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Sku # : Brembo_Quality_Page

Welcome to ModBargain's Brembo Webpage.  The following pages are dedicated to sharing the Brembo philosophy for braking and allow you to learn why we feel Brembo is truly the best option for your performance braking needs.

Our goal is to provide you with insight on Brembo’s attention to quality, performance, and SAFETY, and how that is incorporated into every Gran Turismo braking system that we offer.

In the following pages we will offer you a look into nearly ever aspect of Brembo's manufacturing, testing and current product lines, as well as a glimpse of Brembo’s history and their dedication to future technology.

For more information about Brembo brakes and how they will compliment your ride, please don't hesitate to contact us!

- More Than Your Average "Top of the Line" Brake System

Replacement:  As you begin using your Brembo Big Brake Kit (BBK) over time, on the track or street, it's obvious that you will need to replace parts of your brake.  What makes Brembo unique from other ordinary companies is that you'll only have to replace the rotors, pads, and hardware--sounds like everything, but there is one huge component you will never have to replace:  The Caliper.  Unlike conventional calipers manufactured in the world (which includes OEM calipers and any other "Top of the Line" brake specializing companies), Brembo is the only one that designs and manufactures indestructible calipers when it comes to driving and tracking.

Brake Hygiene:  The cleanest body can be the dirtiest if the car's wheels are covered in brake dust.  It's unappealing, disgusting, and, if you decide to clean it, time consuming.  With Brembo, you have the option of which pads you want to integrate into your braking system.  That means you can choose super low dust brake pads without sacrificing too much of your vehicle's performance.  Be assured, whether you decide on Ferodo, Pagid, or Axxis pads, Brembo's braking system will not only give you leading performance, but produce LESS dust than stock!

Life is Good:  The one factor you should be looking into when you're buying a braking system is the longevity.  Sure, other companies claim and sell "long-life" braking systems, but compared to Brembo, they don't last long enough.  Why is the life for a braking system important?  For one thing, the braking system Brembo manufactures lasts 2 TO 3 TIMES LONGER than the next leading competition--that means Brembo provides the highest quality braking system available.  The design of Brembo's BBK is so unique that the BBK's pads and rotors have 30-40% extra life compared to conventional BBKs!  Other then knowing you're getting the best quality out there, you're paying a little more for a long run of great savings!

Not Your Typical Design:  Brembo is unlike other brake specializing companies that receive parts from multiple companies, only to be assembled and shipped.  Brembo is the one company that controls the ENTIRE design and manufacturing process, starting with what matters most:  Choosing the FINEST materials.  Made out of Italy, Brembo is the only company that engineers, designs, develops, manufactures, assembles and packages every product inside the factory.  Every braking system manufactured is zinc-plated (which means no rust), all drilled rotors are drilled on each side so vanes are not pierced and damaged, and none of the rotors are countersunk (meaning the holes on the rotors are ultra smooth and rain doesn't become an issue).  The most amazing part about Brembo's design is that they make sure the designs are flawless, ultra-high performance systems by testing them on a brake dyno for over 300,000 THRESHOLD BRAKES--speeding the vehicle up to very high speeds and bringing the brake pressure to its limit right before it's lock-up point.

Prove It !!!:  There are reasons why Brembo received more than 10 honorable awards for their design and engineering of unique braking systems--Here are a few:

*Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2005 (December 2005)
*Equp'Auto 2005 (October 2005)

*Galería de Innovación-Auto Motortec 2005 (May 2005)

*Equip'Auto 2003 (October 2003)

*Automotive News PACE Award (April 2003)
*Frost & Sullivan Award 2005 (November 2005)
*Podio Ferrari 2005 (June 2005)

*Compasso d'Oro ADI (September 2004)

*Galería de Innovación-Auto Motortec 2003 (May 2003)

*Oscar Award for the Annual Report and the Financial Communication (December 2001)
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