About 20 years ago, two brothers, Mike and Karl Hugh pursued their desire for a higher standard of BMW service. It is a story of hobby turned business; of two young men with a passion for BMWs. Thus Active Autowerke was born in 1981 with the motto, "Anything and Everything BMW". Karl and Mike were not the only team players in this endeavor, they were and still are guided by their very vigilant father, Fred. Other family members also came onboard pooling their individual talents enabling Active Autowerke to earn its reputation for the highest quality in service, integrity, professionalism, and a very extensive satisfied customer base.

Active Autowerke grew as the motoring public of South Florida developed an appetite for BMWs. In addition, it has met its customers needs by extending their facility for the servicing and repairs of Mercedes-Benz. As a result, Active Autowerke has grown into the largest independent BMW service center in Florida, using the latest most sophisticated equipment in the industry.

As its reputation and business grew, Active Autowerke earned the appointment as a Bosch Authorized Service Center in 1989. To merit such a distinguished appointment, Active Autowerke had to meet the high qualifications of the Robert Bosch Corporation. In October 1995, Karl had ambitions beyond the normal business goals. He returned again to what originally brought him to the automotive world, his passion for BMWs ... fast BMWs, BMWs that are beyond normal aspirations. As a graduate of University of Miami School of Engineering specializing in Internal Combustion Engines, Karl began to work on this passion. In less than a year, and along with some of the most respected professionals in automobile performance, the Active Autowerke M3 & 325i Turbo Kits were born. Many magazine articles both domestic and foreign have expressed their excitement over these kits. It is noted not only for its durability as a bolt-on system, but also for its affordable pricing. Best of all, Karl had produced a system that breathes fire for the avid BMW owner.

Producing kits was only the beginning, Active Autowerke now manufactures accessory performance parts based on their own high standard of excellence. Active Autowerke will continue to feature more innovations for all types of BMWs, each designed for the true enthusiasts.

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