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Welcome to ModBargain's Brembo Webpage.  The following pages are dedicated to sharing the Brembo philosophy for braking and allow you to learn why we feel Brembo is truly the best option for your performance braking needs.

Our goal is to provide you with insight on Brembo’s attention to quality, performance, and SAFETY, and how that is incorporated into every Gran Turismo braking system that we offer.

In the following pages we will offer you a look into nearly ever aspect of Brembo's manufacturing, testing and current product lines, as well as a glimpse of Brembo’s history and their dedication to future technology.

For more information about Brembo brakes and how they will compliment your ride, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Brake System Anatomy
- Know Every Quality Part You're Getting

Do you actually know where you're getting your brakes from?  Sure, you're getting the whole system from one company, but did you ever wonder where each part of that system came from?  Some braking system companies are just assembling plants for brake systems.  For example, the calipers of the brake system might come from Taiwan, the rotors might come from Germany, the pads might come from the USA, and the brake lines might come from Australia, and all of those parts are shipped to many companies that only assemble the parts and distribute it as their own product.
That sort of business is what makes Brembo one-of-a-kind.  Brembo makes sure THEY control the ENTIRE process, starting with choosing the finest materials.  Keep in mind, when we mention control, we are talking about Brembo being the ONLY company that engineers, designs, develops, manufactures, assembles, and packages the product to guarantee the best braking system out there.


Oversized One-Piece Rotors Oversized Two-Piece "Floating" Rotors
Incorporating the benefits of an oversized rotor and application specific vane geometry, expect an increase in brake torque and thermal capacity with these oversized one-piece rotors
With Brembo's race-inspired oversized two-piece "floating" rotor designs provide reduction in unsprung and rotating weight while increasing brake torque and heat dissipation.
Radial Mount Calipers Vane Geometry Brembo High Performance Brake Pads
Brembo's radial mount calipers are manufactured with aluminum treatment to guarantee quality and performance.  After being anodized, they are finished in red, black or silver to protect the internal and external surfaces from the environment.
Brembo's brake discs use three unique vane patterns (pillar, straight & curved) to guarantee MAXIMUM air flow and cooling.  The patterns are selected strictly by Brembo Engineers to provide optimum heat dissipation for each application.
Brembo's high performance brake pads are incorporated into each braking system.  The brake pads are selected based on which vehicle the braking system is for, providing your vehicle with the high performance you expect in every Brembo product!!
Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines Floating Anti-Rattle Hardware
Goodridge is the leading line supplier to OE manufacturers and championship winning race teams worldwide.  With the tightest bend radius in the industry and the lowest rate of expansion, you can be assured that every inch of pressure from the pedal is transferred directly to the caliper.  Goodridge is the only brake hose system approved for use in every country in the world and is guaranteed for life!
The floating anti-rattle hardware is designed by Brembo to minimize noise between the floating disc and aluminum hat.  It allows the rotor to expand and contract naturally when it goes under extreme heat or cold; therefore, there is a reduction in distortion of the hat and rotor assembly.
TÜV Certification
Most of the GT and SPORT Line comes with the approval granted by the German ministry of Transport on TÜV certification.  This is because Brembo actually develops and manufactures its entire range of brakes discs in its own factories to very high quality standards ensured by stringent control of the whole production process!!
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