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Mini Cooper Intake

From the factory, the intake system of your Mini isn't ideal for making power. Designed with noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) concerns taking priority over performance, your stock intake is robbing your motor of valuable horsepower, which could really take your Mini Motoring fun to the next level. Upgrading the intake system can free up power and lets your Mini's Motor breathe more freely, which as a result, enhances throttle response, power, and if you can keep your foot out of it, even improve your fuel mileage.


Mini Cooper R50/R52/R53Mini Cooper R50/R52/R53
(2001-2006 Hardtop/2005-2008 Cabrio)
Mini Cooper R56 (2007+ Hardtop/2009+ Cabrio)Mini Cooper R56 (2007+ Hardtop/2009+ Cabrio)


Popular Mini Cooper Intake Brands:

AFe Power Intakes for Mini K&N Intakes for Mini Cooper


Mini Intake System Upgrades @modbargains

What kinds of Intake System Upgrades are there for my Mini?
There are several styles of intake available and each offers its own benefits and compromises. Common types of Air Intake Upgrades are: Cold Air Intake Systems, Ram Air Intake Systems, Short-Ram Air Intake Systems and Performance Replacement Air Filters.

What is a Cold Air Intake and what will it do for my Mini?

AFe Intake Systems Stage 2 Intake System

Most people think a "cold air intake” is just a cone filter stuck onto the intake inlet. In truth, a true cold air intake reroutes the intake to draw in air from a cooler air source outside the car, pulling from the the fender or in the bumper ahead of the radiator, rather than suck in the hot air inside the engine bay.

Cold air Intak SystemsReroute more air with Cold Air Intakes

True Cold Air Intake systems usually feature a heat shield to isolate the intake further from the engine bay to keep the hot air away from the intake inlet. Keeping the incoming air charge cool is critical, because colder air is more dense and has more oxygen, and so it provides a more ideal air/fuel mixture, allowing the engine to operate more efficiently and thereby make more power.

Most Mini Intake systems, though today's OEM intake systems are very well engineered with all those BMW boffins helping out at Mini, they are designed to keep sound levels down to a level that will please "the average consumer", rather than your average Mini Maniac. Quieter operation comes at the expense of smooth, free air flow, and that sucks up horsepower. By equipping a free-flowing intake system that draws in the coolest air, your Mini's engine will perform to its full potential. We offer "Cold Air Intake" systems from aFe Intake andother fine performance induction manufacturers.

What is a Drop-In Air Filter Upgrade and what will it do for my Mini?

Drop In Air Filter Comparison of Stock vs Drop in Filter

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your intake system and possibly the least expensive is fitting a high flow direct replacement air filter. This "OEM+" type upgrade simply replaces the rather restrictive factory filter element and the performance replacement filter resides within the stock housing, so the intake system is minimally modified. We offer Drop-In performance replacement filters from aFe Intake and more.

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Can modbargains Install A Performance Intake on my Mini?
Yes! We've installed Air Intake upgrades on quite a few Minis already, many of us are Mini Enthusiasts ourselves. Whether you want to go with a high flow OEM replacement Air Filter or just get a set of coilovers we can do it. If you’re a SoCal Mini Maniac, we're close by, located in La Habra, CA, just 20 minutes or so from world-famous Disneyland. We are aftermarket specialists and cater to installs that the average auto shop just doesn't have the experience or expertise to handle. modbargains install division, ModAuto is a full-service installer with three lifts (Coming Spring 2014), an Alignment Rack (Coming Spring 2014) and even an AWD Dynamometer, we're able to tackle nearly any project. Give us a call today at 714-582-3330 to make an appointment!

Talk to our Mini Modification Experts today at(714)582-3330to get your Mini breathing freely, or chat with us online to get advice on your next mod from Enthusiastic Experts.

modbargains has Experts to assist on Mini Intakes

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