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Scion Brakes

When upgrading your Scion, most people are concerned most about how to get the car to accelerate as fast as possible - what not everyone realizes is that how quickly you can stop your Scion is equally important . After all, if your brakes can't keep up, all that hard work tuning will be for naught when you're unable to stop for that Buick that was in such a hurry to pull out in front of you. There are several ways you can upgrade your stoppers - depending on how much performance you need, how much you want to spend, and how far from you want to go.

modbargains offers the finest names in stopping power, including AP Racing, Brembo, StopTech, Wilwood Engineering, Centric, R1 Concepts, Project Mu and more.


Scion FR-S 2013+ BrakesScion FR-S 2013+

Popular Scion Brake Brands:


StopTech Brakes

Brake Pads - Compound Is Everything
StopTech Performance Brake Pads

Did you know that the stopping power of your Scion can vary drastically, simply by changing the compound used for the brake pads? Most modern brake pads are semi-metallic or ceramic. Depending on the formulation, several different things change. By changing the friction characteristics, you can modify how "grabby" the pad's compound is, which will shorten stopping distance but also increases heat, noise and dusting. On the other hand, a low-dust, quiet compound engineered for street use on a passenger car may not stop the car as quickly due to its formulation. StopTech offers performance Brake pads for Scion that deliver superior stopping power with lower noise and dust than competing performance pads.

Replacement Brake Rotors - Drilled, Slotted or Both?
Replacement Brake RotorsScion Replacement rotors

Replacing your Scion's brake rotors with a set of Performance Rotors is a great budget brake upgrade, delivering winning performance while meeting or exceeding OEM quality specs. Improve brake system performance with a set of Slotted Rotors for Scion from StopTech, designed to wipe away the used friction material that otherwise accumulates between the rotor and pad. This keeps fresh pad material more exposed to the rotor surface and promotes more consistent braking performance.


Firm Up Your Brakes with Stainless Braided Brake Lines
StopTech Brake Lines

The factory brake lines are typically made of rubber. Rubber is flexible and likes to stretch - and under high pressure, it likes to expand. When the rubber lines expand, it creates a lack of brake response and pedal feel. Upgrading your lines to braided stainless steel brake lines from StopTech will eliminate this problem and give you a firmer-feeling brake pedal.

Don't Boil Over - Stay Cool With Performance Brake Fluid
Performance Brake Fluids for Scion

The brake fluid in your vehicle one of the fluids in a car that's most often neglected. Your brakes get hot - so hot that it reaches its boiling point (well over 400*F), and when fluids boil, they make gas bubbles. And those gas bubbles in the hydraulic system keep the hydraulics from operating properly, causing the brake pedal to get spongy and feel unresponsive. Over time, getting boiled and cooled over and over again breaks down the fluid, and unfortunately, the brake hydraulic system is not often flushed, so the fluid in your brakes now is probably what was in the car at the factory. Upgrading to a high performance brake fluid is not only good preventive maintenance, but also allows you to get the most out of your other brake upgrades. We offer high performance brake fluid for Scions from StopTech and Motul.

Upgrade Your Brake System As A Complete System
Scion Brake FluidsBrake Lines for scionCentric Brake PadsSlotted Brake Rotors for Scion

Your brake system is one part of your car where you really don't want to piecemeal your brake system together - for best results, change out the rotors, pads, fluid and brake lines as a system. This ensures you're getting the most out of your upgrades - running higher performance rotors and pads is well and good but may suffer from issues if you're still using the same dirty old brake fluid that's likely been in your car since new, and old rubber brake lines will leave your upgraded brakes still feeling spongy.

Go Big with a Big Brake Kit
Brembo Big Brake Kit

Sometimes even upgrading the stock brakes just aren't enough, at which point you'll need to step up to a big brake kit. These setups feature large diameter brake rotors and oversize calipers that allow for more pistons, increasing clamping force. A larger brake pad allows the brakes to utilize more of the surface are of the rotor for scrubbing speed. These kits are designed for maximum stopping power and cooling performance, ideal for those with heavy braking demands or trackday enthusiasts. In fact, Big Brake systems such as those offered by Brembo Brakes are factory options on many performance cars. We offer a range of Big Brake Kits in many configurations from the finest names in Brake Performance, such as AP Racing, Brembo, StopTech, R1 Concepts and more.


Scion Brake parts At modbargains
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