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Mini Coooper R50/R52/R53Mini Cooper R50/R52/R53
(2001-2006 Hardtop/2005-2008 Cabrio)
Mini Cooper R56 (Hardtop/Cabrio)Mini Cooper R56 (2007+ Hardtop/2009+ Cabrio)


Popular Mini Cooper Suspension Brands:

Eibach Suspensions H&R Suspensions for Mini

What does my Mini's suspension do?

When the R5X Platform was being engineered, it was specifically designed by the Germans to replicate the same fun to drive feeling that the original Mini Cooper provided. Your Mini's suspension from the factory is pretty good, with its bull-dog stance and all, but the ride is tuned to appeal to the greatest number of drivers, which may not suit the characteristics you want to get the most motoring out of your Mini.

What suspension upgrades are there for my Mini?
Thanks to the motorsports heritage of Mini both in autocrosses, stunt films and backroads everywhere as well as a rich rally pedigree, there is a huge array of aftermarket suspension parts available for Mini vehicles. Not only is the Cooper S well supported, but the Mini Countryman, Paceman, Coupe and John Cooper Works GP also benefit from a wealth of aftermarket kit.

What Suspension Brands does modbargains offer?
Need a set of Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers for your Cooper S? Can’t findTein S-Tech Springs for your Cooper S? modbargains offers the best known names in aftermarket suspension, includingBilstein,Cusco,Eibach, KW Suspension,Ohlins,Swift,Vogtland, Whitelineand many more. modbargains' full line of suspension upgrades gives you a choice of several manufacturers so you can get parts from the brands you prefer. OurModification Expertshave the knowledge and talent to set you up with the best suspension for you – if you just want to lower the car or make more serious alterations to the handling characteristics of your vehicle, we will recommend the best options for you.

Just talk to any of our Modification Experts by calling 714-582-3330 or chat online at modbargains.com

Want to know more about your Mini's suspension? Here are more detailed explanations of these suspension parts.

What are Lowering Springs and Sport Springs? What’s the difference?

Mini Cooper Suspensions


Typically a spring upgrade will replace the OEM springs of your Mini to do one of two things: lower the car or improve its handling performance.

Lowering Springs or "Drop Springs", will lower ride height of your vehicle and put an emphasis on aesthetic appearance.

Sport Springs are geared towards performance and offer a more conservative drop.


Eibach Sport Springs

H&R Sport Springs

  Vogtland Sport Springs
KONI Sport Springs Tein Springs   Vogtland Sport Springs


Sport Springs are ideal when you want to improve handling without resorting to a more expensivecoilovers. f you'd want your Mini’s suspension to stay close to stock, Sport Springs are the right choice for you. We offer Sport Springs from Eibach,H&R Suspension,Koni,Tein, Vogtland Springs.


What are Coilovers?

Coilovers for Mini Cooper
ACoilover, orCoil-Spring-Over-Strutis a shock absorber with a coil spring around the shock, assembled as a unit before installation, instead of the normal stock configuration where the spring and strut are separate parts.Coilovers will give you the greatest drop in ride height and are a great choice if you do plan to "Track" or Autocross your Mini, but the adjustable damping and paired shock and lowering spring make them a great choice for daily driven street Mini vehicles as well.


BC Racing Coilovers Coilovers for Mini Vogtland Coilovers

KW Coilovers

modbargains has Coilovers for Mini Lamin-X Coilovers


The main feature of a Coilover is that is offers fully adjustable ride-height and allows you to really get your Mini SLAMMED. In nearly every application, coilovers feature a threaded spring perch to adjust ride height within a certain range (which is usually 1"-2.5" lower than OEM), and higher end units feature knobs to adjust damping, allowing you to tailor your ride to suit your preferences. While Coilovers are more expensive thanlowering springs,that's for good reason - there is a custom-valved performance shock incorporated right into the unit. It's worth saying thatcoilovers are not just for the trackday set– they can also be great for a daily driven Mini as many owners have already found out for themselves.


One more thing to remember is that not all coilovers are the same – be cautious about products from no-name brands as they may not perform or ride like a well engineered quality coilover. modbargains offerscoilovers exclusively from quality manufacturers like BC Racing,Eibach Coilovers,KW Suspension,Ohlins, H&R Suspension, ST Suspensions and TEIN.

If you want to drastically lower your car statically, want superior handling performance or just want the ability to "tune” or adjust your suspension,Coilovers are probably the best choice for you.


Can I raise my suspension with Coilovers?
No.While special "lifted” RALLY coilovers engineered solely for off-roading exist for rally-car, extreme off-roading applications, this is not what the majority ofcoilovers are designed to do.

Do I have to buy Camber/Caster Plates to use Coilovers?

Camber Plates
No. While Camber/Casterplates do really allow you to "tune” your suspension, they are NOTREQUIREDthem in order to run coilovers – in fact, most applications are just fine without them. Unless you reallyneed 5 degrees of negative camber, you do NOT need Camber Caster plates.

What are sway bars? What do anti-sway bars do for my Mini?

"Sway Bars", "Anti-Roll Bars” and "Anti-Sway Bars” are all the same thing, like how "pants” and "trousers” mean the same thing. Sway bars are a great bang-for-the-buck performance upgrade, offering a significant difference in handling character at a relatively low price. A set of performance Sway Bars reduces body roll under fast cornering or when driving on imperfect road surfaces (read: modern Los Angeles). Aftermarket sway bars also typically feature new sway bar mount bushings with your Sway Bar to ensure that worn out or overly soft durometer bushings do not interfere with the new sway bar.

Perrin Sway Bars Whihteline Sway Bars
R53 Mini Cooper Sport Sway Bar UUC Motorwerks Sway Bars
Sway Bars for Mini Cooper  

modbargains offers Sway Bars for Mini Cooper from such fine manufacturers asEibach,Whiteline,Hotckis,H&R Suspension andNM Engineering.


Check out these Suspension-Related Posts on the modbargains blog!

http://blog.modbargains.com/ minty-fresh-r56-mini-cooper-s/

Can modbargains Install My Mini's Suspension?
Yes, we can - we are familiar with the Mini platforms - from Cooper S to John Cooper Works and even Mini One. From fitting coilovers or airbags to fitting sway bars, we can do it. If you’re local to Southern California, we’re located in sunny La Habra, CA, around 15 minutes away from Disneyland. We’re not the average automotive shop- we specialize in installing aftermarket products that require expertise that other shops just don't have. With three lifts (Coming Spring 2014), an Alignment Rack (Coming Spring 2014) and even an AWD Dynamometer. We can install coilovers, lowering springs or even air suspension if you want to ‘bag your Mini.


Talk to our Mini Modification Experts today at(714)582-3330to upgrade your Suspension, or chat online to get more information about your next mod from Enthuasiastic Experts.

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