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A wide variety of BMW Brake upgrades are available to improve or renew the stopping power of your BMW. From simply upgrading the material of the brake pads to replacing the rotors with drilled/slotted ones to outright replacing them with a Big Brake kit that features larger rotors and beefier calipers for maximum stopping power. BMW Brake Pads Replacement costs can be high, so upgrading your brakes rather than replacing stock components is an excellent idea.
BMW brakes for E92/93 3 Series & M3 E92/93 BMW Parts (2007+ 3 Series & M3 Coupe/Cabrio) BMW brakes for E90/91 3 Series & M3 E90/91 BMW Parts (2006-2011 3 Series & M3 Sedan/Wagon) BMW brakes for E46 3 Series & M3 E46 BMW Parts (1999-2006 3 Series & M3) BMW brakes for E82/E87/E88 1 Series Coupe E82/E87/E88 BMW Parts (2008+ 1 Series Coupe/Cabrio/Hatchback)
BMW brakes for F30 3 Series BMW F30 Parts (2012+ 3 Series) BMW brakes for F07/F10/F11 5 Series Sedan F07/F10/F11 BMW Parts (2010+ 5 Series Sedan/Gran Turismo) BMW brakes for E60 5 Series & M5 E60 BMW Parts (2004-2010 5 Series & M5) BMW brakes for F12/F13 6 Series & M6 BMW F12/F13 Parts (2011+ 6 Series & M6)
BMW brakes for E89 Z4 E89 BMW Parts (2010+ Z4) BMW brakes for E63 6 Series & M6 E63 BMW Parts (2004-2010 6 Series & M6) BMW brakes for E70 X5 BMW E70 Parts (2007+ X5) BMW brakes for E71 X6 BMW E71 Parts (2008+ X6)
BMW brakes for E39 5 Series & M5 E39 BMW Parts (1997-2003 5 Series & M5) BMW brakes for E36 5 Series & M3 BMW E36 Parts (1992-1999 3 Series & M3) BMW brakes for E85 Z4 BMW E85 Parts (2004-2008 Z4 & Z4 M) BMW brakes for E53 X5 BMW E53 Parts (2000-2006 X5)
BMW brakes for E36/7 Z3 BMW E36/7 & E36/8 Parts (1996-2003 Z3) BMW brakes for F01 7 Series BMW F01 Parts (2009+ 7 Series) BMW brakes for E83 X3 BMW E83 Parts (2003+ X3) BMW brakes for E84 X1 BMW E84 Parts (2011+ X1)
BMW brakes for E38 7 Series BMW E38 Parts (1995-2001 7 Series) BMW brakes for E30 3 Series BMW E30 Parts (1984-1991 3 Series) BMW brakes for E65/E66/E67 7 Series BMW E65/E66/E67 Parts (2002-2008 7 Series) BMW brakes for E34 5 Series BMW E34 Parts (1989-1995 5 Series)
BMW brakes for E52 Z8 BMW E52 Parts (2000-2004 Z8) BMW brakes for E31 8 Series BMW E31 Parts 8 Series BMW brakes for F32 4 Series Coupe BMW F32 Parts (2013+ BMW 4 Series Coupe)  

Popular BMW Brake Brands:

Brembo Brakes
R1 Concepts Brake Parts  

What types of brake upgrades are there for BMW?

There are several types of brake upgrades available, depending on your application, driving style and what you intend to use them for (for instance, street and track use have very different characteristics). You don't want cheap Pep Boys Brake Pads on your BMW hurting the stopping performance of your BMW - you want to be able to stop on a dime, so using quality parts when replacing or upgrading your brakes is absolutely critical, and cheap pads and rotors just won't do.

Can modbargains Service The Brakes of my BMW?

