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Jeep Exhaust

When shopping for an Exhaust System for your Jeep, it's not like shopping for any other car or truck - not only are you considering the sound and performance, but you've also got to consider things like what side the exhaust exits on, catback or axle back and whether or not the system will clear your suspension - it can be a real head scratcher. That's why we have a team of Modification Experts on our staff, including Jeep specialists, that can recommend an exhaust that's a good fit for your Jeep and how you plan to use it.

Since we've built quite a few Jeeps now, we've got the experience to let you know about issues you may encounter and offer advice you'll only get from another enthusiast. In fact, our Jeep Modification Expert Kirk owns - and built - a modded-out Jeep JK Wrangler.


Wrangler [JK] Wheels Wrangler [JK] Exhaust 2007+


Popular Jeep Exhaust Brands:

Afe Power Advanced Flow Engineering

We invite you to chat with our Modification Experts. We have Jeep specialists on staff that offer a wealth of technical expertise. If you're looking for something specific, just ask! We can probably get it for you.
Call 714-582-3330 today to talk to an Expert, or Chat Live at modbargains.com.

Jeep Exhausts @modbargains.com

What types of Exhaust Systems are available for Jeep?

Jeep Magnaflow Exhaust

The design of a Jeep exhaust system will vary dramatically depending on what that system is designed to do, what side it's supposed to exit on and how much clearance it's designed to have for offloading. Exhaust systems for your Jeep are available in Left Hand Exit for those interested in using the RH rear underfloor area for mounting a compressor or Right Hand Exit for those interested in an OEM appearance. While available in the usual "Axle-Back" or "Cat-Back" lengths, the specifics vary dramatically from system to system.

Horse Power & torque graph

Installing a performance exhaust system can give your Jeep more Horsepower - and Torque. And when you're on the trail, that torque matters - the aFe Mach Force 3" Catback System for 2-Door Jeep JK Wranglers made an additional 13 HP and 15 lb/tq at the wheels. We offer exhaust systems for Jeep from Korkar Performance Engineering, Stainless Works, Borla, Magnaflow and Flowmaster.

Axle-Back Exhaust

Magnaflow ExhaustsaFe Exhaust

An Axle Back exhaust is a great way to change the sound of your Jeep's exhaust. This type of system replaces only the mufflers after the rear axle, which explains the name. Many manufacturers offer Axle-Back options, like aFe Power and Magnaflow.

Cat-Back Exhaust

Jeep aFe Exhausts Jeep Cat-Back Exhausts

When it comes to performance, choosing an Cat Back exhaust system is the way to go. Be sure to order for the correct wheelbase of your Wrangler - a 2-door exhaust won't fit a 4-door Wrangler Unlimited. A wide variety of Cat-Back systems are available for Jeep from the finest names in exhaust, including: aFe Power and Magnaflow.

Headers (aka Exhaust Manifolds)

Headers aka Manifolds

Headers, as they are often called, are the exhaust manifolds. In particular, "headers" almost always refers to a high performance manifold. On your Jeep's naturally aspirated engine, the V6's exhaust manifolds are mounted directly to the exhaust ports of the cylinder head. Hot exhaust gas flows through the runners of the exhaust manifold, and then enters the catalytic converter and the rest of the exhaust system. Headers provide performance gains by streamlining the flow of exhaust gas, helping the engine to run more efficiently and make more power. We offer quality Twisted Steel Headers for Jeep from aFe Power.

Downpipes / Cat Deletes for Jeeps

Downpipes for Jeep's

The word "downpipe" is most often used in reference to a turbocharged car, but interestingly, it appears in Jeep exhaust systems as well. The downpipe connects the exhaust manifold to the rest of the exhaust system - aFe Power's Twisted Steel Downpipe for Jeep JK omits the catalytic converter for maximum performance for vehicles that will be used off-road.

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Experts for Jeep Exhausts at modbargains

We hope this has helped you better understand the Exhaust Systems available for your Jeep.

For specific recommendations for your Jeep, we invite you to talk to our Modification Experts - give us a call at 714-582-3330 or chat with us online at modbargains.com - we are happy to share our passion for the automotive hobby with you. Our mission is to use our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for auto enthusiasts. Let us show you what that means to us - call us today.

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