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At modbargains, we're Wheel Fitment Specialists. We carry all sizes and brands for your Scion, many of which are in stock, right here at our warehouse! Our experienced Modification Experts are familiar with the exact fitments for Scion Wheels including Wheels for FR-S, so we can provide you with the exact look you are going for - whether you want stretch, poke or to go wide, we've got the know-how to tell you exactly how far you can take it. We have wheels ranging in diameter from 15" up- and in the lug patterns you need: 5x100mm. What's more, we have wheels in Scion Fitments available in virtually every finish, including: hyper silver, matte black, gunmetal, gloss black, hyper black, chrome, and polished. Replacing your stock Scionwheels with a set of beautiful aftermarket wheels is one of the easiest ways to make your Scion stand out from the crowd.

Each and every one of the wheels listed in our selection meet or exceed the world's most demanding standards of quality, such as ISO 9001&9002, JWL, and VIA to ensure that we are providing you with the highest level of quality and safety. In addition, practically every wheel we offer features a durable clear coat finish to ensure that your new wheels can stand up to the abuse of all the less-than-perfect roads out there dish out.

We invite you to talk our experienced Modification Experts today at 714-582-3330 if you have any questions about any wheels for nearly any make or model. Our guys have the expertise to guide you to exactly the right specs for your new set of wheels - from fitment, backspacing and offset to what tire we recommend.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wheels for Scion Models
When you're spec'ing out the wheels for your Scion, the details may seem like a whole lot of technical jargon, but believe us, they sure do matter. The specifications from the backspacing to offset, width, diameter, amount of possible concavity and what tire to use with it has a major effect on how your new wheels will look mounted on your scion as well as how the wheels will perform. Here are some answers to the questions we're asked most about Scion Wheels.


What is the difference between different styles of manufacturing wheels?

There are a few different methods used to make wheels, each with its own pros and cons. The most common methods of manufacture in use today are: Gravity Casting, Low Pressure Casting (LPDC), Flow-Forming, and Forging. Listed below is an explanation for each type of wheel. As a general rule of thumb, if you're going to use your car on the street, remember today's streets are not smooth like Japan or Germany. Thanks to aging infrastructure in the US, the reality is that our roads are pockmarked with potholes everywhere that can easily damage your wheels, so it's best if you look for a wheel that's strong rather than going for the lightest wheel possible.


What Are Gravity Cast Wheels?

Gravity casting wheels (also called Permanent Mold or Sand Casting), relatively speaking, is the easiest way to make a wheel. Most factory wheels are gravity cast.
The casting process works like this:
A crucible is filled with molten aluminum alloy, which is then poured into a mold. Alloy is poured into the mold, like you'd fill a glass, until the mold has completely filled with molten alloy. Since gravity is the only force pushing the metal into the mold in this style of production, the alloy is not as dense as it would be with a low pressure cast wheel. Because of that lesser density, it requires more metal alloy to achieve the same structural strength as say, a Low Pressure Cast wheel. This means a Gravity Cast wheel will be heavier than a wheel Low Pressure Cast or Forged wheel. Because the casting process is simple and requires minimal equipment, Gravity Cast wheels are less expensive than wheels produced by other means. Just because they're cheaper doesn't mean that gravity cast wheels are bad or anything. Actually, Gravity Casting is also incredibly flexible for manufacturing, because the tooling costs are so low, it allows for things like small batch production, flexibility in design and shorter development times. Klutch Wheels,
Niche Wheels are a good example of Gravity Cast wheels.

How Are Low Pressure Cast Wheels Made?

Low pressure casting is similar to gravity casting, but adds pressure to force the molten alloy into the mold and really pack it into the mold, which creates higher density metal within the wheel. The force used to inject the molten metal into the mold results in a wheel that has greater structural integrity than gravity casting. Using a mold, the crucible is sealed against the die, and then the molten aluminum alloy is forcibly injected into the mold under low pressure by using pressurized air. Low pressure cast wheels generally cost slightly more than gravity cast wheels, and are stronger. This is the most popular production method in use today. While there are also High Pressure Die Casting production methods in use, they are less common because the end product is lower strength than Low Pressure Casting.

