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BMW Suspension


1-Series [E82/E88] Parts (2008-2013)

1M [E82] Parts (2011-2012)




2-Series [F22/F23] Parts (2013-Present)

M2 Comp [F87] Parts (2019-Present)

M2 [F87] Parts (2016-2018)


3-Series [G20] Parts (2019-Present)

3-Series [F30 LCI] Parts (2016-2018)

3-Series [F30 Pre-LCI] Parts (2012-2015)

3-Series [E92/E93] Parts (2007-2013)


3-Series [E90/E91] Parts (2006-2011)

3-Series [E46] Parts (1999-2006)

3-Series [E36] Parts (1992-1999)

3-Series [E30] Parts (1984-1991)

M3 [F80] Parts (2015-Present)

M3 [E92] Parts (2007-2013)

M3 [E90] Parts (2007-2013)

M3 [E46] Parts (2001-2006)

M3 [E36] Parts (1995-1999)

M3 [E30] Parts (1987-1991)




4-Series [F32/F33/F36 LCI] Parts (2018-Present)

4-Series [F32/F33/F36 Pre-LCI] Parts (2014-2017)

M4 [F82/F83] Parts (2015-Present)


5-Series [G30] Parts (2017-Present)

5-Series [F10] Parts (2010-2016)


5-Series [E60] Parts (2003-2010)


5-Series [E39] Parts (1995-2003)

5-Series [E34] Parts (1988-1994)

M5 [F90] Parts (2018-Present)

M5 [F10] Parts (2011-2017)

M5 [E60] Parts (2005-2010)

M5 [E39] Parts (1998-2003)




6-Series [F06/F12/F13] Parts (2011-Present)

6-Series [E63/E64] Parts (2003-2010)

M6 [F06/F12/F13] Parts (2012-Present)

M6 [E63/E64] Parts (2005-2010)


7-Series [G11] Parts (2016-Present)

7-Series [F01] Parts (2008-2015)


7-Series [E65] Parts (2002-2008)


7-Series [E38] Parts (1994-2001)

8-Series [G14] Parts (2018-Present)

8-Series [E31] Parts (1989-1999)




i8 [i12] Parts (2014-Present)

i3 [i01] Parts (2014-Present)

X1 [F48] Parts (2016-Present)

X1 [E84] Parts (2013-2015)

X3 [G01] Parts (2018-Present)

X3 [F25] Parts (2010-2017)

X3 [E83] Parts (2004-2009)

X4 [F26] Parts (2014-Present)

X5 [F15] Parts (2014-Present)

X5 [E70] Parts (2007-2013)

X5 [E53] Parts (2000-2006)

X6 [F16] Parts (2015-Present)

X6 [E71] Parts (2008-2014)


X5M [F85] Parts (2015-Present)

X5M [E70] Parts (2009-2013)

X6M [F86] Parts (2015-Present)

X6M [E71] Parts (2009-2014)

Z4 [G29] Parts (2019-Present)

Z4 [E89] Parts (2009-2018)

Z4 [E85/E86] Parts (2003-2008)

Z3 [E36/7/8] Parts (1996-2002)

Z8 [E52] Parts (2000-2004)




Z4M [E85/E86] Parts (2006-2008)

Z3M [E36/7/8] Parts (1997-2002)

Suspension Information

What suspension brands does modbargains offer?

Wondering where to buy Bilstein Shocks? Can't find the H&R Suspension Sport Springs you want? We offer the finest brands in handling performance including H&R Suspension, CKS Suspension, Cusco, Eibach, Koni Suspension, KW Suspension, Rogue Engineering and more, and have a full line of upgrades including sway bars, chassis bracing and other specialty parts unique to the suspension of your vehicle. We have a full line of products from each manufacturer, from Bilstein PSS10s to KW Street Comfort coilovers. Our Modification Experts have the knowledge and talent to set you up with the best suspension for you - if you just want to lower the car or make more serious alterations to the handling characteristics of your vehicle, we can recommend the best options for you.

What are BMW Coilover Suspension Systems?

A coilover, or Coil-Spring-Over-Strut is a shock absorber with a coil spring surrounding the shock, which are assembled as a unit before they're installed in a vehicle, as opposed to on many vehicles where the spring and strut are separate. Most aftermarket coilovers are adjustable and are adjusted using a threaded spring perch to adjustably lower ride height, and typically have knobs to adjust damping, also called "stiffness".

Coilovers typically allow the greatest drop in ride height and are the best solution if "maximum handling performance" is the goal of your build. While they are typically more expensive than lowering springs, this is not to say that coilovers are not just for track racing - they have excellent street and stance applications as well. There are two types of coilover - a full coilover and slip-on coilovers. Full-coilovers are matched up with a shock from the factory, whereas slip on coilovers are really just adjustable coil springs. Not all coilover brands are created equal - be wary of lesser devices from no-name manufacturers as they may not perform or ride as well as a quality coilover.

What are Lowering Springs and Sport Springs? What's the difference?

A Spring is a mechanical device used to store energy, and then release it to ease shock, or to keep a specific distance between wheels and surface of road. It is part of the suspension system. Lowering springs, as the name implies, were created for the express purpose of lowering the ride height of your vehicle by a set amount, typically with retaining some degree of comfort in mind but these springs put aesthetics first. Lowering springs replace your OEM springs to lower your BMW's ride height.
Sport Springs, on the other hand, while they usually lower your vehicle, they are typically more conservative than lowering springs in the amount of drop and aim to improve handling more than aesthetics, often with a different spring rate than OEM to change the vehicle's ride and handling characteristics. Sport Springs are ideal when you want to improve handling without resorting to a more expensive coilover setup. Sport Springs or Lowering Springs should be paired with a lowering shock that can compensate for the reduction in ride height to best retain ride quality.

what is a ssr wheels 1 piece 2 piece 3 piece,modbargains, how is a ssr wheel created
What is Air Bag Suspension / Air Suspension?

Air Suspension is a type of suspension that is powered by an air pump or compressor. The compressor pumps the air into a flexible bellows, which inflates and raises the chassis of your car from the axle. Air Bag suspension is often used in place of conventional springs in super heavy duty applications like trucks and buses, but has become common in automotive use as well.

The primary advantage of air bag suspension is that it's actively adjustable- meaning you could scrape the pavement down the street no problem, then when you see a pothole or speed bump, air up the suspension and glide over it. This allows for much lower stationary ride height (ideal for shows) or for daily driver use of an extremely-low car. Many modern systems even incorporate a computer that controls the ride for both improved handling and ride quality. Additionally, airbag suspension has the added benefit of an extremely smooth ride, as you are literally riding on a cushion of air.

what is a ssr wheels 1 piece 2 piece 3 piece,modbargains, how is a ssr wheel created

For further questions or details about BMW Suspension Parts please feel free to Call/Email.

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