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Pontiac Performance Parts

Every Modification Expert at modbargains is an enthusiast themselves, with years of car building experience under their belts.

Our experts have helped us put together an amazingly comprehensive assortment of performance parts for Pontiac and General Motors vehicles. Using our experience and enthusiasm, we'll help you wring every last pony out of your Pontiac's engine.

Since we've built many popular enthusiast vehicles ourselves, we've got the experience to let you know about issues you may encounter and offer advice you'll only get from another enthusiast. In fact, some of our staff are G8 owners!


Pontiac GTOPontiac GTO Pontiac G8Pontiac G8

Popular Pontiac Suspension Brands:

DiabloSport Gasoline and Diesel Tuning Systems SCT Suspensions

Pontiac G8 in Pontiac Illinois

Pontiac G8 Engine Bay

Pontiac G8 Engine Bay

There are many ways to get more power out of your car's engine, and often you'll find optimal power with a certain combination of performance parts working together to make your engine run more efficiently and make more horsepower at the wheels as well as improve the torque curve.

We invite you to chat with our Modification Experts. We have several specialists on staff that offer a wealth of technical expertise on GM Performance. If you're looking for something specific, just ask! We can probably get it for you.
Call 714-582-3330 today to talk to an Expert about your project, or Chat Live at modbargains.com.

What kinds of Intake System Upgrades are there for my Pontiac?

Pontiac Intakes from modbargains

When most people think of performance, a high-flow air intake immediately comes to mind for most people. There are several styles of intake available, and you should be aware of what the differences are. Not all Air Intake Upgrades are the same, and some can be used in combination for the most benefit. There are Cold Air Intake Systems, Ram Air Intake Systems, Short-Ram Air Intake Systems and Performance Replacement Air Filters.

What will Upgrading The Intake Manifold do for my Pontiac V8?

Pontiac supercharger

We all remember that infamous scene from the original "Fast & The Furious", where Paul Walker's (RIP) character uses too much NOS and "blows the manifold" - well this is what they're talking about, though blowing it up is really unlikely. While it is possible to blow your intake manifold apart with a bad nitrous backfire, that's probably not going to happen. The main reason to upgrade the intake manifold is because the OEM Intake Manifold often has some sort of odd contour that creates some source of restriction. By installing a high performance intake manifold designed for streamlined airflow, you can unlock a good bit of power, though this sort of upgrade is more involved because it sometimes involves removing the fuel injectors and also requires you to install new manifold gaskets. We offer high performance intake manifolds from SLP Performance.

What does a larger Throttle Body do for my Pontiac's V8?

Pontiac Throttle Body

The throttle body is the thing on your car that regulates the air flow going into your engine. It's the thing that's connected to your gas pedal. By replacing the OEM unit with a lower restriction unit or better yet, a larger diameter throttle body, your engine will breathe more freely for better throttle response and improved overall power. We offer high performance Throttle Bodies from BBK Performance and SLP.

What types of Exhaust Systems are available for my car?

Pontiac Undercar and mufflers

The design of an exhaust system can vary depending on which parts of an exhaust system you want to replace. Systems can be either bolt on exhaust kits or weld-in, depending on style and manufacturer. Exhaust systems are typically offered as header/downpipe-back, cat-back or axle-back, which refer to how much of the exhaust system is included. Typically, cat-back or header back is best for performance and sound improvements, whereas Axle-Back is more ideal if you are simply after a better exhaust tone. While less effective, because there is much less of the exhaust system replaced, axle-back setups are usually less expensive and make less of an alteration to the vehicle. Most exhaust kits include exhaust pipe adapters [as needed] to allow them to bolt on directly to the OEM exhaust system where necessary.

How can I "chip" my car? What will an ECU Flash Tune do for my Pontiac?

Pontiac G8 Front Bumper

This is a great question, because today's cars complex electronic systems can be upgraded or modified in a variety of ways, sometimes without even needing to physically leave a component installed on the vehicle to have a huge increase in power. Many modern cars, especially turbocharged or supercharged vehicles, can pick up huge power increases simply by changing the ECU software a little. For example, on BMW's popular N54 Turbocharged Inline Six engine, installing a performance tune alone can yield nearly 100 horsepower gains. While not all cars will yield such dramatic gains, it's proof that some serious gains can be had.

