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Exhaust Systems for Porsche sportscars is a very subjective category. Like appreciation for fine art, it's in the ears and eyes of the beholder - the best exhaust for you is the one that sounds the best to -your- ears. That's why we produce special videos that let you HEAR the SOUND of the exhausts we offer. So whether you just want 3" Exhaust Pipe, want a set of great looking exhaust tips or if you are after a very specific sound - quiet or aggressive, modbargains offers the best Performance Exhaust brands out there to ensure you've got options. We offer many aftermarket parts and accessories as well, since we're not like your average exhaust and muffler shop.

Choosing an exhaust for your Porsche isn't as straightforward as it was back in the Muscle-Car days - Our Modification Experts can recommend an exhaust that suits the character you want your exhaust to exude.

Popular Porsche Exhaust Brands:

Remus Sport Exhaust Fabspeed Motorsport Exhaust
996 Porsche 911 Parts996 Porsche 911 Parts (1998-2005) 997 Porsche 911 Parts997 Porsche 911 Parts (2005-2010) 991 Porsche Parts991 Porsche 911 Parts (2011+) 986/987 Porsche Boxster Parts986/987 Porsche Boxster Parts (1997-2011)
981 Porsche Boxster/Cayman Parts (2012+)981 Porsche Boxster/Cayman Parts (2012+) 987 Porsche Cayman Parts 2006+987 Porsche Cayman Parts (2006+) 955/957 Porsche Cayenne Parts955/957 Porsche Cayenne Parts (2003+) 970 Porsche Panamera Parts 2009+970 Porsche Panamera Parts (2009+)

What types of Exhaust Systems are available for my Porsche?

Porsche engine with an Intake

Several types of exhaust upgrades are available for late model Porsche vehicles, ranging from the venerable 911 to the Boxster, Cayman, Panamera and even Cayenne.

The design of an exhaust system can vary depending on which parts of an exhaust system you want to replace. Systems can be either bolt on exhaust kits or weld-in, depending on style and manufacturer. Exhaust systems are typically offered as header/downpipe-back, cat-back or axle-back, which refer to how much of the exhaust system is included. Typically, cat-back or header back is best for performance and sound improvements. Due to the rear-engine and mid engine configuration of the majority of Porsche models, exhaust systems for Stuttgart's finest are significantly different in design than most conventional front-engine layout cars.

Velocity ExhaustsaFe porsche Exhaust

Most exhaust kits include exhaust pipe adapters [as needed] to allow them to bolt on directly to the OEM exhaust system where necessary. We offer fine exhaust systems for Porsche including Remus Exhaust, Fabspeed, aFe (Air Flow Engineering), AWE Tuning and Kline Innovation.

Axle-Back Exhaust

Axle Back Exhaust Remus SportExhaust

This is the best option for those on a tighter budget or mainly after sound or aesthetics. This type of system usually only replaces the mufflers aft of the rear axle, hence "axle-back". This design really only applies to front engine and mid-engine Porsche models. Axle Back systems are available from Remus Exhaust.

Cat-Back Exhaust

Remus Exhaust System

This is the most common choice for upgrading your exhaust system. This type of exhaust system includes different mufflers like an Axle-Back system but also includes larger diameter exhaust tubing and spans the length of the exhaust system aft of the catalytic converters, hence the term "Cat-Back". This type of exhaust system is more expensive, but offers tangible performance gains as well as an improvement in sound and aesthetics. An even wider variety of Cat-Back systems are available from the finest names in exhaust, including: Remus Exhaust, Air Flow Engineering (aFe), AWE Tuning, Fabspeed and Kline Innovation.

Headers (aka Exhaust Manifolds)

Headers or Exhaust Manifolds Headers or Exhaust Manifolds

Headers, as they are commonly called, are the exhaust manifolds - most commonly, "headers" refers to a high performance exhaust manifold. They can be manufactured in cast iron, cast aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel or even exotic materials like Formula-One grade Inconel 625 alloy. In the case of a naturally aspirated or supercharged (non-turbo) vehicle, the exhaust manifolds are connected to the exhaust ports on the Cylinder Head of the engine and channels exhaust gases out of the engine and directs them into the exhaust pipe at the outlet of the headers. These offer performance increases by smoothing out the flow of exhaust gas out of the engine, allowing the engine to operate more efficiently and thereby make more power. the enhanced design can remove or relocate catalytic converters integrated into the OEM manifolds in some applications and some are engineered for precise equal-length manifold runners ("equal length headers") for even greater gains and efficiency. We offer finely engineered exhaust manifolds designed specifically with the music of a flat-six in mind from Fabspeed and Kline Innovation.


