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Hyundai Performance

Every Modification Expert at modbargains is an enthusiast themselves, with years of carbuilding experience under their belts. Our experts have helped us put together a selection of performance parts for Hyundai vehicles. Using our experience and enthusiasm, we'll help you get every last pony out of your Hyundai's engine.

Since we've built many popular enthusiast vehicles ourselves, we've got the experience to let you know about issues you may encounter and offer advice you'll only get from another enthusiast.


Hyundai GenesisHyundai Genesis Performance (2009+) Hyundai VelosterHyundai Veloster Performance (2011+)

.Popular Hyundai Performance Brands:

Ark Performance Forge Motorsport


There are many ways to get more power out of your car's engine, and often you'll find optimal power with a certain combination of performance parts working together to make your engine run more efficiently and make more horsepower at the wheels as well as improve the torque curve.

We invite you to chat with our Modification Experts. We have several specialists on staff that offer a wealth of technical expertise on Hyundai Performance. If you're looking for something specific, just ask! We can probably get it for you.
Call 714-582-3330 today to talk to an Expert about your project, or Chat Live at modbargains.com.

Genesis Coupe

What types of Performance Upgrades are available for my Hyundai?

Hyundai Genesis ARK Dwonpipes

The OEM Catalytic Converters and Downpipes of your Hyundai have a huge effect on the performance of your Hyundai. Upgrading your Hyundai with a higher flow downpipe will allow your Hyundai's turbocharger to make boost more quickly and churn out more power for a difference you'll hear and feel.

How can I "chip" my car? What will an ECU Flash Tune do for my Hyundai?

This is a great question, because today's cars complex electronic systems can be upgraded or modified in a variety of ways, sometimes without even needing to physically leave a component installed on the vehicle to have a huge increase in power. Many modern cars, especially turbocharged or supercharged vehicles, can pick up huge power increases simply by changing the ECU software a little.

-Blow Off Valves

Turbosmart external wastegate fpr-800 Hyundai Genesis Dual Port Blow Off Valve

This A blow off valve is designed to vent excess manifold air pressure in forced-induction engine applications. During the course of its function preventing overboost situations, the Blow Off Valve opens up and vents the excess to atmosphere, resulting in that cool "Swoosh" sound that announces to everyone that your car has a turbocharger.

Turbosmart Dual port Blow Off Valve

-ECU Flash Tune Upgrades

These types of systems typically plug into the vehicle's OBD II port via a cable connecting the car to either a handheld device or a laptop. The laptop or device makes a backup copy of the car's original "Stock" computer settings and installs a "tuned" set of parameters for fuel, timing, boost, ignition and other settings as well as doing things like disabling maximum speed limits, raising the rev limiter, turning off torque limiting and other things that may impede performance. A few tuning options are currently in development for Hyundai models.


For specific recommendations for your vehicle, we invite you to talk to our Modification Experts - give us a call at 714-582-3330 or chat with us online at modbargains.com - we are happy to share our passion for cars with you. Our mission is to use our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for auto enthusiasts. Let us show you what that means to us - call today.

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