-Piggyback ECU Upgrades
This type of system plugs directly into the ECU and allows you to change the parameters of the car's programming. An excellent example of these types of system is SLP's Skip Shift Eliminator, a device which simply plugs in and gets rid of the annoying "skip-shift" feature that forces you to upshift early under low throttle in all manual transmission GM performance vehicles.

-ECU Flash Tune Upgrades

Diablosport Trinity For Pontiac

These types of systems typically plug into the vehicle's OBD II port via a cable connecting the car to either a handheld device or a laptop. The laptop or device makes a backup copy of the car's original "Stock" computer settings and installs a "tuned" set of parameters for fuel, timing, boost, ignition and other settings as well as doing things like disabling maximum speed limits, raising the rev limiter, turning off torque limiting and other things that may impede performance. Good examples of this sort of upgrade include the Diablosport's Trinity Tuner for the GTO, G8 and Camaro.

Both Piggyback type and ECU Flash tune upgrades allow the use of proper "Tunes". The Tune is a file that is either pre-programmed for certain sets of upgrades ("canned tunes") by the device's manufacturer or can be custom written by a professional tuner on a dynamometer for maximum gains. The Canned tunes are typically more conservative whereas a professional tune can be tailored to your exact vehicle and upgrades.

What do Underdrive Pulleys do for my Pontiac V8?

Pontiac Engine Underdrive Pulley

Many people are confused by what Underdrive pulleys actually do. By replacing the heavy or steeply geared pulleys used by the OEM system to run accessories like Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Alternator and other important systems with lightweight or different-ratio pulleys, your engine does not have to work as hard, and so you recover power that is normally lost. Depending on the application, these can free up between 3 and 15 horsepower.

What will a Limited Slip Differential do for my car?

Pontiac limited slip differential LSD
Well, should you want to go drifting (if you have a rear-wheel-drive car), this upgrade is almost a must. When you hear the term "LSD" thrown around by car people at the autox, track or drift events, they're referring to a limited slip differential. Back in the old days, many people called a limited slip a "Locker" or "Locking" differential.
The differential is a gearing device that helps balance the delivery of power between your drive wheels left-to-right. Without Limited-Slip, under low-traction conditions, power will predominantly go to one wheel - this is most clearly illustrated by a Rear-Wheel-Drive car with an "open" (non-limited slip) attempting to do a burnout. Only one of the wheels will do a burnout - this is called "one-wheel-peel" among enthusiasts. Having the limited slip differential in a rear wheel drive car improves handling performance and also allows you to maintain even grip between the drive wheels for better take-offs. A limited slip will also help your times on the 1320' as well. We offer Limited Slip units from
Cusco, Quaife and Wave-trac.

Can I turbocharge or supercharge my naturally aspirated car?
For really dramatic power gains, we offer a number of well designed conversion systems that are a great way to go to help you get force-fed.
You can Supercharge your Pontiac - Supercharging being especially popular with V8s. A belt-driven supercharger will yield fantastic throttle response and immediate boost, but a supercharger is generally will make slightly less power than a turbocharger. Roots superchargers are torquier and are the classic "supercharger", however modern centrifugal superchargers effectively work like a belt-driven turbo. We offer Centrifugal Supercharger systems like Vortech's Supercharger for the Mustang GT as well as Roots type blowers like the
SLP Supercharger for Gen V Camaro V8s.
Should you want to go turbo, we've got you covered there too. We offer turbocharger kits from Vargas Turbo, Hellion Power Systems and other turbocharging specialists. Just ask a Modification Expert.

Pontiac G8 Lowered

We hope this has helped you better understand some of the types of performance parts that are available on the automotive aftermarket.

For specific recommendations for your vehicle, we invite you to talk to our Modification Experts - give us a call at 714-582-3330 or chat with us online at modbargains.com - we are happy to share our passion for cars with you. Our mission is to use our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for auto enthusiasts. Let us show you what that means to us and call today.

Pontiac GTO and G8 Performance at modbargains
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