Downpipes for your Porsche Downpipes for your Porsche

The downpipe is a part of the exhaust system only on turbocharged vehicles. The downpipe is the part of the exhaust system that connects from the turbocharger's outlet to the rest of the exhaust system. Many OEM downpipes feature integral catalytic converters, which are often highly restrictive. Performance downpipes streamline the flow of exhaust gases out of the turbo for better throttle response, faster spool-up and more power and often either omit the catalytic converter or replace it with a high performance unit. A downpipe is a great bang-for-the-buck modification for most turbocharged vehicles and really unlock the potential of your turbocharged motor. We offer a wide selection of performance Downpipes manufactured to the highest engineering standards from AR Designand other fine manufacturers.

High-Flow Catalytic Converters

High-Flow Catalytic converters Catalytic Converters for Porsche Fabspeed Catalytic converters

It's common knowledge that the catalytic converters equipped on most cars are designed with cost and emissions control in mind, rather than performance. As such, they're often restrictive and dampen the potential output of your vehicle. By removing the catalytic converter (this may not be legal in your area, consult local laws before cutting out your cat please), exhaust flow is streamlined and a huge source of restriction is removed. This, however, often leaves cars smelling of unburnt fuel from their exhausts. This is why High Flow Catalytic converters are such an attractive option. These performance catalysts still filter your exhaust but are designed with flow and performance in mind, resulting in power and torque gains and enhanced throttle response without removing the cat completely. High flow cats are popular for both forced induction and naturally aspirated applications. More and more manufacturers are offering High Flow catalyst options as emission control systems of today's vehicles become increasingly complex. High flow catalysts are often part of the header or exhaust manifold for many Porsche applications. We offer Performance and Racing Cats from FabSpeed and Kline Innovation.


Test Pipes / Track Pipes / Cat Bypass Pipes

Track Pipes as Replacements for Catalytic Converters Track Pipes as Replacements for Catalytic Converters

The word "Test Pipes" is a little vague, but these are straightforward. Test Pipes are literally simply sections of straight tube that are typically installed in place of a catalytic converter. They can also be called Cat Delete or Track Pipes. The name is because they are not usually legal for street use and are for off-road or "test" purposes only, rather than as a regular piece of equipment for a street car. These are a fine choice if you have a track-day-only project car or if you want to remove your cats for a track day. Test pipes for Porsche are available from FabSpeed and Kline Innovation.

What will my new exhaust sound like?

modbargains is changing the way you buy exhaust - we offer a selection of the finest brands in the exhaust performance industry. We're an Auto Parts Warehouse, in that we stock many aftermarket exhaust systems for the most popular makes and models right here at our Headquarters in La Habra, CA. When it comes to Exhaust, the Modification Experts at modbargains can help you determine just what the perfect exhaust is for your configuration, factoring in your performance goals, how loud or quiet you want it and your budget.

Our cutting edge media team is constantly uploading videos of installed exhaust systems so that you can really HEAR the sound of that particular exhaust installed on your model, giving you comfort that you'll like the sound you get as well. In addition SEE the fitment of the exhaust and visualize how it'll look on your car, because nothing ruins an otherwise good exhaust like sloppy fitment.

modbargains knows that when it comes to exhaust, personal preference for the sound is one of the most important things to our customers. That' why we offer a comprehensive selection of exhaust options so that with our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm, we can pair you up with the sound and performance that suits your tastes.

We offer exhausts fromAWE Tuning, Remus Exhaust, Air Flow Engineering (aFe), AR Design, Fabspeedand more. Give one of our enthusiasticModification Expertsa call today at 714-582-3330 orchat online nowto get started.

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