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Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels


Quick Overview

**Sold In Staggered Sets of Four**

Sku # : victor-equipment-zehn-wheels-er
Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels
Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels

The brand new Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels are exceeding the standards with their new design. These rotary forged Porsche wheels are created by the makers of TSW, meaning that the Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels are forged with the same standards and materials to bring you a high quality, lightweight and durable Porsche wheel. The Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels are made to fit Porsche cars exclusively and with exact measurements. Because Victor Equipment is dedicated to Porsche cars only, each and every set of Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels are compatible with any Porsche model, allowing you to get the best wheel for your Porsche, whether you own a Boxster, 911, Cayenne, or any other Porsche model. These new wheels are built to enhance the smoothness and steering abilities for your Porsche. In addition, the lightweight and durable features of the Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels reduce the weight resistance of the wheel's spin, therby giving your Porsche a little extra torque. This new wheel will also give your Porsche a sleek race appeal to give your Porsche a new edge. Whether you use your Porsche for racing, for show, or just for everyday use, the Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels will give you the look and performance features you need.

Call Us For More Information on the Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels (714) 582-3330


  • Perfect Fitment

  • Enhances smoothness and stability

  • Reduces steering vibration

  • Reduces weight resistance

  • Enhances maneuvering capability

  • Durable and built to last entire lifetime of vehicle

  • Available in several colors

  • Interchangeable hub emblem

  • Gives your Porsche a powerful race appeal


Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels Matte Black


Application Guide:


Diameter Width PCD Offset
18" 8" 5/130 ET45
18" 10" 5/130 ET50
18" 10.5" 5/130 ET55
18" 11" 5/130 ET36
18" 11" 5/130 ET55
19" 8" 5/130 ET45
19" 10" 5/130 ET50
19" 10.5" 5/130 ET55
19" 11" 5/130 ET36
19" 11" 5/130 ET55
20" 8.5" 5/130 ET45
20" 11" 5/130 ET36
20" 11" 5/130 ET55
22" 9" 5/130 ET56
22" 10.5" 5/130 ET56
22" 11" 5/130 ET56


Victor Equipment's sole dedication to Porsche cars makes the Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels able to match the high performance racing standards of Porsche sedans, coupes, and SUVs. Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels were manufactured with the knowledge of the specifications that Porsche cars require. For example, large brake calipers used on Porsche cars require a higher offset that clears these large brakes and does not rub the fenders. Porsche wheels also require a 5x130mm ball-pattern hub center. With this in mind, Victor Equipment has manufactured all of its wheels, including the Zehn model, with these exact measurements and specifications. To make matters more complicated, each and every model car under the Porsche brand requires a specific wheel application. The Boxster, for example, does not require as wide a rear wheel as does the 911, while the Cayenne is the only Porsche model that is compatible with a 22-inch wheel. Victor Equipment uses this knowledge to tailor each and every set of Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels to match the exact specifications of your Porsche model, giving your car a crisp race appeal and better performance capabilities. These wheels are alos designed with an interchangeable hub emblem that is compatible with the original Porsche emblem. Victor Equipment prides itself in making the ultimate wheels for your Porsche car or SUV - no exceptions.


Call Us to Find the Right Application of Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels for Your Porsche (714) 582-3330

Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels Porsche 911


Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels Boxster

Call Us For More Information on the Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels (714) 582-3330

Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels

Call Us For More Information on the Victor Equipment Zehn Wheels (714) 582-3330

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