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Victor Equipment Wheels

Get Your Victor Equipment Wheels at ModBargains.com Today!

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About Victor Equipment Wheels


Victor Equipment Wheels is dedicated to making quality wheels specifically for Porsche models. With over 20 years of design experience, Victor Equipment Wheels are made to compliment the performance and racing aesthetic of Porsche SUV's and motor cars. All Victor Equipment Wheels are manufactured to fit the exact specifications for every Porsche model. Almost every Porsche model requires a specific wheel application. For example, the Porsche 911 requires a wider rear wheel than the Boxster, while the Cayenne is the only Porsche model that accepts a 22-inch wheel. Victor Equipment Wheels uses this knowledge to their advantage and designs each and every wheel to match your specific Porsche model perfectly. In addition, all Victor Equipment Wheels are designed to accept the original Porsche cap and emblem. The company prides itself in making the ultimate wheels for Porsche cars and SUVs - no exceptions.


Get Your Victor Equipment Wheels at ModBargains.com Today!


Origin of Victor Equipment Wheels


Victor Equipment Wheels is a car-specific subset of a much larger wheel manufacturing company - TSW. Founded by a former Formula One racing driver, TSW has been immensely involved in the racing world for over 30 years. TSW has been involved in such events as 24-hour LeMans, Touring Cars, Spec Miata and many more.


All TSW wheels are designed with hub-centric rings to ensure less vibration and more stability to your wheels, resulting in a smoother, easier drive. TSW also uses rotary forged technology, ensuring a light-weight and durable set of wheels. In addition, each TSW set comes with staggered wheels, meaning that the rear wheels come larger and wider than the front, allowing for better turning and maneuvering. TSW incorporates each of these traits in all of its car-specific sub-companies, meaning that Victor Equipment Wheels carry all the traits of its parent company to ensure consistent wheel quality and ensuring the best wheels for your Porsche.


Get Your Victor Equipment Wheels at ModBargains.com Today!


Rotary Forged Victor Equipment Wheels


Victor Equipment uses rotary forged, flow forming technology to manufacture its wheels. This solves a few common problems among wheel designs: quality, durability and cost.


In order to get the lightest weighing wheels for their vehicle, some drivers may consider buying aluminum cast wheels. These wheels are manufactured by pouring molten aluminum into a wheel-shaped mold, creating a wheel casting. This is the least expensive type of wheel, however, it is also the least durable and cheapest quality.


Call ModBargains Today for the Best Deals on Rotary Forged Victor Equipment Wheels (714) 582-3330


Another type of wheel construction used commonly is the fully forged aluminum alloy wheel. This type of wheel is manufactured using one or multiple blocks of aluminum, depending on whether it is a one piece, two piece, or three piece forged wheel. The aluminum alloy block is then shaped into the desired wheel design to create the finished product. This process creates a much more durable wheel, however, they are typically the most expensive wheel type and create much more weight resistance to your vehicle, which in turn reduces the speed and turning capability of your car.


Victor Equipment Wheels realized these issues with other wheel manufacturers, and decided to give drivers the best of both worlds. Using TSW's rotary forged flow forming technology, Victor Equipment Wheels are manufactured to be both lightweight and durable. These rotary forged wheels start out like aluminum alloy cast wheels, using the casting process to create the spoke pattern. Then the inner and outer barrels are forged at high pressure while the wheel is spun at high speed through use of a flow-forming machine. This alters the molecular structure and strengthens the alloy. The end result creates a lightweight and durable Victor Equipment wheel, for ultimate driving performance at a reasonable price.


Rotary Forged Porsche Wheels - Victor Equipment Wheels



Design and Color Options


Victor Equipment offers four types of wheel designs with multiple combinations of color options, specifically for Porsche.

The Innsbruck design is named after the Porsche 356 model's first victory in the Innsbruck City Race in July, 1948 . Designed to be lightweight and quick, the Porsche 356 was just a few weeks old when it won its first class victory in the Innsbruck City Race in July, 1948. With its focus and dedication to quality Porsche wheels, Victor Equipment incorporated this lightweight and quick concept into its wheel design. This wheel is available in both silver and matte black.


