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History - A Blast to the Past

Brembo--when you hear the name, you immediately know what sort of company you're dealing with:  Top-notch, high-quality, incomparable, and knowledgeable team of engineers and designers that look into every aspect of a brake system.

When did such a team come into existence?  Well it all started in 1961 in a small mechanics garage near Bergamo, Italy, run by a man by the name of Emilio Bombassei.  Using his experience and knowledge in mechanics and metallurgy, he began manufacturing the first Italian brake discs for the aftermarket in 1964.  By 1965, the Brembo company had 28 employees.  The production of brake discs were then followed by other braking system components.  As they gained recognition and leadership in Europe's brake disc aftermarket, the Brembo brand was applied to motorcycles manufactured in Europe for the first time in 1972.

In 1975, Brembo's high technological standards were consecrated in 1975, when Ferrari's patron, Enzo Ferrari, entrusted them in integrating their brake system in the most prestigious Formula 1 car.  Brembo soon became the leading company in braking systems for racing.  Since then, teams equipped with Brembo brakes have won hundreds of car and motorcycle world championships.  By 1975, Brembo had 146 employees, with a turnover of 2.8 billion lire (the currency in Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City before the adoption of the euro)!

At the beginning of the 1980s, Brembo began developing innovative products and processes for cars, racing, and motorcycles, such as the brake caliper for cars.  It was seen as highly innovative in terms of the unique design and material--aluminum.  These aluminum brake calipers were adopted by other high performance car manufacturers, such as Porsche (still supplied 100% by Brembo), Mercedes, BMW, Lancia, Nissan, and Chrysler.  The company wouldn't stop growing, especially as they expanded businesses with other international countries.  By 1985, Brembo had 335 employees, with a turnover of 51 billion lire.

Brembo continued to grow over the following years and in 1995, it was quoted in the Milan Stock Exchange:  a success gained through intense teamwork, as is always the case in Brembo.  By 1995, they had a total of 1,115 employees, with a turnover of 331 billion lire!

As they entered the new millennium, Brembo went through some important takeovers and agreements, extending their borders even more.  They took over the company, Alfa Real Minas, for car brake disc machining and motor flywheel assembly for the OE.  As time passed, Brembo then took over the UK-based company AP Racing Limited, which specialized in manufacturing brake and clutch systems for racing.  Also, to develop and expand their research and development on motorcycles, Brembo acquired 70% of the company Marchesini, which specialized in magnesium wheels for racing motorcycles.  They continued their growth for years, and by the year 2000, they had approximately 2,800 employees, with a turnover of 887 billion lire.

In 2003, Brembo and Daimler Chrysler AG established a JV for the manufacture of ceramic brake discs.  In 2004, Brembo commenced the production of the first ceramic brake discs.  In January 2005, Brembo began supplying the company Harley-Davidson with the 2006 VRSCR-Streetrod platform; this was a significant time for Brembo because this expanded their business into the American market.  By late 2005, Brembo worked and made agreements with several other companies, expanding their company some more through establishing new Brembo facilities.

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