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Infiniti Q50 Suspensions

Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q60 Suspensions

Infiniti Q60



Bc Racing Suspensions Ohlins Suspensions
H&R Suspensions Eibach Suspensions


What does my Infiniti's suspension do?
As Infiniti Director of Performance Sebastien Vettel would likely tell you, the suspension of your vehicle is designed to dampen bumps in the road to smooth out the ride of your vehicle and to aid cornering capability. Typically, most cars will have some sort of a spring, either a coil spring working together with a shock to keep the body of the car from coming into contact with the wheels and provide a smooth ride while driving.

What suspension upgrades are there for your Infiniti?
Thanks to its Nissan-related origins, there are a wealth of suspension parts available for Infiniti models.


What Suspension Brands does modbargains offer?
Wondering where to buy BC Racing Coilovers for your G35? Can’t find the H&R Suspension Sport Springs for your G37modbargains offers the finest brands in handling performance including H&R Suspension, Buddy Club,Bilstein, ARK PerformanceCuscoEibach,  Koni SuspensionKW SuspensionOhlins, Tanabe, SwiftWhiteline and more, and offer a full line of suspension upgrades from each manufacturer, from Bilstein PSS10 for G37s to KW Street Comfort coilovers. Our Modification Expertshave the knowledge and talent to set you up with the best suspension for you – if you just want to lower the car or make more serious alterations to the handling characteristics of your vehicle, we will recommend the best options for you.


Just talk to any of our Modification Expertsby calling 714-582-3330 or chat online at modbargains.com


Want to know more about your Infiniti's suspension? Here are more detailed explanations of these suspension parts.

What are Lowering Springs and Sport Springs? What’s the difference?

Eibach Lowering springs H&R Sport Springs Tanabe Springs Ark Performance Springs

Typically a spring upgrade will replace the OEM springs of your vehicle to either lower it or improve the handling performance.

Lowering Springsor "Drop Springs", are designed to reduce ride height of your vehicle and put aesthetics first.

Sport Springs generally have a more conservative drop than lowering springs and serve to improve handling more than aesthetics


Tanabe Racing Development USA


Sport Springs are ideal when you want to improve handling without resorting to a more expensivecoilovers. Sport Springs or Lowering Springs should be paired with a lowering shock that can compensate for the reduction in ride height to best retain ride quality. If you'd want your Infiniti’s suspension to stay close to stock, Sport Springs are the right choice for you. We offer Sport Springs from ARK Performance, Eibach, H&R Suspension and Tanabe.


What are Coilovers?

CKS Suspensions
Coilover, or Coil-Spring-Over-Strutis a shock absorber with a coil spring around the shock, assembled as a unit before installation into a vehicle, as opposed to on the typical configuration where the spring and strut are separate units. Coilovers allow the greatest drop in ride height and are the best solution if "maximum handling performance” is the goal of your build.


BC Racing Coilovers Infiniti Coilovers Tanabe Coilover Kit
KW Coilovers Ohlins Suspensions Sport Series Coilovers


Most aftermarket coilovers are adjusted using a threaded spring perch to lower ride height, and sometimes feature knobs to adjust damping as well, allowing you to tailor your ride. The primary perk of a Coilover is fully adjustable ride-height and the ability to really "slam" the car. While they are typically more expensive than lowering springs, coilovers are not just for all-out racing – they can also be great for a street car. Not all coilovers are created equal – be wary products from no-name manufacturers as they may not perform or ride as well as a quality coilover. modbargains exclusively offers coilovers from quality manufacturers like ARK Performance, Bilstein, Buddy Club, BC Racing, CKS Suspension, Eibach Coilovers, Megan Racing, KW Suspension, Ohlins, RS-R, Tanabe,

If you want to drastically lower your car statically, want superior handling performance or just want the ability to "dial in” or adjust your suspension,Coilovers are probably the best choice for you.


Can I raise my suspension with Coilovers?
No. While specialty "lifted” RALLY coilovers that do not lower the car exist for off-road and rally-cross applications, and lift-kits exist for the purpose of increasing ground clearance, this is not what the majority of coilovers are designed to do.

Do I have to buy Camber/Caster Plates to use Coilovers?
While Camber/Caster 
plates do really allow you to "tune” your suspension, they are NOTREQUIREDthem in order to run coilovers – in fact, most applications are just fine without them. Unless you really need 5 degrees of negative camber, you do NOT need Camber Caster plates. Some Coilovers, such as race-oriented Eibach models, include their own Camber Caster plates so you don't need to buy them.

What are sway bars? What do anti-sway bars do for my Infiniti?

Tanabe Front Sway Bar Tanabe rear Sway Bar

"Sway Bars", "Anti-Roll Bars” and "Anti-Sway Bars” are all the same thing, like how "pants” and "trousers” are the same thing. Sway bars offer a great bang-for-the-buck performance improvement. The Sway Bars help reduce body roll during fast cornering or over irregularities in the surface of the road. Aftermarket sway bars also typically include new sway bar mount bushings to ensure that overly-soft OEM bushings do not interfere with the new sway bar.


Sway Bars by Tanabe G37 Sway Bars Hotchkis Sway Bars
Cusco Sway Bars G37 Sway Bars Eibach Sway Bars


The sway bar itself connects the left and right wheels on axle together through short lever arms (sway bar endlinks) linked by a torsion spring (the sway bar itself). A sway bar increases the roll stiffness of your suspension. While most sway bars have set spring rates, some are adjustable by increasing or decreasing the length of the lever arms (sway bar endlinks).

modbargains offers Sway Bars from Cusco, Tanabe, Whiteline, Hotckis and Eibach.

What do Front A-Arms do for my Infiniti?

Front Adjustable control Arms G35 Coupe Camber Arms

Well, if your car is lowered, you're going to need these. When you lower a G35 or G37, the wheels will tend to lean outwards with negative camber, creating uneven wear on your wheel bearings and tires. This uneven wear can lead to not only costly repairs but also tire replacements in the future.
You can correct this problem by fitting a set of A-Arms designe
d to remedy the issue, such as those offered by Cusco or SPC.


Check out these Suspension-Related Posts on the modbargains blog!

Can modbargains Install My Infiniti's Suspension?
Yes, we can - not only do we know how, we're Infiniti Enthusiasts ourselves and are very familiar with your platform. From fitting coilovers or airbags to fitting Koni shocks, we can do it. If you’re local to Southern California, we’re located in sunny La Habra, CA, a hair over 15 minutes away from world-famous Disneyland. We’re not your average automotive repair shop- we specialize in installing aftermarket suspension products that other shops just can’t handle. With three lifts (Coming Spring 2014), an Alignment Rack (Coming Spring 2014) and even an AWD Dynamometer to handle even G35X/G37X. We can install coilovers, lowering springs or even air suspension if you want to ‘bag your car.


Talk to the Modification Experts today at (714)582-3330to upgrade your Suspension, or chat online to request a quote and set up an appointment.

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