Yes, we can! If you're local to Southern California, we're located in La Habra - just make an appointment and our highly skilled technicians can service your brakes for you. If you're looking for how much to fix brakes, you'll need a quote for your specific vehicle, as costs vary by model. Our trained technicians are a far cry from the amateurs you'll find at your average Walmart Brake Service and actually can service your brakes CORRECTLY, can perform BMW Brake Fluid services and more. While you won't see us mailing brake job coupons, we offer discount brakes and rotors with genuine BMW parts cheap as is possible and will do it right the first time. Your brakes are what keeps your car from smashing into the car ahead of you, so why would you trust such a critical system to anyone but the best? Call (714) 582-3330 today or chat online to get a Brake Repair Cost Estimate today. Our highly skilled technicians have the skills necessary to properly install your OEM brakes as well as installing upgraded components - try that at the local Midas Brakes.

What will upgraded pads and rotors do for my BMW?

You can enhance the stopping power of your car without completely changing the design of your brakes by improving the brake pad material (ceramic versus semi metallic, full metallic...etc), which increases the grip that the brake pads have on the surface of the rotor, thereby shortening your stopping distance - this an upgrade you can perform for just the cost of brakes and rotors. You may be wondering what front rotors and brake pads cost - often not much more than the OEM components. In addition to changing the pads for better-than-stock ones, you can enhance the cooling characteristics of the brake rotor by installing rotors made of a different material or installing cross-drilled, slotted or vented brake rotors. Slotted, drilled and vented rotors are quite popular and you can even read Power Slot Rotors Reviews on our site and we even offer Brake Rotors made in USA to ensure you have the finest quality products. The enhanced cooling capabilities of cross-drilling or venting allows the brake rotor to dissipate heat more quickly, which helps prevent "brake fade" under extreme braking conditions for a longer period of time. These are a great way to improve your stopping power on a tighter budget.

What do stainless steel braided brake lines do, and why would my BMW need them?

Often, automotive brake lines are produced in rubber. Rubber, even at its firmest, is still subject to expansion. Under the extreme hydraulic pressures seen by your brake system, the hoses can expand and thereby diminish your stopping power. These are especially useful when paired with upgraded OE-type components and even more effective when used with a Big Brake Kit. Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines are a "support" upgrade that help you get the most out of your brakes.

What is a Big Brake Kit?

The Big Brake Kit, or "BBK" in enthusiast speak (not to be confused with the brand), is the ultimate upgrade to improve your stopping power. If you want to stop as quickly as possible no matter when or where, this is for you. A Big Brake Kit, as its name implies, typically replaces the OEM brake rotors and brake calipers completely with a larger, more efficient high performance brake rotor and a stronger, high performance brake caliper, often with 4-or-more pistons per caliper. The Brake Caliper Price will vary depending on the style of caliper and number of pistons. The Big Brake kit creates more surface area that's usable for braking. With more pad and more rotor surface available, more grip is achieved when trying to stop, and superior materials and cooling properties mean that brake fade will be prevented for a long period of time. Big Brake Kits are available in several "classes" of performance, ranging from kits designed for street use that can stop well in any condition to racing-only varieties that perform at their best when they're at the extreme temperatures of racing. Our experienced Modification Experts can help you select the best possible upgrade for your application and intended use.

Why does the type of brake fluid I use matter?

The type of fluid you use - and how old that fluid is - has a significant impact in your stopping power. Old brake fluid can trap water, which can boil under braking and create dangerous brake fade conditions and dirty fluid can clog hydraulic fluid passages. Always use a brake fluid that's rated for use with your vehicle. Upgraded brake fluid can also change the temperature at which the fluid boils, allowing for higher performance braking. If you're upgrading your brakes, replacing your brake fluid with a high performance brake fluid (such as those offered by MOTUL) are a great option for your BMW. Again, modbargains' shop can also perform BMW Brake Fluid services as well.

modbargains offers the finest names in stopping power, including Brembo, StopTech and AP Racing. Our experienced experts can help you determine what level of brake upgrade best suits your needs, whether you're a daily driver that sees occasional track day use or a full-tilt race car, we'll help you make the best decision.


Call 714-582-3330 Today to upgrade your BMW Brakes!

BMW Brakes available at modbargains.com. Expertise at its best
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