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Chevrolet Performance Parts

All of the Modification Experts on staff at modbargains are enthusiasts themselves, with plenty of car building experience and their own unique specialties.
The Modification Experts have helped assemble a selection of performance parts for your Chevrolet. Using our experience and enthusiasm, we'll help you unlock every pony in that Chevy motor. Thanks to one of the strongest aftermarket industries around, and one of the longest-produced engines ever (happy 50+ years Chevy 350!) Chevrolet V8s are exceptionally easy to find parts for.

Since we've built Camaros ourselves, we've got firsthand experience, so we can give you a heads-up about any snags you may encounter with your parts and provide advice you'd only hear from other enthusiasts.


Camaro PerformanceCamaro Performance (2010+) Corvette C7 PerformanceCorvette C7 Performance Chevrolet SS PerformanceChevrolet SS Performance

.Popular Chevy Performance Brands:

SuperCharged AFE (Advanced Flow Engineering)


Camaro Intakes

SLP camaro v8 intake

Chevrolet Camaro Installed Intakes

There are almost as many ways to get more power out of your Camaro as there are Camaro variants. Upgrades work best as a system, and often you'll find the biggest gains in power with a certain combination of parts working together. By upgrading everything as a cohesive system, your Chevrolet's engine will run more efficiently and crank out more power at the rear wheels.

We invite you to chat with our Modification Experts. We have specialists on staff that have encyclopedic technical expertise on GM Performance. If you're looking for something special, just ask! We can probably get it for you.
Call us at 714-582-3330 today to talk to an Expert about your Chevrolet project, or Chat Live at modbargains.com.

What kinds of Intake System Upgrades are there for my Chevrolet?

Chevy Camaro Cold air Intake

When most people think of performance, a high-flow air intake immediately comes to mind for most people. It's important to note that not all Air Intakes are the system, and that there are several different types with their own unique advantages - and disadvantages.

The most common types are:
Cold Air Intake Systems
Ram Air Intake Systems
Short-Ram Air Intake Systems

OEM Replacement Performance Air Filters
Intake System Upgrades Graph Comparison

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What types of Exhausts can I get for my Chevy?

The wonderful thing about Camaro Exhaust systems is that they're diverse. If you don't like one exhaust, there's probably another one out there that you'd love. It's simply a matter of finding the sound that's right for your ears. Exhaust systems are offered in several configurations: header/downpipe-back, cat-back and axle-back.

Axle Back Exhaust for Camaro V8
An Axle Back Exhaust

AFE Power Mach Force Exhaust
A Cat-Back Exhaust

Stainless works Camaro Header

Chevrolet Performance Exhausts
A Header-Back Exhaust

These names refer to how much of the exhaust system is included. Generally speaking, going with a cat-back or header back exhaust system will yield better performance and sound improvements, while Axle-Back is a better choice if you're after sound and not performance. While less effective, because much less of the exhaust is replaced, axle-back systems are less expensive and make less of a change to the car. modbargains offers a wide variety of Exhaust Performance options, including Stainless Works, aFe Power, ARK Performance, Billy Boat, Borla, Flowmaster, Kooks, Korkar Performance Engineering (KPE), Magnaflow, SLP Performance and Solo Performance.

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How do I "chip" my Camaro? How do I "Get a Tune" for my Chevy?

AFE Scorcher Tuner Camaro V8 SLP Universal Programmer
KPE-Ipf Tuning Camaro

SCT Power Flash Programmer

Today's vehicles are equipped complex electronic systems can be upgraded or modified in a variety of ways, sometimes without even needing to physically leave a component installed on the vehicle to have a huge increase in power. While "Chipping" a car is still common lingo, it's not at all accurate anymore. Today, the practice of hardwiring a chip onto the car's ECM is limited only to primitive, early OBD I computer systems and hasn't really been a thing since the mid 1990s. Tuning your car today is easier than ever, and thank the heavens that tuning no longer requires, floats, needles, jets and a near supernatural understanding of the dark black magic known as carburetion - it's so easy that you literally could leave it entirely to a child. Just plug in a tuner to your Chevrolet's OBD II Computer port, and then a tuner such as SCT's X4 Flash Programmer, aFe's Scorcher System, DiabloSport's Trinity Tuner or IPF's tuner, and the device backs up a copy of the car's factory settings, then installs a new set of parameters instead, optimizing things like fuel quantity, ignition timing and more to unlock the full potential of your engine and make the most of the modifications you've performed. Most tuners today come with a "Tune" file preloaded and ready to go (called "Canned Tunes" or "Off The Shelf Tunes" aka OTS Maps), or they can be "Pro-Tuned" by a licensed specialist on a dyno to create a map customized to your specific car to extract every last pony out of the motor and push the car to its limits.

