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About Stillen

Founded by professional race car drivers Steve Millen and David Schollum, Stillen has grown to a company known for high quality performance products. With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket industries they capitalize in reliability and commitment. Stillen prides in the production and manufacturing of only the best quality with the best performance products in the market. With product lines constantly growing, Stillen carries a wide range of products that perfectly fit many makes and models. Stillen carries one of the best performance products for many vehicles. Products like Stillen Intake and Exhaust Systems that deliver true power and performance to your vehicle.

stillen 370z supercharged 370z

stillen q50 vossen wheels

If you have any questions about STILLEN Performance Products,
call our Modification Experts at 714-582-3330!

Stillen Performance

The heart of all Stillen performance parts starts at Stillen R&D Center. Their R&D Center develops high performance product that delivers the most performance available. Stillen is comprised with a dedicated team of specialists with a mission to deliver only the very best performance products. The R&D team continues after development to run lengthy series of test to insure durability and fitment. Testing is a crucial step that Stillen takes pride in, to that ensure products received perform optimally as designed.

q50 stillen supercharger black

stillen 370z catback exhaust

Premium Quality

Stillen's commitment to quality ensure that only the best products are made with the highest materials. They strive to meet stringent quality control to ensure that product performance withstand harsh conditions. Professional testing are done in real-world driving situation to mimic daily driving as well as track demands. Stillen's commitment to high quality build makes them a world-class leader in premium performance parts

stillen widebody liberty walk g37 sedan

stillen wrx with ap brakes

stillen 370z supercharged nismo

stillen nismo gtr n-attack

If you have any questions about STILLEN Performance Products,
call our Modification Experts at 714-582-3330!

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