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BC Racing Wheels HC 40

Quick Overview

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BC Forged HC040 Modular Wheels

Sku # : BC-Racing-Wheels-HC-40-GG10
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BC Racing Wheels HC 40

The HC series that BC Racing Wheels developed is the best on the market. With limitless creativity, the sophisticated HC 40 adds character to your vehicle with different colors and finishes. The HC 40 utilizes a stepped lip, concave face, and your choice of exposed or no-show hardware. If it can withstand the race track it can definitely handle everyday wear and tear. If you are looking for a wheel that is both strong and can be customizable and make your individuality shine then the HC 40 is your best choice.

No Compromises

BC Racing's main focus during their manufacturing process is having no compromises. Other companies have either aesthetics or performance. But with BC Racing Wheels HC 40's, you get it all, low weight, amazing strength, great quality, durability, and looks that make you differ from the rest.   

If you're interested in getting a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels HC 40's, then please give us a call at 714-582-3330

Get BC Racing Wheels HC 40's at ModBargains!

Attention: Make Sure To Call In for Lip Size And Center Cap Color On Your Order!


  • HUGE weight reduction

  • Fully forged, super strong

  • Perfect fitment

  • Guaranteed caliper clearance

  • Get the aggressive stance you want

  • Endless colors and custom options

  • Great quality for a better price

  • Built to last

  • Production time of 3-5 weeks!


BC Racing Wheels HC 40 Gloss Black(rim) Bronze(disk)

HC 40 Gloss Black (rim) Bronze (disk)

HC 40 White(rim) Bronze(disk)

HC 40 White(rim) Bronze(disk)

Why Fully Forged?

Fully forged wheels aren't just built for lightness.  They are pretty much bulletproof.  With BC Racing Wheels' aluminum materials, you are guaranteed the look you want without sacrificing the strength and lightness of a genuine racing wheel.  And with a lighter wheel, you'll have much less unsprung weight, therefore contributing more horsepower to the ground.  In other words, you're going to get one heck of a rush from the new agility and quickness you'll feel from your fully forged wheels!

Color Options

The BC Racing Wheels HC 40 can come in just about any color or finish that your mind can imagine.  The limitless customization you can apply to BC's wheels is what gives you car that unique look that distinguishes it from the rest.  And with the help of one of our ModBargains product specialists you can order your dream wheel fitment and style in a matter of minutes.  So if you're ready to grab a new set of BC Racing Wheels HC 40's, give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330.

BC Racing Wheels Color Options

If you're interested in getting a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels HC 40's, then please give us a call at 714-582-3330

Manufacturing Process

It all goes back to the way the wheels are made.  They are completely forged with a CNC out of strong aluminum which allows for streamlined and aggressive designs to be made without sacrificing the structural integrity of the wheels.  That is why BC Racing Wheels has such a great reputation.  They have great looking wheels that can actually stand up to racing conditions.  It's proven that they are real racing wheels through all of their sponsored circuit and drift drivers who use the exact same products that will end up on your everyday car.


If you're interested in getting a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels HC 40's, then please give us a call at 714-582-3330

Race Tested

They aren't called BC Racing Wheels for nothing.  All wheels are stress tested in the factory and brought out on the race track by BC's sponsored drift and circuit drivers in order to find weak spots in their designs or implement new ideas in wheel technology.  These wheels really are used on real race cars!  One of BC's Formula Drift teams has a 700+ hp BMW M3, driven by Chelsea DeNofa, equipped with their RA 05 wheels, and they never have to think twice about having problems with their wheels facing up to the stresses of one of the most demanding motorsports on wheels and tires. 

So if you're looking for a wheel that will give you everything you want for your SUV or sports car, you've got to go with the BC Racing Wheels HC 40.  With it's amazing performance aspects and unlimited customization, there is absolutely no way you can go wrong.  So if you're ready to make an order or have any questions about the BC Racing Wheels HC 40's, give ModBargains a call and talk to one of our product experts for info at 714-582-3330.

Why Choose Modbargains?

Buying your BC Racing Wheels from ModBargains is an excellent decision.  Our product experts will ensure that you order the right fitment and wheel for your car and answer any questions that you may have with ease.  We also offer the best customer service in the business, and our delivery times for wheels are quick and easy for your convenience and happiness.  We offer great prices on BC Racing Wheels.  If you're looking to completely deck out your ride with a new look that's light and strong, grab a set of BC Racing Wheels HC 40's at ModBargains!

Get BC Racing Wheels HC 40's at ModBargains!

If you're interested in getting a brand new set of BC Racing Wheels HC 40's, then please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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