Get Your Victor Equipment Wheels at ModBargains.com Today!


The LeMans design is named after Porsche's heavy involvement in one of the world's most prestigious long distance sports car races, the 24 hour Le Mans race. The race has been held annually since 1923 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France and has proven to be a major test for auto endurance. The event itself has pushed the limit of automobile performance throughout the years and has even inspired car manufacturers to expand to more reliable, aerodynamic and fuel efficient car designs. Porsche's close involvement with the race, with an accumulation of 16 overall victories, has influenced Victor Equipment Wheels to incorporate this standard of reliability and endurance into its LeMans wheel design. This wheel is available in hyper silver, chrome, and gloss black with a mirror-cut lip.


The Tursimo wheel design has five thick spokes for better strength and a better visibility of after-market brakes for a clean, professional look. This wheel is available for every Porsche model, with color options in hyper silver, chrome, and gloss black with a mirror-cut lip.

The Zehn design has ten thin spokes and is available in both hyper silver and matte black colors.


Victor Equipment Wheels-Innsbruck (matte black)

Victor Equipment Wheels-LeMans (gloss black w/ mirror cut lip)

Victor Equipment Wheels-Turismo (chrome)

Victor Equipment Wheels-Zehn (matte black)

Innsbruck (matte black)

LeMans (gloss black, mirror-cut lip)

Turismo (chrome)

Zehn (matte black)


Light Weight Wheels


With Victor Equipment's rotary forged design, you get the ultimate advantage in durable wheels and weight reduction. This not only reduces the downward pull and speed resistance of your vehicle, but because the weight reduction is in the outer rim of the wheel, it also dramatically reduces the rotational mass of the wheel. This means that there is less stress on the engine in order to rotate your rotors, wheels and tires, improving your acceleration and brakes, while giving your car more horsepower and torque.


Call ModBargains Today and Get The Highest Quality Porsche Wheels in the Market - Victor Equipment Wheels (714) 582-3330



High Quality, Affordable Price


When shopping for Porsche wheels, you'll want high quality wheels that give your Porsche the best sport look. With Victor Equipment Wheels, you get the best quality and durability with its rotary forged technology and perfect fitment options. Victor Equipment's wheel design options allow you to choose the best look for your Porsche, from design and color, even down to the hubcap emblem.


Most wheel manufacturers offer a variety of options in their wheel designs and offer high quality wheels, but for a much higher price. Porsche drivers will find that Victor Equipment Wheels run for reasonable prices compared to most after-market wheels. Because Victor Equipment Wheels are designed specifically for Porsche vehicles, you are ensured the best fitment size and quality for your Porsche wheels, giving your Porsche the clean custom look of your choice, at an affordable price.


Get Your Victor Equipment Wheels at ModBargains.com Today!


Call ModBargains


When deciding which distributor to buy your Victor Equipment Wheels from, call ModBargains and visit our site. ModBargains knows everything there is to know about cars. We can help you choose the best fitment and size for your Porsche vehicle to ensure the smoothest ride and a crisp, clean look.


Call Us Today to Get Better Deals and Better Service During Your Victor Equipment Wheels Purchase (714) 582-3330


Not only do we have the knowledge and expertise to handle your needs, but we also offer the best services. We can answer any questions or concerns that you may have without hesitation and we will ensure that your order is shipped to you as fast as possible. We personally inspect every order we receive to ensure that your Victor Equipment Wheels are in perfect condition and are exactly what you ordered. Victor Equipment Wheels is one of our most trusted wheel manufacturers and we highly recommend these wheels for any Porsche driver. We can also personally install your Victor Equipment Wheels at our Southern California location. Call ModBargains at (714) 582-3330 to speak with our Porsche Specialists and purchase your custom Victor Equipment Wheels today!


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