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BMR Drag Racing Pack Stage I for 2007-14 Ford Mustang GT500


Quick Overview

A step above BMR's Stage I Package, this package increases the traction of your S197 Mustang.

Sku # : BMR-07-14-Mustang-GT500-LV1-Drag-Pkg-ng
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BMR Suspension Upgrades available at ModBargains.com!
BMR Drag Racing Pack Stage I for 2007-14 Ford Mustang + GT500

BMR's Stage I Drag Racing Package is one of the best ways to get the rear end of your Mustang to hook up properly.

Fits V6 & V8 models and GT500.

Package Includes:
  • Bolt-On Control Arm Relocation Brackets

  • Boxed Lower Control Arms (non-adjustable)

  • Upper Control Arm Mount

  • Upper Control Arms (DOM, adjustable)

  • QA1 Stocker Star Adjustable Rear Shocks

  • Differential Bushing Kit



Control Arm Relocation Brackets - Lowering a Mustang changes the rear control arm angles, altering the vehicles "instant center" location. This instant center is the virtual lift point of the suspension and is responsible for initiating weight transfer upon acceleration. Relocating the control arm mounts on the rearend re-gains and improves upon the original geometry. 

Launching harder, reducing wheel hop, and adding cornering consistency to your 2005-2014 Mustang is easy with lower control arms from BMR Suspension. Stock stamped steel control arms with soft rubber bushings deflect under load and absorb power instead of transferring it to the tires. BMR’s polyurethane, non-adjustable tubular control arms for S197 Mustangs (TCA019) are TIG-welded using heavy-duty 1x2-inch boxed steel tubing. This design gives you a strong control arm that greatly improves performance. Greasable, 95-durometer bushings add a solid, more responsive feel over the stock rubber bushings. BMR’s bushings are internally fluted, which allows grease to evenly coat the inner sleeve. These flutes also direct grease to the outer edge of the bushing, keeping the thrust surface lubricated. This efficient lubrication ensures quiet, reliable operation over the life of the bushings.

BMR's upper control arm mount is a direct replacement for the OE piece and requires no drilling or welding to install. The last generation Fox body Mustangs had upper control arm mounts incorporated into the frame. They also had two upper control arms sharing the load but drag racers were continually ripping the mounts off of the frame when racing. The solution for those cars was to weld reinforcement plates onto the frame. This new Mustang platform only has one upper control arm and the mount is only bolted into place. BMR's upper mount is made from heavy duty 1/4" plate and can be either bolted or welded into place. Additionally it has dual control arm mounting points for changing instant center.

The single upper control arm is responsible for maintaining pinion angle and preventing axle counter-rotation. This "3 link" style suspension is ideal for autocross and road race applications as it allows the most articulation possible with a solid axle. For drag racing, however, the single, centered link becomes a weak point as the arm is only one inch thick in the middle and made from light gauge, stamped steel. BMR's upper control arm is made from 1 5/8" .120 wall DOM tube and is TIG welded.

The Stocker Star Adjustable Shocks feature easy bolt-in installation in the stock mounting locations.

The Deflective Disc Valving Technology gives these shocks increased valving response, control and consistency. Gone are the days of removing the shock to adjust valving because you can adjust the Stocker Stars with just the turn of a knob while they are mounted on the car.

A 5/8' centerless ground, hard chrome piston provides increased durability and eliminates piston rod flex. The machined, forged aluminum body is lightweight and stronger than billet. The body is bright anodized for unmatched durability, ease of maintenance and show winning appearance. The Stocker Stars also feature a three step sealing system that uses aerospace material and an exclusively engineered double lip seal with wiper to eliminate seal drag and dirt intrusion.

Each shock is 100% dyno tested and serialized to assure consistency in production and performance. The bushing material is exclusive to QA1 shocks and all mounting hardware is either zinc or chrome plated for durability and professional appearance. They also use an exclusive nylon race bearing for smooth, bind-free operation.

3 link suspensions place excessive loads on the upper link bushings. In the '05, two bushings are responsible for handling the same torque load that 4 bushings had done before. Additionally, these bushings are subjected to more "twist" than before since the rear end can better articulate as a 3 link design. In order to allow free articulation, the OE rearend bushing is designed to flex. This flex is great for handling but under straight line acceleration, it contributes to wheelhop and inconsistant launch characteristics.

Energy Suspension offers a no-compronise solution with it's dual durometer 5 piece polyurethane replacement bushing. By designing the bushing as a multi-piece unit, it allowed them to keep the inside portion stiff for great straightline acceleration load and the outside portions soft for bind-free handling.

When performance and looks are a must, rely on BMR Suspension! All of the great upgrades included in this package are proudly made in the U.S.A.

This BMR Suspension upgrade package is available in your choice of red powdercoat or black hammertone finish.

Interested in ordering some BMR Suspension Upgrades for your Mustang?  Call ModBargains at 714-582-3330 to make an order today!

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