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Here at ModBargains, we specialize in wheels for BMW. We carry all sizes and brands for your vehicle, most of which are in stock, right here in our warehouse! Our experienced Modification Experts know exact fitments for all BMW models, so we can provide you with the exact look you are going for - whether you want stretch, stance or to go wide, we've got the know-how to tell you exactly how far you can take it. We offer wheels for BMW in sizes ranging from 15" all the way up to 22", available in nearly every finish imaginable including but by no means limited to; hyper silver, matte black, gunmetal, gloss black, hyper black, chrome, and polished.

All of the wheels for BMW we offer meet or exceed the world's most demanding standards of quality, such as ISO 9001&9002, JWL, and VIA to ensure that we are providing you with the highest level of quality and safety. In addition, nearly all of our wheels for BMW feature a durable clear coat finish to ensure they stand up to the abuse of all the less-than-perfect roads out there.


Why are wheels so important?

  • Wheels separate you from the boring normalcy of the every day BMW vehicle on the road

  • The tone of your build will be set the moment you decide on a set of wheels you adore

  • Without wheels, your bimmer will be bland & basic!

  • Whether it be wheels to wow the crowd or wheels to get better track times, no other mod out there changes your car quite like a proper set of aftermarket wheels!

  • Every BMW deserves wheels that look as great as the car does!

  • ModBargains understands this and wants to help you get your car looking fresh!





HRE Flow Form Wheels are an all-new line from HRE Performance Wheels. HRE Performance Wheels have offered the finest quality Forged Wheels for decades, and enthusiasts in-the-know have relied on HRE Wheels for years and years. Now they're bringing their experience and exacting standards of quality to a more affordable, Flow Form wheel.

These new Flow Form wheels are not forged, but through a clever manufacturing process, Flow Form Wheels are able to provide similar performance characteristics to a true forged wheel, offering strength and light weight.

These wheels conform to the highest standards of quality, satisfying the strictest standards - and the wheels are designed and engineered in the United States, just 75 or so miles south of ModBargains in San Diego, CA. 



Forgestar F14 Wheels

Forgestar CF10 Wheels

Forgestar CF5V Wheels

Forgestar CF5 Wheels

Why Forgestar Wheels are Better Than Cast Wheels

Custom Offsets
Forgestar wheels can be made in virtually any offset, whereas standard cast wheels come in a set offset. This allows you to dial in exactly how you want your wheels to sit (we can help you select the offset you need for the look your looking for). Having custom offsets allows for fitment of wider wheels in stock suspension and lowered vehicles. Forgestar wheels are designed specifically for your car and it's suspension setup, where cast wheels are designed for everyone and typically do not take in to account lowered suspension setups.

Forgestar wheels are also much lighter than cast wheels. The 18x8.5 F14 wheel weighs an amazingly light 18.5 lbs, where a cast wheel of this same size would weigh anywhere from 23-27 lbs. This saving of roughly 6-10 pounds per wheel makes a BIG difference in regards to handling and drivability. Reducing unsprung weight (weight that is not supported by the car's suspension, i.e wheels, tires, brake rotors, and brake calipers) is one of the easiest ways to improve your car's handling, braking, and acceleration. As a general estimate 1 pound of unsprung weight is equal to 10 pounds of static weight. (weight that is supported by the vehicle's suspension). By using this ratio if you were to replace your stock wheels that weighed 25 lbs with Forgestar wheels you would be saving 320 lbs. in static weight!

Flow-formed wheels are similar in strength to that of a fully forged wheel, without the cost. The process used to make the Forgestar wheels is the same process BBS wheels uses as well. Forgestar wheels are also rated at 1520 lbs per wheel which is considerably more than a cast wheels which are typically around 1000-1200 lbs. per wheel.



Sportline 8S 18
Sportline 8S 18in Gunmetal Wheels
Sportline 8S 18
Sportline 8S 18in Silver Wheels



  • Be faster off the line thanks to reduced un-sprung weight on your chassis

  • Improve your grip and pass cars on the outside lane with the added traction of extra wide wheels

  • Sets your vehicle apart for other boring BMWs with an aggressive yet classic design

  • Provides show-stopper looks with a durable powder coated finish with a protective clear coat




  • High Quality rotary forged production

  • Durability of a Fully Forged Wheel

  • Lightweight and Excellent Value

  • TPMS Compatible

  • New aggressive fitment

  • Classic BMW performance design

  • Durable powder coated Finish









Vossen CV3 Wheels
Vossen CV3 Matte Black Machined Wheels
Vossen CV3 Wheels
Vossen CV3 Matte Graphite Wheels
Vossen CV3 Wheels
Vossen CV3 Matte Silver Machined


Vossen Wheels is dedicated to its vision of designing innovative styles, aspiring to provide the utmost excellence in customer service and manufacturing the highest quality wheels. Every Vossen wheel is put through the highest standard in testing and quality control. These high standards allow us to provide an industry leading five year workmanship warranty and a lifetime structural warranty, which proves we stand behind our product 100%. Vossen Wheels are the perfect accessory for those who are looking to stand out in a crowd, while also maintaining performance, comfort and style.




