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Audi Suspension

With our Audi Suspension System, you will experience excellent safety and pleasure during driving. The Audi suspension systems we provide will make you even more comfortable when driving. Check out great Audi suspension products listed below and get one for your Audi today! Below are some our popular coilovers and spring systems available for your Audi. If you have any questions about our best suspension for your Audi, please feel free to give us a call. Our knowledgeable Modification Experts are waiting to serve you any time!

Have Questions or Orders? Call our Sales Reps now: (714) 582-3330

Audi Suspension is ready for you:

KW Coilovers Audi Suspension for Audi B8 A4/S4 2008+
KW Coilovers Audi B8 A4/S4 2008+
ST Coilover for Audi B8 A4 and S4

ST Coilovers Audi B8 A4/S4
HR Coilover for Audi a5, s5
HR Coilovers Audi A5/S5
KW Coilover for Audi B8 A5/S5 2008+
KW Coilovers Audi B8 A5/S5 2008+
KW Coilover for Audi 8P A3 2wd 2.0T FSI/Quattro 3.2 and S3
KW Coilovers Audi 8P A3 2wd 2.0T FSI/Quattro 3.2 & S3
KW Coilover Variant 3 Clubsports s4,b6,b7
KW Coilovers Variant 3/Clubsports S4 B6/B7
Bilstein PSS9 Coilover for Audi A4
Bilstein PSS9 Coilover Suspension for Audi A4
ST V1 Coilover for Audi a3, 8p
ST V1 Coilovers A3 8P
KW Coilover for Audi a4, b6, b7, 2wd
KW Coilovers Audi A4 B6/B7 2wd
KW Coilover for audi a4, b6, b7 4wd
KW Coilovers Audi A4 B6/B7 4wd
ST Coilovers for Audi a4, b7

ST Coilovers Audi A4 B7

H&R Street Performance Coilovers for Audi A4 B5/B6/B7
H&R Street Performance Coilovers Audi A4 B5/B6/B7

Still have questions? Call our Sales Reps to learn more: (714) 582-3330

What is an Audi Coilover Suspension System:

Suspension connects your Audi and its four wheels. A suspension system has two functions: providing great safety and pleasure while driving, make passengers feel more comfortable and away from street noise, vibrations, etc. On this page, you will find suspension systems especially for Audi models. At Modbargains, we sell many kinds of suspension coilovers for your Audi. Our coilovers can let clients customize their own vehicle height as they want. They can also adjust the damper settings to fine tune the system to customers' specific needs.

Shop Our Audi Springs:

H&R Sport Springs Audi Suspension for Audi B8 A4
H&R Sport Springs Audi B8 A4
KW Adjustable Spring Kit (Audi A4/S4 | A5/S5 | RS5/RS4)
KW Adjustable Spring Kit (Audi A4/S4 | A5/S5 | RS5/RS4)
H&R Sport Springs for Audi b8, a5, s5
H&R Sport Springs Audi B8 A5/S5
KW Coilover for Audi b8 a5 s5 2008+
KW Coilovers Audi B8 A5/S5 2008+
H&R Sport Springs for Audi 8p, a3, s3
H&R Sprot Spings Audi 8P A3/S3
H&R Sport Springs for Audi b7 s4
H&R Sport Springs Audi B7 S4
H&R Sport Springs for B6 S4
H&R Sport Springs Audi B6 S4

What are Springs:

Spring is a mechanical device used to store energy and then release it to ease shock, or to keep a certain force between wheels and surface of road. It is part of suspension system. Springs can also compensate the additional weight when you have cargo in your car. You will find above are springs for Audi we provide for you. Springs can also protect the car and cargo. At Modbargains, we sell many kinds of springs for your Audi. Our spring products can lower your Audi with better handling and reduce body roll for better handling performance.

Shop by Audi Suspension Brands:

Bilstein Coilovers
Bilstein Coilovers

HR Coilovers
HR Coilovers

KW Coilovers
KW Coilovers

STaSIS Coilovers
STaSIS Coilovers

ST Coilovers
ST Coilovers

Videos of Audi Suspensions:

Pictures of Suspension System on Audi Vehicles:

Audi Suspension installed at Modbargains

Ready to Place an Order? Call our helpful Sales Reps: (714) 582-3330

internal image of auid suspension

Audi Suspension with KW Coilovers Installed


Audi Suspensions in stock, ready for fast shipping! Modification Experts ready to assist @ (714) 582-3330

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