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The OEM intake equipped on your Chevrolet isn't the most ideal induction solution for making power. Engineered with noise, vibration, harshness and as with any GM product, COST concerns first in mind, your stock intake setup is robbing your otherwise powerful Chevy V8 of horsepower. By throwing away the garbage clogging up your engine that came factory and installing an after-market intake, your Chevrolet's V8 can breathe freely and make the power it was intended to.
Camaro Intake (2010+) Corvette C7 Intake Chevrolet SS Intake

.Popular Chevy Intake Brands:


What kinds of Intake System Upgrades are there for my Chevrolet?

Chevy Camaro with Intake Installed

Chevy Camaro with K&N Intake Installed

A high flow performance Air Intake is a great first mod for virtually any car. There are several classes of intake upgrades each with their own distinct plusses and minuses.

The most common are:
Cold Air Intake Systems
Ram Air Intake Systems
Short-Ram Air Intake Systems

OEM Replacement Performance Air Filters
Chevy Camaro with Intake Dyno Sheet

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What does a Cold Air Intake do for my Chevrolet?

Chevrolet with intake installed

The way we get air into the motor sure has changed a lot since the carburetor days! The tricks that worked for a carb'd motor don't work on modern fuel injection engines, so fitting a properly designed and engineered "cold air intake” is necessary to make more power. By using colder air that's denser in oxygen content, the air/fuel mixture is improved, and with more air flow, the engine can make more power. A Cold Air Intake, such as the SLP Blackwing Intake for V8 Camaros reroutes the path of the intake down into the space normally occupied by the oversize washer fluid reservoir - the SLP kit includes a reshaped reservoir to allow clearance for the intake. A true cold air intake draws cooler air in from a source outside the car, usually from under the front bumper or fender well instead of sucking in the hot air loitering around the engine bay. These usually feature a heat shield to separate the intake further from potential heat sources. We offer Cold Air Intakes from aFe Power, Injen Technology, RotoFab, K&N and SLP Performance.

.What are Ram Air Intakes?
A Ram-Air intake and a Cold-Air Intake are a lot alike, in that they change where the engine is sucking in air from. What a Ram-Air intake typically does is move the intake opening to the front of the car, right in the path of travel. Often, a scoop on the hood is the air source for ram-air. The idea is, as the car travels forward at high speed, additional air is being pushed into the intake by the car as it drives through the air, ramming the air it into the intake, hence "RAM AIR". This is supposed to pressurize the intake manifold, like a very crude turbo or supercharger system. While this sounds neat, in reality, most of the time your Camaro is not moving anywhere near fast enough for the "ram air effect” to work. While a handful of true Ram Air systems exist for the Camaro, they require the use of a special hood to work, and today's EFI engines don't respond to RAM AIR the way carbureted cars did.

What is a Short-Ram Air Intake?

Chevy Camaro Injen Intake  

A short-ram air intake is basically fitting conical type high flow air filter to the mass air flow sensor, shortening the runner length of the intake, which in turn increases response. This is an affordable way to upgrade the intake of your Chevy, however this primarily benefits throttle response and the sound of your intake under load, as the car could sucking in hot air from under the hood, rather than denser, colder air that's richer in oxygen content.

What will a Drop-In Air Filter Upgrade Do To My Chevy?

Drop In filter for Chevy Drop In filter flow test for ChevyDrop In filter for Chevy

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to upgrade your intake is to install a high flow replacement air filter. This simply means replacing the restrictive OEM Air Filter unit with one that has superior flow properties. We offer high flow replacement filters from aFe Power and K&N.

Can modbargains Install An Intake System on My Chevrolet?
Yes, we can - not only do we know how, we're Chevrolet Enthusiasts ourselves and have plenty of experience with Generation 5 Camaro and C6-up Corvettes. From drop in filter replacements to performance manifolds, we can do it. If you’re in Southern California, we’re not far away! Located in La Habra, CA, we're just 20 minutes from world-famous Disneyland. We’re not the average auto shop- we specialize in aftermarket installs that most shops just can’t handle. With three lifts (Coming Spring 2014), an Alignment Rack (Coming Spring 2014) and even an AWD Dynamometer, we're well prepared to handle nearly install.

Talk to our Chevrolet Modification Experts today at(714)582-3330to get your Chevrolet breathing easier, or chat online to get more information about your next mod from Enthusiastic Experts.

Intakes for your Chevy At modbargains
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