Klutch Wheels SL14 Matte Black
Klutch SL14 Matte Black Wheels
Klutch Wheels SL14 Silver Machined Wheels for BMW 5x120mm
Klutch SL14 Silver Wheel
Klutch Wheels SL5 Black with Gloss Bronze Lip
Klutch SL5 Black w/ Bronze Lip Wheels
Klutch Wheels SL5 Silver with Chrome Lip Wheels for BMW 5x120mm
Klutch SL5 Silver Wheels
Klutch Wheels SLC1 Silver 18
Klutch SLC1 Silver Wheels
Klutch Wheels KM20 19
Klutch KM20 Concave Mesh Silver Wheels





Miro Wheels Type 111 Matte Black Wheels for BMW
Miro Type 111 Matte Black Wheels
Miro Wheels Type 111 Silver Wheels BMW
Miro Type 111 Silver
Miro Type 110 Wheels - BMW - Matte Black - 19 Inches - 5x120
Miro Type 110 Matte Black Wheels
Miro Type 110 Wheels - BMW - Silver - 19 Inches - 5x120
Miro Type 110 Silver
Miro Type 563 Wheels 18

Miro Type 563 Silver

Miro Type 398 Wheels - BMW - Silver - 19 Inches - 5x120
Miro Type 398 Matte Black Wheels
Miro Type 398 Wheels 18in/19in 5x100 / 5x114.3mm - Silver
Miro Type 398 Silver



For Any Questions call 714-582-3330 to speak to one of our Modification Experts Today!


Frequently Asked Questions 
There are several different methods When choosing wheels for your BMW, the details matter. Everything from the backspacing to offset, lug pattern, width, diameter, choice of wheel style and what tire to use with it has a huge effect on how your new wheels will look - and perform. Here are just a few common questions that we're asked by customers shopping for wheels for their BMW.

What is the difference between different manufacturing types of wheels? 
There are several different methods of manufacture used to produce aftermarket BMW wheels, each offering its own unique styles, and pros and cons. The most popular methods of wheel production are: gravity casting, low pressure casting, Flow-forming, and forging. Below you will find an explanation of each method, so you can better judge for yourself which type of wheels would best suit your needs

What Are Gravity Cast Wheels for BMW?
Gravity casting wheels, relatively speaking, is the easiest way to make a wheel, and is much less expensive to produce when compared to a flow-formed or forged wheel. During the Gravity Casting process, aluminum, or an alloy is poured into a mold which uses earth's gravity to form the shape and design of the wheel. Since gravity is the only force used in this type of manufacturing process, the material will not be as dense as a low pressure cast wheel (or higher quality construction methods) and so it requires more metal to achieve the same structural strength as other means of production. This means that a Gravity Cast wheel will be significantly heavier than a wheel produced with low-pressure casting or higher method of construction.

What Are Low Pressure Cast Wheels for BMW?
Low pressure casting utilizes virtually the same process as gravity casting, but with the addition of positive pressure to create higher density metal within the wheel, which translates into more structural integrity with less weight than gravity casting. Low pressure cast wheels generally cost slightly more than gravity cast wheels, and are stronger. This is the most popular production method in use today

What Are Flow Form Wheels?
Flow form casting is a procedure that turns the wheel over a special mandrel, and forms the wheel using three hydraulic rollers that apply tremendous amounts of pressure. The pressure and turning motion forces the wheel area to form against the mandrel, creating the shape and width of the wheel. During flow forming, the wheel actually "flows" down to create the full width of the wheel. During this process, pressure applied to the cast wheel actually changes its physical properties, so its strength and internal integrity characteristics become similar to those of forged wheels. The added strength relative to material density translates to up to 15% weight reduction when compared to a standard low-pressure cast wheel. 

What Are Forged Wheels for BMW?
Forged wheels are manufactured using a process that results in the strongest, lightest and most durable wheel, superior to other means of production. During the forging process, aluminum is shaped under extreme pressure, which translates into a very high strength, low weight wheel. Since making a forged wheel requires very specialized forging equipment, Forged wheels consequently often command a much higher price on the aftermarket than wheels for BMW manufactured utilizing any other method.


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Save on all Wheels for BMW at modbargains.com



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