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What does my Ford's suspension do?
Your Ford's suspension from the factory is decent but is designed to appeal to the greatest number of drivers, which may not suit the behaviors you want out of your suspension configuration - especially with the Mustang. The factory Mustang GT suspension is designed to appeal to your mother's sensibilities for comfort, leaving handling somewhere else. While the Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST both sport great suspension setups from the factory, unless you order exactly the right Mustang, your vehicle may fall short in the handling department. While the Mustang has had a live axle from 1964.5 all the way through 2014 (2000-04 Cobras excluded), 2015 Mustangs will all be Independent Rear Suspension for the first time.
Ford Mustang GT Suspension Mustang GT Ford Focus ST Suspension Focus ST Ford Fiesta ST Suspension Fiesta ST

Popular Ford Suspension Brands:


What suspension upgrades are there for my Ford?

Thanks to Ford's rich racing history, there is a huge array of aftermarket suspension upgrades available for Ford models both developed in the US and in the UK. Not only is the Mustang well supported, but the Focus ST and Fiesta ST also benefit from a huge aftermarket. Here at modbargains, we have several Ford enthusiasts on staff, with an eclectic assortment of late model Fords including Mustang GTFiesta ST and Explorer.

What Suspension Brands does modbargains offer?
Looking for where to buy H&R Coilovers for your Mustang? Can’t find an upgraded Rear Motor Mount for your Fiesta ST? modbargains offers the best known names in aftermarket suspension, includingBilstein,Eibach, KW Suspension,Ohlins,Kenny Brown Performance, Swift, Powerflex, Whitelineand many more. modbargains' selection of suspension upgrades gives you as many options as possible, so you can get parts that suit your tastes and budget perfectly. OurModification Expertshave the knowledge and talent to set you up with the best suspension for you – if you just want to lower the car or make more serious alterations to the handling characteristics of your vehicle, we will recommend the best options for you.

Just talk to any of our Modification Experts by calling 714-582-3330 or chat online at modbargains.com

From the factory your Mustang, (and most Fords really) have enough wheel gap to be a 4×4 – that’s less than desirable for handling and leaves a lot of potential for body roll. You can clean up the wheel gap by dropping the car a few inches with either a set of Lowering Springs or a set of Coilovers. If you’re on a budget or want a milder drop, a set of Lowering Springs or Sport Springs will give you the drop you’re looking for as well as improve your handling.Eibach’s Sportline Lowering Springs are an incredibly popular option, butHotchkis Sport Coil Springs are also a great choice.

What are Lowering Springs and Sport Springs? What’s the difference?



Typically a spring upgrade will replace the OEM springs of your Ford to do one of two things: lower the car or improve its handling performance.

Lowering Springs or "Drop Springs", will lower ride height of your vehicle and put an emphasis on aesthetic appearance.

Sport Springs are geared towards performance and offer a more conservative drop.



Sport Springs are ideal when you want to improve handling without resorting to a more expensivecoilovers. f you'd want your Ford’s suspension to stay close to stock, Sport Springs are the right choice for you. We offer Sport Springs from Eibach,H&R Suspension and Tanabe.


What are Coilovers?


ACoilover, orCoil-Spring-Over-Strutis a shock absorber with a coil spring around the shock, assembled as a unit before installation into a vehicle, as opposed to on the typical configuration where the spring and strut are separate unitsCoiloversallow the greatest drop in ride height and are a great choice if you do plan to "Track" or Autocross your Ford.




The main feature of a Coilover is offers ride height adjustment, allowing you to really get your Ford low to the ground. Virtually all coilovers utilize a threaded spring perch to lower ride height, and often feature knobs to adjust damping and rebound, allowing you to tailor your ride to suit your preferences or track conditions.

If you want a more aggressive drop or a greater improvement in handling than offered by springs alone, coilovers are the way to go.Eibach Street, R1 and R2 Coiloversare very popular choices for those opting for coilovers, but there are many choices available including options from BC Racing, KW Suspension, ST Suspension and Vogtland. Not sure which springs are best for the ride you’re after? You can always ask one of modbargains’ Ford Modification Experts.


What's more, not all coilovers are equal – be cautious about products from super-cheap no-name brands, as they may not perform or ride as well as a quality well engineered coilover. modbargains offerscoilovers exclusively from quality manufacturers like BC Racing,Eibach Coilovers,KW Suspension,Ohlins andVogtland for superior performance.


