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Cobb Tuning

COBB Tuning at ModBargains

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Cobb Tuning

Over the past few years, Cobb Tuning has gone from a great way to get more reliable and user-friendly power to an amazing one-stop company for all of your performance needs. What's so great about Cobb Tuning is that they are devoted to giving tire spinning performance to anybody out there looking to give their c ar a better suspension setup, sound, air flow and on-the-go tuning. They started as a super small company with three employees that was struggling to get their Subaru performance tunes out on the market. But look at them now; their persistence has paid off, and it definitely shows through their increasing quality and widely expanded customer base! When it comes to usability and getting the performance that you want out of your car, there is no one else to go to other than Cobb Tuning!



Have any questions about Cobb Tuning Parts & Accessories? Give ModBargains a call at (714) 582-3330


One of Cobb Tuning's most popular products, the AccessPORT, a hand held tuner used to unleash the beast hidden within your car's stock ECU, gives you tons of power gain without the risk of ruining the internals of your motor. It has been named one of the safest tuners in the industry because of how it makes the impossible possible. You can get huge performance and not have to worry about the drawbacks of most other tunes out there that may cause dangerously high temperatures and stress on your car. With Cobb Tuning's AccessPORT, you already get presets for your car setup that flawlessly operate to maximize the performance of all the aftermarket parts you have installed beforehand. And what makes it even more convenient is that you can literally tune your car on-the-fly with the engine running and everything! The Cobb Tuning AccessPORT along with all of their other performance parts are made with you in mind; everything is so user friendly and adjustable to your style of driving that you'll come out of those corners with a huge smile on your face!

Review from CobbTuning.com:

So I just picked up the accessport for my 2008 WRX hatchback and I love it! I don't know how I went so long without having one before. It is so easy to use and the power increase is amazing. I also have the Cobb SF intake and what was nice is that the map for it was already installed on the accessport. This is a must buy for any car in my opinion.

Check Out Just How User Friendly the AccessPORT Really Is!


Lately Cobb Tuning has been branching out into new areas of performance such as suspension, sway bars, turbo kits and exhaust systems. This new realm of products has gained great success over the past few years. Cobb's coils and sway bars cover such a wide range of feels that anybody from a daily driver to a race enthusiast can implement their systems into their car. All of their sway bars are adjustable for different track and road conditions to eliminate the driver from having to buy multiple sway bars. So if you're racing on a track with a Cobb Tuning sway bar installed and you think that your car would perform better with a stiffer setting, all you would have to do is un-bolt the sway bar and bolt it back on in a stiffer slot. And there you go; you get a new feel for more feedback on the track! With Cobb Tuning, YOU control what your car feels and performs like. No matter what product you buy, Cobb Tuning ensures that you will get the performance you're looking for!

Have any questions about Cobb Tuning Parts & Accessories? Give ModBargains a call at 714.582.3330




One of Cobb Tuning's newest additions to their product line is exhaust kits. They don't pride themselves in being the loudest out there. Cobb's aim is to create stock-like aesthetics but a more rich and full sound. A normal exhaust system is very restrictive to air flow and can actually decrease gas mileage and power. Cobb Tuning's kits give your car a bump of power and a lot more air to breathe, which results in an overall more pleasant sounding exhaust note and a lot more tire squeal! On top of the performance benefits, all of their exhaust kits are created out of 100% stainless steel to keep that amazing showroom shine for the entire lifetime of your car.



Have any questions about Cobb Tuning Parts & Accessories? Please give ModBargains a call at (714) 582-3330

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