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Scion Parts

Scion FR-S Parts (2013+)
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ModBargains is proud to be carrying Scion parts and accessories, especially for the Scion FR-S. In the future we will be adding new parts and accessories for all Scion models. We currently carry Scion suspension, exhaust, wheels, performance parts and more! If your have any further questions about any of our Scion parts and accessories, please give our Modification Experts a call at (714) 582-3330.

6 Mods To Get The Most Out Of Your Scion FR-S / Subaru BR-Z

The Scion FR-S and Subaru BR-Z is one of the best-to-drive enthusiast cars in decades, but from the factory there are a few things that need adjusting to really have the best experience with the car. With these six straightforward improvements recommended by ModBargains' Modification Experts, every drive in your RWD Flat-Four coupe will leave you smiling even wider than before.

Scion FR-S on SSR Professor MS3 Wheels

1. New Brakes

STOPTECH Brake Rotors, Brake Pads & Braided Lines

One of the drawbacks of the FR-S/BR-Z is that stopping power is not the car's forte, and for a car that likes to get tailhappy, it's an area that really needs improvement. While you don't have to go full-tilt Big Brake Kit (but they are wicked nice to have!), simply upgrading the components of the OEM system - installing Slotted Brake Rotors, Performance Compound Brake Pads and Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines should do the trick. The Braided lines take away the "sponginess" rubber brake lines develop under hard braking and keeps your braking feel positive, while improved rotors will enhance brake cooling for better brake endurance under spirited driving conditions and better pads will improve the "bite" of your brake calipers onto the rotor - combined, these things will drastically improve your stopping power.

2. Change the Transmission and Differential Fluids (For those with Manual transmissions)

This disgusting mess is from a low-mileage FR-S - which shows you how dirty your transmission fluid likely is. If you feel like your shifting is "Notchy" or "Stiff", change your Transmission fluid.                              Motul-Gear-300-Differential-Oil-75w90

This disgusting mess is from a low-mileage FR-S - which shows you how dirty your transmission fluid likely is. If you feel like your shifting is "Notchy" or "Clunky", change your Transmission fluid.One of the biggest problems people report is "Notchy" or "clunky" gears when shifting. Even on low mileage cars, when owners pull the magnetic drain plug on the tranmission, they find it covered in metal shavings, meaning the fluid has already accumulated an excess of contaminants. We recommend using Motul 300 Gear oil for differential and transmission oil changes, as we've put together in this convenient kit.Changing the gear oil will extend the service life of your transmission and differential.

Scion FR-S Perrin Rear Shifter Bushing, Installed

Pair this up with a Perrin Rear Shifter Bushing and you'll make shifting a lot smoother, which makes every gear change much more fun. For those of you with an automatic transmission, we won't hate on your lack of a third pedal, but instead we suggest that you still check your rear differential fluid drain plug.

3. Cold Air Intake


The OEM Airbox on the FR-S/BR-Z isn't exactly flow-optimized. An aftermarket air intake solves this problem by replacing the restrictive OEM filter element with a high flow unit, and specially tuned, optimized air intake paths enhance the flow of air into the engine. Coupled with lower air temperatures with a "Cold Air" type intake, the optimized air flow of the intake tube itself allows you to make more power - something the FR-S/BR-Z sorely needs more of. What's more, an intake will deliver improved throttle response and potentially even improved fuel economy. Injen offers their SP Air Intake which is a Short Ram type, and Takeda offers an injection Molded Cold Air Intake System.

4. New Wheels and Tires

New Tires can really changes the character of your FR-S.

The stock wheels and tires leave something to be desired - let's be real, while not awful, the stock 17x7 wheels aren't the sexiest design or the widest wheels, and the tires are intended for easy drifting and break the rear loose really easily and controllably - meaning they're not the grippiest thing for carving your favorite canyon or if you live anywhere that it actually rains (If you don't like the rain where you live, please send it to SoCal, it's a drought out here! -Ed). For a car with an emphasis on handling, a set of lightweight rotary forged wheels are a perfect complement to the car, their light weight means a huge improvement in handling and response due to the reduction in unsprung weight on the suspension and an overall reduction in weight. The TSW Nurburgring and Forgestar F14 Wheels are popular performance options for the FR-S/BR-Z and look great on the car. Opting for a wider tire with a stickier compound and appropriate tread pattern will also make a huge improvement in the grip and road holding ability of the car, allowing you to really "bite" into the turns more than the slide-happy OEM tires permit.

5. New Exhaust

Scion FR-S with ARK DTS Exhaust SystemThe Exhaust is not all that restrictive from the factory, so there's not a lot of power to be made here, but the factory exhaust is pretty quiet and keeps you from enjoying the signature burble of a Subaru Boxer-Four. A full catback exhaust is always going to be the best option for performance and ARK offers a couple of great exhaust options. There's the ARK GRIP Exhaust that enhances performance, response and improves the engine note without being overly loud, or for those who prefer a more aggressive tone, the ARK DTS Exhaust lets you really hear your boxer roar.

6. Flash Tune

Video Courtesy Vishnu Performance Systems

The gains from the flash tune on this NA vehicle aren't as impressive as you might see on a turbo car, but that's not to say it isn't a great modification. In fact, you can pick up up to 20 HP with a proper tune! The remap of the ECM changes the throttle mapping and engine timing of the car to improve performance for a notable improvement in response and drivability that you'll enjoy every day. In addition, the Vishnu OpenFlash Tablet for Scion FR-S/Subaru BR-Z is a handy OBD II Code Reader, allowing you to trouble shoot error codes - and reset the CEL light. Combine a tune with other mods to make even more power.  Of course, if you want to know more about how to get your FR-S or BR-Z to the next level, you can always call 714-582-3330 to speak to one of the Modification Experts here at ModBargains. 

Story Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration With Modification Expert Michael Chen

Photos Doug Johnson

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