Frequently asked: Can I raise my suspension with Coilovers?
No.While special "lifted” RALLY coilovers engineered solely for off-roading exist for rally-car, extreme off-roading applications, this is not what the majority ofcoilovers are designed to do.

Frequently asked: Do I have to buy Camber/Caster Plates to use Coilovers?

No. While Camber/Caster plates do really allow you to "tune” your suspension, they are NOT REQUIRED them in order to run coilovers – in fact, most are just fine without them. Unless you really need 5 degrees of negative camber, you do NOT need Camber Caster plates. Some Coilovers, such as race-oriented Eibach models, include their own Camber Caster plates so you don't need to buy them or you can add them after the fact such as theCamber Caster Plates for Mustang from Hotchkis.

Get your Mustang's Live Axle Centered with a Panhard Bar or Watts Linkage


This Animation of a Watt’s Linkage setup on a 1998 Ford Ranger EV’s DeDion Tube rear axle best illustrates how it limits side-to-side axle movement
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watts_linkage

Diagram of Where A Panhard Bar Mounts. Courtesy of Whiteline

The live axle of your Mustang makes upgrading its suspension totally different than say a 350Z or even a 2010+ Camaro. Named for the French "Panhard" company that invented it, rather than its function, the Panhard bar (also called panhard rod) is designed to limit lateral movement. The height of the panhard bar determines the height of the rear roll center. The roll center being an imaginary point around which the racecar "rolls”. Here’s the thing, when you lower a car, the suspension needs to be adjusted to compensate – when you lower the panhard bar, the rear roll center drops, which tightens cornering handling by promoting side-bite. By keeping the axle from wandering around, your stability is improved. A Whiteline Panhard Rod is a great way to keep your rear axle centered.


A Watt’s Linkage is very similar to a Panhard Rod – it’s like two panhard rods facing each other. Both Watts Linkages and Panhard Rods are designed to prevent sideways motion of the axle, relative to the car. Like a panhard bar on steroids, Popular in Australia’s V8 Supercars racing series, the Watt’s Linkage creates even lateral transfer, enhancing rear end stability - a critical feature for anyone serious about improving the handling of their Mustang. While a bit pricier than a panhard bar, it’s the superior method of keeping your axle centered. Whiteline offers a complete Watts Linkage for the Mustang that’s integrated cleanly into the diff cover – this upgrade alone will do wonders for your rear end stability.

Whiteline Panhard Rod For Mustang

Whiteline Watt’s Linkage For Mustang

What are sway bars? What do anti-sway bars do for my Ford?

"Sway Bars", "Anti-Roll Bars” and "Anti-Sway Bars” are all the same thing, like how "pants” and "trousers” mean the same thing. Sway bars offer a great bang-for-the-buck improvement in handling performance. A set of performance Sway Bars will help reduce body roll during fast cornering or over imperfect road surfaces. Aftermarket sway bars also usually include new sway bar mount bushings to ensure that overly-soft OEM bushings do not interfere with the new sway bar's function.


The sway bar increases the roll stiffness of your suspension and connects the left and right wheels on axle together through short lever arms (sway bar endlinks) linked by a torsion spring (the sway bar itself). While most sway bars have set spring rates, some are adjustable by increasing or decreasing the length of the lever arms (sway bar endlinks).

modbargains offers Sway Bars fromWhiteline andEibach.


Check out these Ford Suspension-Related Posts on the modbargains blog!


Can modbargains Install My Ford's Suspension?
Yes, we can - not only do we know how, we're Ford Enthusiasts ourselves and are very familiar with the Ford platforms - from Mustang to Fiesta ST and even Focus ST. From doing complex suspension work like fitting coilovers or airbags to installing sway bars or drop springs, we can do it. If you’re a SoCal local or are reasonably close, we’re located in sunny La Habra, CA, just over 15 minutes away from world-famous Disneyland. We’re not your average shop- we aftermarket specialists that can install products that other shops just don’t have the experience or skilled techs handle. With three lifts (Coming Spring 2014), an Alignment Rack (Coming Spring 2014) and even an AWD Dynamometer. We can install coilovers, lowering springs or even air suspension if you want to ‘bag your Ford.


Talk to our Ford Modification Experts today at(714)582-3330to upgrade your Suspension, or chat online to get more information about your next mod from Enthusiastic Experts.

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