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BC Racing Wheels

Get BC Racing Wheels at ModBargains.com
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BC Racing Wheels

BC Racing Wheels is completely dedicated to gaining your satisfaction. Sure, a lot of companies have that same goal in mind, but BC Racing Wheels are completely proven to ensure you the quality and value you need when you're in extreme driving situations. Their wheels have shown up at races in the Pro Am and Formula Drift series and are even featured in both seasons of the Say Howdy Get Rowdy racing episodes which follow some of their drift drivers.

BC Racing has the racing pedigree to prove that their products really are an authority in the driving world. Whether you are just cruising around in your daily driver and want a sweet set of rims that will turn heads or you're shredding through corners and straights at the track, BC Racing Wheels are definitely an all around great product for just about anyone looking to buy the best in the business.

Get BC Racing Wheels at ModBargains.com

Fully Forged

All BC Racing Wheels are either monoblock or two piece fully forged rims. At its simplest, this means that you're going to get one of the strongest and lightest wheels in the market. Regardless of what model or style wheels you end up ordering, they will all go through a precise and high quality CNC process out of a block of T6061 aluminum (see video below). This material is extremely strong and can withstand very large forces that are experienced in racing environments.

This strength advantage allows BC Racing Wheels to create a wider variety of designs since the metal can be cut thinner and still retain the racing quality that they expect out of their wheels. So not only do you get the performance advantages from BC Racing Wheels, you get race proven technology along with the awe inspiring look that you've always wanted.

Interested in picking up some new BC Racing Wheels to deck out your car? Give ModBargains a call at 714.582.3330

Why Are Light Wheels So Important?

Unlike what most people think, lighter wheels, like BC Racing Wheels, aren't great just for weight advantage. Think about it. Your wheels, rotors and tires are basically the only rotating weight that contributes to the part of the car that makes contact with the road. They are considered to be the rotating mass of your car. Your motor goes through stress to rotate stock wheels which can be heavy and not as rigid as BC Racing Wheels. This sacrifices power going to the ground and the grip that you get on the road.

With BC Racing Wheels, you can get around a 20% decrease in rotating mass depending on wheel size and other custom specifications. This means a lot of things. Your motor undergoes less stress when accelerating and decelerating, your brakes will become more effective, and you will get an overall higher amount of torque and horsepower going to the wheels. With BC Racing Wheels, there are absolutely no compromises. You get the best of everything: low weight, high strength, better performance, a cutting edge product and durability you can trust.

BC Racing Wheels RS Series BC Racing Wheels RT Series BC Racing Wheels BS Series BC Racing Wheels FJ Series BC Racing Wheels HB Series BC Racing Wheels HB-R Series BC Racing Wheels HB-S Series BC Racing Wheels HC Series
RS Series RT Series BS Series FJ Series HB Series HB-R Series HB-S Series HC Series
    BC Racing Wheels RA Series BC Racing Wheels SN Series BC Racing Wheels SR Series BC Racing Wheels TM Series    
    RA Series SN Series SR Series TM Series    

Color Options

BC Racing Wheels
offers a huge variety of finishes and color combinations to get that perfect look that you've always envisioned. Here at ModBargains, our product experts will make sure that you get the exact fitment and finish that you want.

BC Racing Wheels Color Options

Interested in picking up some new BC Racing Wheels to deck out your car? Give ModBargains a call at 714.582.3330

A Price You Can't Deny

A lot of other wheel companies may offer the same features and benefits as BC Racing Wheels, but the difference is that those companies offer their products at terribly high prices. When you buy from BC Racing Wheels, you know that you're getting the best value for your hard earned money. If you compare to other wheels that are fully forged, BC really does smash the competition. Some other wheels can cost up to 2x as much even without all of the custom options that you can achieve with BC Racing Wheels. Their CNC process and timely quality inspections alone bring huge value to these wheels.

So if you're looking to maximize the looks, performance and quality of your ride, get yourself a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels from ModBargains! We have great shipping rates and fast delivery times, and if you have any questions about fitment or anything else, just give us a call at 714-582-3330.

Get BC Racing Wheels at ModBargains.com

Why Choose ModBargains?

your BC Racing Wheels from ModBargains is an excellent decision. Our product experts will ensure that you order the right fitment and wheel for your car and answer any questions that you may have with ease. We also offer the best customer service in the business, and our delivery times for wheels are quick and easy for your convenience and happiness. We offer great prices on BC Racing Wheels. If you're looking to completely deck out your ride with a new look that's light and strong, grab a set of BC Racing Wheels at ModBargains!

ModBargains is now stocking BC Racing Wheels!

Interested in picking up some new BC Racing Wheels to deck out your car? Give ModBargains a call at 714.582.3330

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