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Audi Parts

Audi Parts
We get it. You have Quattro...
Choose your Make & Model Below!
or Select from the Following Audi Models

A3 / S3

A3 / S3 [8V] Parts (2013-Present)

A3 / S3 [8P] Parts (2004-2012)

A3 / S3 [8L] Parts (1996-2003)

RS3 [8V] Parts (2018-Present)


A4 / S4


A4 / S4 [B9] Parts (2016-Present)

A4 / S4 [B8] Parts (2009-2015)

S4 [B7] Parts (2005-2008)

A4 [B7] Parts (2005-2008)

S4 [B6] Parts (2002-2004)

A4 [B6] Parts (2002-2004)

S4 [B5] Parts (1994-2001)

A4 [B5] Parts (1994-2001)

RS4 [B9] Parts (2018-Present)

RS4 [B7] Parts (2007-2008)

A5 / S5

A5 / S5 [B9] Parts (2017-Present)

A5 / S5 [B8] Parts (2008-2016)

RS5 [B9] Parts (2018-Present)

RS5 [B8] Parts (2010-2015)


A6 / S6


A6 / S6 [C7] Parts (2011-Present)

A6 / S6 [C6] Parts (2005-2011)

A6 / S6 [C5] Parts (1998-2004)

RS6 [C6] Parts (2008-2010)

RS6 [C5] Parts (2002-2004)

A7 / S7

A7 / S7 [4G9] Parts (2019-Present)

A7 / S7 [4G8] Parts (2010-2018)

RS7 [4G8] Parts (2013-2018)


A8 / S8

Q5 / SQ5

A8 / S8 [D5] Parts (2018-Present)

A8 / S8 [D4] Parts (2011-2017)

A8 / S8 [D3] Parts (2004-2010)

A8 / S8 [D2] Parts (1997-2003)

Q5 / SQ5 [FY] Parts (2018-Present)

Q5 / SQ5 [8R] Parts (2009-2017)

Q7 / SQ7

Q7 / SQ7 [4M] Parts (2016-Present)

Q7 / SQ7 [4L] Parts (2005-2015)

R8 [FX] Parts (2016-Present)

R8 [FG] Parts (2006-2015)



TT / TT-S [MK3] Parts (2015-Present)

TT / TT-S [MK2] Parts (2007-2014)

TT / TT-S [MK1] Parts (1998-2006)

Audi Parts are our Specialty at ModBargains

Whether you are just starting to modify your car or you are a seasoned mod vet, Modbargains is here to offer the highest quality Audi Parts to enhance your performance & driving experience. Our customer service and vast knowledge of parts are here to help guide you through your decision making in creating a personalized ride. We know that you care very much about your Audi, so our goal is to help you add modifications to maintain a high performance ride.

We carry a wide variety of parts for Audi vehicles: brakes, wheels, diffusers, spoilers, front lips, skirts, headlights, exhausts, and many other performance parts. With manufacturers like KW Suspension, Forgestar, and Remus, you know that you will be purchasing products with a quality build. Modifying with our Audi Parts will give your car a one of a kind look, and will definitely catch the eyes of other drivers on the road. Keep clicking to check out more of what Modbargains has to offer.

Have any questions? Looking for a specific part? Please feel free to call our Modification Experts at (714) 582-3330.

8V A3/S3 (2013+)
8V A3/S3 Brakes 8V A3/S3 Exhaust 8V A3/S3 Exterior 8V A3/S3 Suspension 8V A3/S3 Intakes 8V A3/S3 Interior 8V A3/S3 Lighting 8V A3/S3 Performance 8V A3/S3 Wheels

8V RS3 (2018+)
8V RS3 Brakes 8V RS3 Exhaust 8V RS3 Exterior 8V RS3 Suspension 8V RS3 Intakes 8V RS3 Interior 8V RS3 Lighting 8V RS3 Performance 8V RS3 Wheels

