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Ford Performance

Every Modification Expert at modbargains is an enthusiast themselves with years of carbuilding experience under their belts. Our experts have helped us put together an amazingly comprehensive assortment of performance parts for late model Ford Performance vehicles ranging from the ever-popular Mustang to newcomers like the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Using our experience and enthusiasm, we'll help you extract every last bit of horsepower out of your Ford and since we've built several Mustangs, Focii and Fiestas ourselves, we've got the firsthand experience to let you know about issues you may want to know about and get advice you'll only get from another enthusiast.

There are many ways to get more power out of your Ford's engine, whether it's a pushrod V8, DOHC V8 or a modern EcoBoost 4-Cylinder Turbo engine. Often, you'll find that you achieve peak power with a specific combination of performance parts working together to run more efficiently and make more horsepower and torque at the wheels.


Ford Mustang GT Performance Mustang GT Ford Focus ST Performance Focus ST Ford Fiesta ST Performance Fiesta ST

Popular Ford Performance Brands:


What kinds of Intake System Upgrades are there for Ford?

When most people think of performance upgrades, a high-flow air intake is the first thing that comes to mind for most people. There are several styles of intake available, and not all systems are the same - each offers its own pros and cons. There are Cold Air Intake Systems, Ram Air Intake Systems, Short-Ram Air Intake Systems and Performance Replacement Air Filters. For more information about Intake Systems call 714 582 3330

What types of Exhaust Systems are available for my Ford?

Several types of exhaust upgrades are available for most vehicles. The design of an exhaust system can vary depending on which parts of an exhaust system you want to replace. Systems can be either bolt on exhaust kits or weld-in, depending on style and manufacturer.

How can I "chip" my car? What is ECU Flash Tuning? What will an ECU tune do for my car?

This is a great question, because today's cars complex electronic systems can be upgraded or modified in a variety of ways, sometimes without even needing to physically leave a component installed on the vehicle to have a huge increase in power. Many modern cars, especially turbocharged or supercharged vehicles, can pick up huge power increases simply by changing the ECU software a little.


ECU Flash Tune Upgrades


These plug into your Ford's OBD II port via a cable connecting the car to either a handheld device, or occasionally, a laptop. The laptop or device makes a backup copy of the car's original "Stock" computer settings and installs a "tuned" set of parameters for fuel, timing, boost, ignition and other settings as well as doing things like disabling maximum speed limits, raising the rev limiter, turning off torque limiting and other things that may impede performance. Good examples of this sort of upgrade include the Cobb AccessPort or the SCT X4 Flash Tuner. It's worth noting that Cobb products are exclusively available for turbocharged vehicles.

What is a Downpipe and what will that do for my car?

The downpipe is a part of the exhaust system only on turbocharged vehicles like the Fiesta ST,Focus ST andMustang EcoBoost. It is worth noting that all of these EcoBoost engines do not feature an exhaust manifold in their design, but rather mount the turbo directly to the head.
The downpipe is the part of the exhaust that runs from the turbocharger outlet to the rest of the exhaust system. Many OEM downpipes feature integrated cats, which are highly restrictive. Performance downpipes streamline the flow of exhaust gases out of the turbo for better throttle response, faster spool-up and more power and often either omit the catalytic converter or replace it with a high performance unit. Performance downpipes are available from MillTek and Cobb Tuning.

What is does a Performance Throttle Body do?

By replacing your throttle body with a larger one, by simple fact of it being larger, more air can pass through it, meaning air flows more freely into the engine, eliminating a potential bottleneck and improving power. Installing a performance throttle body will give you improved throttle response, more horsepower and torque. We offer performance throttle bodies from Ford Racing and BBK Performance.

Can I turbocharge my Naturally-Aspirated Ford?

Hell yes you can - with Hellion Power Systems Twin Turbo conversion for Mustang. Developed by the same team that has brought NMRA Champion John Urist to victory time and again in his turbo Foxbody Mustang, this system will give any 2011+ Mustang GT a boost of 5-25psi for output ranging from the "tame" 600hp level to insane by supporting up to 1200HP!!!!

Though we're pretty sure we don't have to tell you a 4-digit HP figure is crazy, it's worth saying that with a Ford, there's definitely a way for you to get boosted.

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We hope this has helped you better understand some of the types of performance parts that are available on the automotive aftermarket for your Ford performance vehicle. For specific recommendations for your vehicle, we invite you to talk to our Modification Experts - give us a call at 714-582-3330 or chat with us online at modbargains.com - we are happy to share our passion for cars with you. Our mission is to use our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for auto enthusiasts. Let us show you what that means to us and call today.

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