What Are Flow Formed Wheels for Scions?

Flow Form Casting differs from gravity casting and low pressure casting as the barrel is created in an entirely different way. The blank ingot that makes up the barrel of the wheel is mounted to a rotating shaft on a special machine. The ingot is then spun, often with an open flame hitting the ingot to keep it hot, while two special shaped rollers apply pressure on the wheels from the side to shape, sort of like a lathe. The pressure, combined with the turning motion of the wheel, gradually forces the soft, hot wheel ingot blank to form against the mandrels, creating the shape and width of the wheel's barrel. During the flow forming process, the wheel's barrel actually "flows" down out of the ingot to create the full width of the wheel. The pressure applied to the wheel actually changes the physical properties of the aluminum, so its strength and internal strength traits become more like those of forged wheels. This added strength means that the material doesn't have to be as dense, which provides up to 15% weight reduction over a low-pressure cast wheel. Flow Forming is the style of manufacture utilized by such manufacturers as Forgestar Wheels.

What Are Forged Wheels for Scion?

Forged wheels are the strongest and lightest type of wheel, superior to wheels produced by other means. Aluminum is shaped under extreme pressure, which creates a high strength, lightweight wheel. To forge a wheel, first, a billet ingot is hot forged - it takes the billet ingot and stamps it roughly into shape on a hot press. Then a second Forging process is used to create the face and "designed" parts of the wheel - the wheel face and barrel are still separate at this stage in the process. Now another process called Cold-Spinning, creates the barrel of the wheel by spinning the wheel barrel ingot and using hydraulic rollers to exert force on the barrel ingot to shape it into the final contour of the barrel, much like flow-forming. Next, the wheels strengthened by heating the wheel to extreme temperatures, then immediately dunking them into a special cooling solution. Then, machine work is done to the wheel face and barrel to create the final shape of the wheel. At this stage, they do all the finishing work on the wheel and also improve its roundness, then the components are shot blasted to prep them for final surface finishing, then the two or more pieces of the wheels are bolted together, cleaned up and then the wheel is finished.

Since manufacturing a forged wheel requires expensive specialty forging equipment, Forged Wheels consequently command a much higher price on the aftermarket than Wheels manufactured utilizing any other method. For example, BC Racing Forged Wheels for Scion, SSR Wheels for Scion and select Niche Wheels for Scion are produced in this manner.

We offer
Forgestar Wheels, BC Racing Wheels, Klutch Wheels, TSW Wheels, SSR Wheels, Niche Wheels, VMR Wheels, WedSport and Incurve Wheels in fitments for Scion, including hard-to-find 6-lug configurations, but many more options are available. Just let a Modification Expert know what you're looking for and we can find an option that's right for you. Give us a call at 714-582-3330

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Did you know we have an active blog? We often post customer vehicles and new products to showcase the newest and coolest stuff we have to offer - including Wheels- and share our passion for cars with you, because at modbargains, we're enthusiasts too.

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Can modbargains install my Scion's new wheels?

Yes! It doesn't matter what sort of wheel or what kind of fitment - when it comes to wheels, we can do it. If you’re in SoCal, we’re located in La Habra, CA, barely 20 minutes away from world-famous Disneyland. We are aftermarket specialists and have the experience with high end wheels to mount your new wheel and tire package correctly. modbargains is a full-service installer with three lifts (Coming Spring 2014), an Alignment Rack (Coming Spring 2014) and even an AWD Dynamometer, we're able to tackle nearly any project. Give us a call today at 714-582-3330 to make an appointment!

Talk to our Scion Modification Experts today at(714)582-3330, or chat with us online to get advice on your next mod from Enthusiastic Experts.


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