8P A3/S3 (2003-2012)
8P A3 Brakes 8P A3 Exhaust 8P A3 Exterior 8P A3 Intake 8P A3 Interior 8P A3 Lighting 8P A3 Performance 8P A3 Air Suspension 8P A3 Suspension 8P A3 Wheels

8L A3/S3 (1996-2003)
8L A3 Brakes 8L A3 Exhaust 8L A3 Intake 8L A3 Performance 8L A3 Lighting 8L A3 Wheels

B9 A4/S4 (2016+)
B9 A4/S4 Wheels B9 A4/S4 Suspension B9 A4/S4 Intakes B9 A4/S4 Exhaust B9 A4/S4 Exterior B9 A4/S4 Interior

B9 RS4 (2018+)
B9 RS4 Intake

B8 / B8.5 A4/S4 (2009+)
B8 A4/S4 Brakes B8 A4/S4 Exhaust B8 A4/S4 Exterior B8 A4/S4 Air Suspension B8 A4/S4 Suspension B8 A4/S4 Intakes B8 A4/S4 Interior B8 A4/S4 Lighting B8 A4/S4 Performance B8 A4/S4 Wheels

B7 A4 (2005.5-2008)
B7 A4 Brakes B7 A4 Differential B7 A4 Exhaust B7 A4 Exterior B7 A4 Intake B7 A4 Interior B7 A4 Lighting B7 A4 Performance B7 A4 Air Suspension B7 A4 Suspension B7 A4 Wheels

B7 S4 (2005.5-2008)
B7 S4 Brakes B7 S4 Exhaust B7 S4 Exterior B7 S4 Intake B7 S4 Interior B7 S4 Lighting B7 S4 Performance B7 S4 Air Suspension B7 S4 Suspension B7 S4 Wheels

B7 RS4 (2006-2007)
B7 RS4 Brakes B7 RS4 Exhaust B7 RS4 Air Suspension B7 RS4 Suspension B7 RS4 Interior B7 RS4 Lighting B7 RS4 Performance B7 RS4 Wheels B7 RS4 Intake

B6 A4 (2002-2005)
B6 A4 Brakes B6 A4 Differential B6 A4 Exhaust B6 A4 Exterior B6 A4 Intake B6 A4 Interior B6 A4 Lighting B6 A4 Performance B6 A4 Air Suspension B6 A4 Suspension B6 A4 Wheels

B6 S4 (2003-2005)
B6 S4 Brakes B6 S4 Exhaust B6 S4 Exterior B6 S4 Intake B6 S4 Interior B6 S4 Lighting B6 S4 Performance B6 S4 Air Suspension B6 S4 Suspension B6 S4 Wheels

B5 A4 (1996-2001)
B5 A4 Brakes B5 A4 Exhaust B5 A4 Exterior B5 A4 Intake B5 A4 Interior B5 A4 Lighting B5 A4 Performance B5 A4 Suspension B5 A4 Wheels

B5 S4/RS4 (2000-2002)
B5 S4 Brakes B5 S4 Exhaust B5 S4 Exterior B5 S4 Interior B5 S4 Lighting B5 S4 Performance B5 S4 Suspension B5 S4 Wheels

B9 A5/S5 (2017+)
B9 A5/S5 Wheels B9 A5/S5 Suspension B9 A5/S5 Intakes B9 A5/S5 Exhaust B9 A5/S5 Performance B9 A5/S5 Interior

B9 RS5 (2018+)
B9 RS5 Suspension B9 RS5 Exhaust B9 RS5 Intake B9 RS5 Wheels

B8 / B8.5 A5/S5 (2008+)
B8 A5/S5 Brakes B8 A5/S5 Exhaust B8 A5/S5 Exterior B8 A5/S5 Intake B8 A5/S5 Lighting B8 A5/S5 Performance B8 A5/S5 Air Suspension B8 A5/S5 Suspension B8 A5/S5 Wheels B8 A5/S5 Interior

