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BC Racing Wheels RS 43

Quick Overview

ModBargains.com provides Subaru Impreza WRX BC Racing RS 43 Wheels for all models. Call to speak to one of our Modification Experts @ 714-582-3330 today!

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BC Forged RS43 Monoblock Wheels

Sku # : BC-Racing-Wheels-RS-43-Subaru-WRX-BM
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BC Racing Wheels RS 43

The BC Racing Wheels RS 43 is innovation at its finest.  BC Racing Wheels pride themselves in being one of the lightest and strongest wheels in the business.  And all of this high quality comes from their past.  Ever since BC got into the wheel arena they constantly tested and improved their products until they got a result that was better than they expected.  The RS 43's sleek and sporty 12 spoke design is amazing in person. 

And what's great is that with BC Racing Wheels you are never compromising looks for performance. They aren't called RACING wheels for nothing.  They are actually tested out on the track on their sponsored circuit and drift cars.  Speaking of drifting, which is the motorsport that BC specializes in, it is one of the most demanding environments for wheels.  Car to car contact is constantly being made when the cars are sliding across the pavement side by side.  And the drift car's wheels have to be able to handle tons of horsepower as well as sideways forces in order to get them into that winner's spot.

So BC Racing Wheels really do live up to their name in every area.  They are strong, durable, light, look absolutely amazing, and can be made to fit your ride perfectly.  The possibilities and applications of the BC Racing Wheels RS 43's are just about endless.  Whether you're putting them on a daily driver or a full on race car, BC Racing Wheels will outperform the task at hand.  They can handle just about anything!  So if you're looking to grab a set of RS 43's for a great price, please talk to one of ModBargains' product experts to get the fitment and finish that you want.  We'd be happy to help you at our phone number: 714-582-3330.

Get BC Racing Wheels RS 43's at ModBargains!


  • HUGE weight reduction

  • Fully forged, super strong

  • Perfect fitment

  • Guaranteed caliper clearance

  • Get the aggressive stance you want

  • Endless colors and custom options

  • Great quality for a better price

  • Built to last

  • Production time of 3-5 weeks!


BC Racing Wheels RS 43 White

Race Proven Inspection

Their secret is a timely manufacturing inspection that takes place on every BC Racing Wheels design before it goes into production.  They stress test their wheels and other parts both in their factory and out on the race track to make sure that the customer will be pleased with every aspect of their newest creations.  This hard working characteristic of BC Racing Wheels has definitely led them to be one of the most innovative and trustworthy names in racing parts.


If you're interested in getting a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels RS 43's, then please give us a call at 714-582-3330

Why Fully Forged?

Fully forged wheels aren't just built for lightness.  They are pretty much bulletproof.  With BC Racing Wheels' aluminum materials, you are guaranteed the look you want without sacrificing the strength and lightness of a genuine racing wheel.  And with a lighter wheel, you'll have much less unsprung weight, therefore contributing more horsepower to the ground.  In other words, you're going to get one heck of a rush from the new agility and quickness you'll feel from your fully forged wheels!

Color Options

The BC Racing Wheels RS 43 can come in just about any color or finish that your mind can imagine.  The limitless customization you can apply to BC's wheels is what gives you car that unique look that distinguishes it from the rest.  And with the help of one of our ModBargains product specialists you can order your dream wheel fitment and style in a matter of minutes.  So if you're ready to grab a new set of BC Racing Wheels RS 43's, give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330.

BC Racing Wheels Color Options

If you're interested in getting a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels RS 43's, then please give us a call at 714-582-3330

Why Choose Modbargains?

Buying your BC Racing Wheels from ModBargains is an excellent decision.  Our product experts will ensure that you order the right fitment and wheel for your car and answer any questions that you may have with ease.  We also offer the best customer service in the business, and our delivery times for wheels are quick and easy for your convenience and happiness.  We offer great prices on BC Racing Wheels.  If you're looking to completely deck out your ride with a new look that's light and strong, grab a set of BC Racing Wheels RS 43's at ModBargains!

BC Racing Wheels RS 43's are now at ModBargains!

If you're interested in getting a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels RS 43's, then please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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