types visible to human eyes. Don't be "that guy" with dim, purple HIDs. Most manufacturers typically use 3400k-4300k bulbs for their own HIDs, as this temperature has the greatest lumen output, meaning thebest HID color temperature is 4300k.

What are the benefits of LED bulbs?
LED Bulbs for VWLicense Plate LED LightsCity Vision LED Lights

Give your VW a crisp, bright look at night by replacing the yellowy incandescent stock bulbs with a high quality High Output LED replacement bulb. Today's LED bulbs are bright and many feature CREE technology. Today's high output LED bulbs feature 1-watt or higher output and producelightin specific colors - super clean white, intense blue, amber, red and many other colors. This flexibility in coloration makes LEDs a perfect choice for accentlight slike your interior or license plate lights. LED bulbs also offer a much longer service life than conventional bulbs, lasting 10,000hrs or more.

Check out a few Lighting Related Posts on the modbargains Blog

Seeing the truth: The Lowdown on HID Headlights

Can modbargains install my projectors or LEDs on my Volkswagen for me?
YES! We can. If you're local to SoCal, our full-service shop is located in La Habra, CA, just 15 minutes from World-Famous Disneyland. Most modern Volkswagens are fairly complex and require special procedures to service certain lighting components, so it's important that you find a shop that is experienced in installing aftermarket headlights that will take special care with your car during the install. To make an appointment, call (714) 582-3330 to speak to one of our Modification Experts or chat online now at modbargains.com.

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