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Scion Intakes

Stock, the OEM intake of your Scion isn't exactly set up for power. Designed with NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) concerns in mind over performance, your stock intake system is robbing your motor of valuable horsepower - something sorely needed in Scion models like the FR-S. Upgrading the intake system can free up power and lets your motor breathe much easier, enhancing throttle response, power, and assuming you can keep your foot off the gas, even improve your economy.

We invite you to chat with our Modification Experts. We have several specialists on staff that offer a wealth of technical expertise on Boxer Performance. If you're looking for something specific, just ask! We can probably get it for you.
Call 714-582-3330today to talk to an Expert about your project, or Chat Live at modbargains.com.

.Scion Intakes

Scion FR-S 2013+

.Popular Scion Intake Brands:

K&N Intakes for Scions Takeda Intakes
Perrin Performance Advanced Flow Engineering

What kinds of Intake System Upgrades are there for my Scion?
There are several styles of intake available and each offers its own unique benefits. Common types of Air Intake Upgrades are: Cold Air Intake Systems, Ram Air Intake Systems, Short-Ram Air Intake Systems and Performance Replacement Air Filters.

What is a Cold Air Intake and what will it do for my Scion?

Takeda intake installed on scion frs and subaru brz Injen Intakes for Scion

Most people think a "cold air intake” is just a cone filter stuck onto the intake inlet. In truth, a true cold air intake reroutes the intake to draw in air from a cooler air source outside the car, pulling from the fender or in the bumper ahead of the radiator, rather than suck in the hot air inside the engine bay.

True Cold Air Intake systems often come with a heat shield to separate the intake further from the engine bay to keep the hot air away from the intake inlet. Keeping the incoming air charge cool is important, because colder air is more dense and has more oxygen, and so it provides in a better air/fuel mixture, allowing the engine to make more power and run more efficiently.

Injen Dyno intake sheet

Most Scion Intake systems, though today's OEM intake systems are quite well engineered, they are designed to keep sound levels down to a level that will please "the average consumer", rather than enthusiasts. Being quieter while running comes at the expense of smooth, free air flow, and that sucks up horsepower. By equipping a free-flowing intake system that draws in the coolest air, your Scion's engine will perform to its full potential. We offer "Cold Air Intake" systems from aFe Intake, Takeda, GReddy, Injen Technology and Perrin Performance.

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What is a Drop-In Air Filter Upgrade and what will it do for my Scion?

Perrin Performance Panel FilterAFE Air Filter for Scion Scion intake airflow comparison

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your intake system - and one of the least expensive - and the one that can't void anyone's warranty is fitting a high flow direct replacement air filter. This "OEM+" upgrade simply replaces the thick, poor-flowing air filter element and resides within the stock housing, so the intake system is minimally modified. We offer Drop-In performance replacement filters from aFe Intake, Perrin Performance and more.

I want more power. Can I TURBO my Naturally Aspirated Scion FR-S?

Full Blown Motorsport Assembly Stage 1 Turbo Kit

YES, you can! We offer high quality Turbo Kits for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ from Full Blown Motorsports, allowing you to get the performance car that Subaru and Scion outright refuse to build for you. If you want a Turbo FR-S or a Turbo BRZ, a turbo kit is the only way that's going to happen. Turbocharging completely changes the intake system of your Scion, so it's important you opt for a well-engineered, complete kit - and have it installed by experienced technicians. Having completed several of turbo installs on the FR-S, we've got it down pat.
Give us a call today at 714-582-3330 to make an appointment and discuss your options. The Full Blown Motorsports Turbo kit, rated for up to a whopping 440hp (with supporting mods), and even in standard form on the base 7psi tune, this turbo setup churns out 300rwhp (340rwhp on E85 tune), transforming your FR-S into the car it should've been from the factory. Turbocharger kits are also available for other Scion models, we invite you to call one of our Modification Experts if you're interested.

Can modbargains Equip My Scion With A Performance Intake? Can modbargains install a TURBO on my FR-S?
Yes! We've installed Air Intake upgrades on quite a few Scions already, many of us are Scion Enthusiasts ourselves. Whether you want to go with a high flow OEM replacement Air Filter or retrofitting your Boxer with a Full Blown Turbo Kit, we can do it. If you’re in SoCal, we’re located in La Habra, CA, barely 20 minutes away from world-famous Disneyland. We are aftermarket specialists and cater to installs that the average auto shop just doesn't have the experience or expertise to handle properly. modbargains is a full-service installer with three lifts (Coming Spring 2014), an Alignment Rack (Coming Spring 2014) and even an AWD Dynamometer, we're able to tackle nearly any project. Give us a call today at 714-582-3330 to make an appointment!

Talk to our Scion Modification Experts today at(714)582-3330to get your Scion breathing freely, or chat with us online to get advice on your next mod from Enthusiastic Experts.

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Did you know we have an active blog? We often post customer vehicles and new products to showcase the newest and coolest stuff we have to offer - including Exhaust for Scion - and share our passion for cars with you, because at modbargains, we're enthusiasts too. We also offer genuine Scion parts online at www.modbargains.com.
Intakes for your Scion At modbargains
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