What's more, most Domestic vehicles like General Motors, Ford and MoPar all use an ECU that controls both the engine and transmission, meaning you can manipulate the behavior of your automatic transmission with a tuner as well. (as opposed to engine and transmission being separate computers as with a European car like BMW or Volvo)

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-Getting Rid Of "Skip-Shift"
Shift Skip Eliminator

This type of system plugs directly into the ECU and allows you to change the parameters of the car's programming for GM vehicles fitted with a manual transmission. This irritating "feature" forces you to upshift from 1st to 4th in most street driving situations. SLP's Skip Shift Eliminator fixes this with a simple plug in device. It connects to the sensor harness to remedy this obnoxious and intrusive "feature" found in all manual transmission GM performance vehicles.

-Shift Faster With a Short Shift Kit

Short Shift Kit Make your shifts faster and more positive by fitting a Short Shift Kit from SLP for your 6-Speed Chevrolet. A short shifter reduces the distance required to shift, creating a more positive feel when shifting. Kits like these retain the stock shifter knob and come complete with bushings for a complete install.

What do Underdrive Pulleys do for my Chevrolet V8?

SLP underdrive Pulley Camaro

Under drive Pullies unlock power normally consumed simply by running the accessories like A/C, the Alternator, Power Steering and so on. This upgrade replaces heavy or too steeply geared pulleys used by the OEM system with lightweight or different-ratio pulleys. By reducing the weight or drive ratio of the pullies, your engine does not have to work as hard, and so you recover power that is normally lost.

What will a Limited Slip Differential do for my car?

Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
For anyone drag racing, drifting, racing or otherwise looking for even rear end traction, this upgrade is a must. If someone walks up to you at the track and wants to tell you about their LSD, they're talking about their differential and not their experience at Coachella. Back in the day, folks referred to a limited slip as a "Locker" or "Locking" differential.
The differential is a mechanical device that helps balance out power between your rear wheels left-to-right. Without a Limited-Slip, under low-traction conditions - power will predominantly go to one wheel - this is best illustrated by a car with an open diff attempting to do a burnout - note the word "Attempt" there. With an open diff, only one of the wheels is getting power, so only one wheel will spin - this is called "one-wheel-peel", and everyone watching will laugh at your singular stripe instead of leaving a pair of elevens like proper musclecar. Having a limited slip or locking differential in your Camaro improves grip between the drive wheels for better take-offs. A limited slip will also help your times on the dragstrip as well. We offer Limited Slip units from
Cusco, Quaife and Wave-trac.

Can I turbocharge or supercharge my naturally aspirated Camaro?

TurboCharge your Camaro at modbargains

Fortunately, supercharging or turbocharging a Chevrolet isn't anywhere near as hard as other makes and models.
There are two main types of superchargers - Roots superchargers are torquier and what comes to mind when one says "supercharger". The other type is a Centrifugal Supercharger, which works like a belt-driven turbocharger. We offer Centrifugal Supercharger systems like Vortech as well as Roots type blowers like the SLP Supercharger for Gen V Camaro V8s. A belt-driven supercharger will yield fantastic throttle response and immediate boost, but a supercharger is generally will make slightly less power than a turbocharger.

Should you want to go turbo, we've got you covered. In addition to superchargers, we also offer turbocharger kits from Vargas Turbo, Hellion Power Systems and other turbocharging specialists renowned throughout the drag racing and Chevrolet Performance Community. Just ask a Modification Expert.



We hope this has helped you better understand the performance parts that are available for your Chevrolet from the automotive aftermarket.

For Expert Enthusiast Advice on your Camaro build, we invite you to call our Modification Experts - dial 714-582-3330 or chat with us online at modbargains.com - we are only too happy to share our passion for cars. Our mission is to use our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for auto enthusiasts. Let us show you what that means firsthand - call today and discover our amazing service for yourself.

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