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Our coding service is $150 flat rate and includes everything on our coding list! The session also includes complimentary fault code reading and diagnostics of all control units in the car, so we also check to see if there are any hidden existing issues and asses the vehicle's health. The session will take roughly an hour to complete.

Please note this is not a complete list and other options may be available upon request. Coding may not be compatible for vehicles 2007 and earlier model cars. However, we can still check for compatibility so long as you’re willing to drive down to our location for testing.

Below are some of the most popular coding features for the BMW E9X 3 series, E8X 1 series , E6X 5/6 series. More vehicles may be compatible. Please contact [email protected] for more details and information.

Front fog lights and high beams not simultaneously (active or not active)

Front fog lights are automatically turned off when activating high beams

Turn off interior lighting after 2 minutes

Interior lighting is automatically turned off after two minutes

Soft turn on/off for interior lighting Interior

lighting is softly turned on and off

Hazard lights & crash lights (USA Single Blink / Euro style double blink)

Hazard lights blink once or twice

One-touch turn signal function

Number of turn signals when tapping the turn signal (1,3,5)

Angel eyes brightness

Keep the angel eyes at full brightness with headlights on (removes the dimming)

Angel Eyes warning

Warning for malfunction of angel eyes in the on board computer

Corner Delete Mod

Suppress the amber LED corner lights (and side markers)

Turn signals warning

Warning for malfunction of turn signals in on the board computer.

Braking lights warning

Warning for malfunction of braking lights in the on board computer

Seat belt warning, Seat belt reminder driver/passenger

Various settings for the seat belt warning.

Convertible Top Open/Close –Open or close the top and windows via the Key Fob

Speed limit for closing/opening the roof while driving

Digital speedometer

Digital speedometer is displayed in dashboard

Digital speedometer correction

Corrected speed is displayed in dashboard Inactive: true speed is displayed in dashboard

Comfort start/eject

Ignition key just has to be tapped once to start the engine after ignition is turned on Turn off the ignition with a long press on the start/stop button in order to eject the ignition key

Key Fob Window Up/Fold

Roll windows up or down with Key Fob or Comfort Access Fold Mirrors with Key fob locking or Comfort Access, Automatically retract mirrors when unlocking the car (for

those that have auto folding mirrors)

Tilt mirror in reverse (for those with autofolding mirror functions)

Passenger mirror is tilted when switching into reverse gear. To activate this function activate "Mirror tilt", aswell.

Comfort folding/unfolding for sideview mirrors

When holding the lock/unlock button on the remote the sideview mirrors automatically fold/unfold.

Comfort closing delay (mirrors 0.0s, 0.5s, 1.5s)

General delay for comfort closing. If "0.0s" is set, mirrors fold immediately when car is locked

Power windows after ignition off

Power windows are active for another minute after ignition is turned off

Power windows after ignition off duration: (1min, 2 min, 5min, 10min, 15min)

Duration in minutes, for which power windows are active after turning off the ignition

Window Finish

Allow windows to continue roll up or down with door interruption (opening of door)

Easy entry

Press the unlock button once to unlock all doors. Press it again to lower the driver side window

Selective central locking

Unlocking the car once only unlocks the driver"s door. Unlocking it again unlocks the other doors, too

Selective central locking - unlock fuel lid

The fuel lid is also unlocked upon the first unlock, when "Selective central locking" is active.

Automatically lock vehicle duration

Duration in minutes until doors are locked after car was unlocked but no windows or doors have been opened.  (1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min)

Lock vehicle at x kph

Automatically lock the vehicle at the set threshold speed when key FOB 1 is used. Automatically lock the vehicle at the set threshold speed when key FOB 2 is used.

Threshold speed for vehicle locking

Sets the speed at which the vehicle automatically locks all doors. For models other than E46 values 1 to 6 mean the following: 1 mph, 4 mph, 8 mph, 11 mph, 15 mph, 19 mph. To activate this function you need to activate "Lock vehicle at x kph" for the according keys

Lock vehicle upon ignition

Doors are automatically unlocked, when ignition key is ejected. Only works if "Lock vehicle at x kph Key 1-4" is activated

Interior lights with remote

Pressing the lock button on the remote, when the car is already locked, turns on the interior lights

Panic mode remote (for those with BMW Alarm System)

Press and hold the "unlock trunk" button to trigger the alarm

Arm/Disarm Anti-Theft Alarm System (for those with BMW Alarm System)

Anti-theft alarm system is armed/disarmed by locking/unlocking the car (1) with the locks and the remote or (2) only by locking/unlocking the car with the remote

Unlock rear window

Key unlocks rear window instead of trunk lid in touring models

Unlock rear window with outside trunk lid button

Outside trunk lid button opens rear window instead of trunk lid in touring models

Unlock rear window with footwell switch

Footwell switch opens rear window instead of trunk lid in touring models

Save circulation settings

Circulation settings are saved for next start of the vehicle

Start/Stop-Automatic memory

Setting for Start/Start-Automatic is saved for the next start.

Threshold for low range warning

Threshold for acoustic low range warning due to low fuel level - (12mi or 31mi)

Threshold for tank reserve warning

Threshold for tank reserve warning due to low fuel level - (1.7gal, 2.11gal, 2.64gal, 3.30gal, 5.28gal)

Seatbelt Hand-Over (driver & passenger)

Automatic seatbelt hand-over is active/inactive

BMW Battery Registration

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