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**Forgestar CF10 for BMW 19x8.5 ET40 / 19x8.5 ET40 Textured Gunmetal - IN STOCK - 13492

$1,660.00 $1359.95

Quick Overview

Looking for a steal on a set of CF10's, We have this set in stock at our local warehouse just looking for a home. 19x8.5 ET40 square, a perfect set for 1 series E82's or Older 3 Series E46 BMWs.

Includes free Mounting & Balancing when purchased with a set of matching tires.

Sku # : forgestar-cf10-textured-gunmetal-e82-in-stock-dj4
Wheel Size
Wheel Caps
Cone Seat Lug Bolts
Forgestar CF10 Wheels for BMW in 19in/20in

ModBargains is proud to offer you the newest design from Forgestar, the CF10. The new CF10 uses flow form casting process, a construction method that Forgestar has become known for. This is the same construction process used by BBS and Enkei, wheels that typically cost twice as much! These wheels are made to order and can be made to fit your BMW with a large range of available sizes, offests and finishes.

The Forgestar CF10 has the durability of a fully forged wheel, without the large price. These wheels are perfect for anyone looking to improve not only the looks and stance of their BMW, but also performance, corning, and acceleration.

*Please note the Forgestar CF10 will require cone seat lug nuts so that the wheels sit properly on the hub. We can provide these for you (see attributes).

Want more information on Forgestar CF10 flow forming? Give us a call: 714-582-3330

"Talk about a head turning wheel!! The Forgestar CF10 is one of my favorite wheels of all time. I have received so many compliments on these wheels. I have these wheels on my own personal car and absolutely love the way they make my car look. Once I took the boring stock wheels off my car and replaced them with the Forgestar CF10's, my car had a completely different personality. It was suddenly aggressive, but clean. It was just downright impressive. If you're thinking about these wheels, just do it, I promise you that you will love them on your own car just like I love them on mine!"

- Mike Brown, Co-Founder & CEO

Note: 20x9/20x10 Textured gunmetal Shown

Forgestar CF10 Features

  • Flow form construction - high quality, low price
  • Durability of a Forged Wheel
  • Lightweight - Improved acceleration, and handling
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Clears OEM calipers and aftermarket big brake kits
  • Custom offsets and bolt patterns
  • Can be made to fit nearly any vehicle!
  • Wheels are made to order

Forgestar CF10 Shipping
Local pickup of these wheels can be performed in the southern California area, please e-mail a ModBargains sales representative to schedule an appointment. Otherwise shipping is a flat $99 to the US. International shipping quotes are available via email.

Want to know how much more power you will get by putting on lighter wheels and decreasing unsprung weight? Give us a call at 714-582-3330

Forgestar CF10 Wheel Gallery

20x9 in Textured Gunmetal Shown

20x9/20x10 In Textured Gunmetal Shown

Forgestar CF10 Wheels for BMW Installed 2

Forgestar CF10 Wheels for BMW Installed 3

Forgestar CF10 Wheels for BMW Installed 4

Forgestar CF10 Wheels for BMW Installed 5

Forgestar CF10 Wheels for BMW Installed 6


What you need to know about the Flow-Forming Procedure

Forgestar's flowforming process is a unique solution to a common problem – how to make a wheel both light and strong.

This specialized process begins with a low pressure type of casting and uses a special machine that spins the initial casting, heats the outer portion of the casting and then uses steel rollers pressed against the rim area to pull the rim to its final width and shape. The combination of the heat, pressure and spinning create a rim area with the strength similar to a forged wheel. During Flow Forming, the pressure applied to the cast rim actually changes its mechanical properties, so its strength and impact values become similar to those of a forged rim. That translates to up to 15% less weight when compared to a standard cast wheel. The resulting grain structure within the alloy of the wheel is linear, flowing in a single direction.

This grain structure pattern, combined with the exceptional quality of casting required for the process, gives the rim area of the wheel huge mechanical strength, and elongation. As a result of these mechanical characteristics, Forgestar is able to reduce the thickness of the rim area resulting in reduced weight, without compromising strength and resistance to impact.

So in a nutshell, the process makes the wheels:

  • Almost as strong as forged wheels

  • Lighter than cast wheels

  • Customizable to a range of offsets and bolt patterns

  • A great value for the price

Pictures of the Flow-Forming Process:

Forgestar has long been an advocate for wheel durability testing. They strongly believe that any issue regarding consumer safety is an important one. They want every customer contemplating the purchase of Forgestar wheels to know that it has been carefully engineered by the Forgestar team and thoroughly tested by independent third-party testing laboratories.

Actual test reports from independent third-party test laboratories, such as Standards Testing Labs (STL), have been provided by Forgestar.

The most common test standards used are those published by SAE (J2530) and TUEV Rheinland (Germany). PDF files of these actual test reports are provided below as well as an explanation of how the tests are performed and what the results mean to you as a consumer.

They send every width in each wheel design family with the offset configuration that presents the greatest testing challenge and subject it to the equivalent of a full product lifetime of stress in a third-party laboratory. In this way, it is ensured that the recommended wheel fitment is safe at maximum rated load.


STL REPORT 19x8.5 (PDF 35K)
STL REPORT 19x9.0 (PDF 35K)
STL REPORT 19x10 (PDF 35K)


STL REPORT 19x8.5 (PDF 35K)
STL REPORT 19x9.0 (PDF 35K)

Forgestar has carbon fiber caps only.

Carbon Fiber Center Cap




STL REPORT 19x10 (PDF 35K)
STL REPORT 19x11 (PDF 35K)

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