B8 RS5 (2010+)
B8 RS5 Brakes B8 RS5 Exhaust B8 RS5 Intake B8 RS5 Air Suspension B8 RS5 Suspension B8 RS5 Interior B8 RS5 Lighting B8 RS5 Performance B8 RS5 Wheels B8 RS5 Exterior

C7 A6/S6 (2011+)
C7 A6 Brakes C7 A6 Exhaust C7 A6 Exterior C7 A6 Intake C7 A6 Interior C7 A6 Lighting C7 A6 Performance C7 A6 Suspension C7 A6 Wheels

C6 A6/S6 (2005-2011)
C6 A6 Brakes C6 A6 Exhaust C6 A6 Exterior C6 A6 Lighting C6 A6 Performance C6 A6 Air Suspension C6 A6 Suspension C6 A6 Wheels

C5 A6/S6 (1998-2004)
C5 A6 Brakes C5 A6 Exhaust C5 A6 Exterior C5 A6 Intake C5 A6 Interior C5 A6 Lighting C5 A6 Performance C5 A6 Suspension C5 A6 Wheels

C5 RS6 (2003)
C5 RS6 Brakes C5 RS6 Exhaust C5 RS6 Exterior C5 RS6 Lighting C5 RS6 Performance C5 RS6 Suspension C5 RS6 Wheels

4G9 A7 (2019+)

4G8 A7 (2010-2018)
A7 C7 Brakes A7 C7 Exhaust A7 C7 Suspension A7 C7 Intakes A7 C7 Interior A7 C7 Lighting A7 C7 Performance A7 C7 Wheels A7 C7 Exterior

4G8 RS7 (2013-2018)
4G8 RS7 Brakes 4G8 RS7 Drivetrain 4G8 RS7 Exhaust 4G8 RS7 Exterior 4G8 RS7 Intake 4G8 RS7 Interior 4G8 RS7 Lighting 4G8 RS7 Performance 4G8 RS7 Suspension 4G8 RS7 Wheels

D4 A8/S8 (2010+)
D4 A8 Brakes D4 A8 Exhaust D4 A8 Exterior D4 A8 Intake D4 A8 Interior D4 A8 Lighting D4 A8 Performance D4 A8 Suspension D4 A8 Wheels

D3 A8/S8 (2004-2009)
D3 A8 Brakes D3 A8 Exhaust D3 A8 Exterior D3 A8 Interior D3 A8 Lighting D3 A8 Performance D3 A8 Wheels D3 A8 Suspension

D2 A8/S8 (1994-2003)
D2 A8 Brakes D2 A8 Exhaust D2 A8 Lighting D2 A8 Performance D2 A8 Suspension D2 A8 Wheels

FG R8 (2008-2015)
R8 Brakes R8 Interior R8 Performance R8 Suspension R8 Wheels R8 Exhaust R8 Lighting

FX R8 2016+
R8 Exterior

Mk3 TT (2014+)
Mk3 TT Intakes Mk3 TT Performance Mk3 TT Suspension MK3 TT Exterior Mk3 TT Exhaust

Mk2 TT (2007-2014)
Mk2 TT Brakes Mk2 TT Exterior Mk2 TT Intakes Mk2 TT Interior Mk2 TT Lighting Mk2 TT Performance Mk2 TT Suspension Mk2 TT Wheels Mk2 TT Exhaust

Mk1 TT (1999-2006)
Mk1 TT Brakes Mk1 TT Exhaust Mk1 TT Exterior Mk1 TT Intake Mk1 TT Lighting Mk1 TT Performance Mk1 TT Suspension Mk1 TT Wheels

8R Q5/SQ5 (2009-2017)
Q5 Intakes Q5 Lighting Q5 Wheels Q5 Exhaust Q5 Suspension Q5 Exterior Q5 Performance

FY Q5/SQ5 (2018+)

4L Q7 (2006-2015)
Q7 Brakes Q7 Exhaust Q7 Exterior Q7 Intakes Q7 Lighting Q7 Performance Q7 Suspension Q7 Wheels

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