Q. Will I get better gas mileage?
A. Yes, a better performing engine uses less fuel more efficiently, increasing
fuel economy under normal cruising conditions. BORLA’s patented flow
through design and proper diameter mandrel bent tubing evacuate the
exhaust gases out the system much faster and at a much greater temperature
than factory exhaust. This results in performance gains in HP when you
plant your foot and fuel economy at cruising speeds. And, the bigger the
vehicle, the bigger the engine, the bigger the load, the bigger the savings in
fuel. That's why UPS delivery trucks are BORLA®-equipped!

Q. Why does it cost more?
A. The most commonly used metals in the manufacture of exhaust systems
are rusty mild steel, aluminized steel or an inferior 409-grade of stainless.
BORLA® uses only Aircraft Quality T-304 Stainless Steel. It costs more than
the other lesser grades of steel. To cut, bend and hand weld T-304 grade
Stainless Steel takes special equipment too. Ask your local muffler shop if
they can make a smooth, precision mandrel bend in a 2.50" 304 Stainless
Steel pipe for you. You won't find many that can, and it won't be cheap. We
also focus heavily on research and development to assure that the system
fits, performs and sounds better than any other system on the market. Add
to this pressure testing, our Million-Mile Warranty and the years of race
winning technology that go into the systems made at BORLA®, and you will
see why we have so many loyal, repeat customers. A BORLA® is actually very
cost effective when you take into account the fact that most exhaust systems
will need replacement within 18 months to 4 years while a BORLA®
exhaust is designed to last the life of your vehicle.

Q. What does it sound like?
A. BORLA® Cat-Back™ systems have a deeper, throatier tone than stock. Our
engineers take care in designing and tuning the systems with the mellow
sound of power, aggressive yet not annoying. Picture yourself driving
down the road and turning up the bass on your stereo system but not
changing the volume. That's what BORLA® sounds like!

Q. Will it void my factory warranty?
A. No, some cars even have BORLA® systems as the OEM exhaust. All of our
street exhaust products are 50-state emissions legal. Our headers are
50-state legal and C.A.R.B. approved. In fact, it is illegal for a dealer to
deny you the OE warranty because you h-ave changed the exhaust system.
For more details, contact SEMA, the trade organization of the automotive
aftermarket which has been instrumental in protecting such consumer
rights, at www.sema.org, and they can refer you to the Magnuson-
Moss Warranty Act of 1975.

Q. Is a bigger pipe and muffler system better?
A. No, there has to be a balanced design to enhance the maximum engine output,
exhaust gas velocity, and sound. If the diameter of the tubing is too
large, the exhaust gas velocity will be reduced and rob the exhaust of thermal

Q. My new car came with Stainless Steel exhaust from the factory! What's
the difference?

A. Material Difference: Many new-model cars and trucks come factoryequipped
with a low grade, 400 series stainless steel exhaust. These are an
improvement from the old, rusty steel systems and are built to improve durability
somewhat. And, the inferior grade of stainless is the only cheap material
that will last through the factory warranty period.

T-304 stainless steel, on the other hand, is an aircraft-quality grade with a
very high nickel and chromium content making it much more resistant to
corrosion. Because T-304 is a much higher-grade material and is harder to
work with, it is therefore too expensive for the OE to supply.

T-304 stainless allows us to back our systems with a Million-Mile guarantee
- A BORLA® is a lifetime system!

Performance Difference: BORLA® exhausts are also tuned to maximize the
performance output of your vehicle and feature a more attractive and cost
effective package than stock.

Q. Can I install a BORLA® system myself?
A. Yes, many of our customers enjoy installing their BORLA® system. Just be sure
you have good clearance and access under your vehicle, have the proper tools,
observe standard safety procedures, and ensure the vehicle is secured by
approved jack stands. We do, however, recommend you have a professional
installer do the work, especially for a header installation.

Q. Do I need to make any modifications to my vehicle to install the system?
A. No. Our systems are designed to be completely bolt-on to your vehicle.
Factory locations are utilized and all necessary installation hardware is
included in the kit.

Q. Is our product different from a 'glass pack' design?
A. Yes. A glass pack is a muffler usually containing a cheap grade of loose fiberglass
insulation in a louvered tube. A byproduct of combustion is water which
combines with the expelled gases forming a variety of very corrosive acids.
These acids get absorbed by the fiberglass packing and attack the louvered
core. This in turn causes the core to rust and blow out along with the other
internals of the glass pack. All that is left is a loud, empty can. BORLA® mufflers,
on the other hand, contain T-304 stainless steel perforated pipe wrapped
with several layers of stainless steel sound absorbing material and a blanket
of ceramic sound absorbing, high temperature material. The stainless steel
inner construction, which is impervious to all corrosive acids, protects the
ceramic packing from breaking down and getting blown out, so a BORLA®
muffler never needs replacing. In addition, a BORLA® muffler is the most
effective sound-absorbing device for the size.

Q. Are XR-1® exhaust products street legal?
A. Yes, when selected for the appropriate application.

Q. Why is BORLA® exhaust so much better than the other guys?
A. Why buy a wannabe when you can own an original? BORLA® has made a 25-
year commitment and continues to lead the pack with patented technology, performance
gains, quality materials, craftsmanship, a distinctive look and sound,
and a Million-Mile Warranty. Whether you drive a Ferrari, Camaro, F-150, Jeep,
PT Cruiser, or Civic, BORLA® is the exhaust your vehicle deserves.
Some of the engine builders who rely on BORLA® to give them the competitive
edge are: Pat Musi, Greg Davis, Keith Dorton, Kenny Duttweiler, Ernie
Elliott, Ryan Falconer, Tony Feil, Dennis Fischer, Earl Gaerte, Ron Hutter,
Sonny Leonard, Lingenfelter Performance, David Nickens, Roush Racing,
Ron Shaver and Robert Yates.

Racing champs who know the benefits of running BORLA's and trust
BORLA® to be the quickest and quietest to give them the winning advantage
include Kenny Bernstein, Brandon Bernstein, G.S. Abbott, Jean Ann
Campagna, Steve Echols, Kent Hanley, Alan Kenny, Pat Musi, Wayne
Talkington and Jeff Strckland as well as the American LeMans Corvette
Racing Team, GM Racing's Cadillac LMP Team and Team Lexus. BORLA® has
been invited to participate in Toyota racing programs as well as Team Viper's
GTS-R, Team Escort, and Team Focus programs from their inceptions. We
"rule" the NHRA in exhaust; and sponsor the Speedvision GT and touring
class cars.

For over 15 years, BORLA® has participated in the design and build up of
many concept vehicles for DaimlerChrysler and Ford as well as GM, TRD,
Mazda, Nissan, and Lexus. Ford Motor Company chose BORLA® exhaust for
their limited Cobra-R model. Ford's national dealer training videos have featured
BORLA® project vehicles. We developed a complete exhaust system,
including headers, for the Shelby Series I and have worked with Toyota and
their Solara as well as Mazda and their Protégé on both aftermarket opportunities
and limited production runs.

Top engine builders, top winning racers, car manufacturers, and automotive
enthusiasts worldwide recognize the difference BORLA® makes. You will too.

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