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Exterior Modifications For Audi

Our cars are a wonderful means for self expression - a reflection our personalities and tastes. There are many ways to make your car your own - here are a few to help your Audi stand out, whether you find yourself at SoCal Euro or the parking lot at Urth Caffe.

Styling is subjective - like art, it's in the eye of the beholder. What's important to remember is that as long as YOU like the look you've created, no one else's opinion matters. Of course, should you be unsure, you can always ask the Modification Experts for their input for a second opinion.

When you want experts that know YOUR Audi, you need the Modification Experts. We invite you to call us at 714-582-3330 today to speak with an expert, or chat with us live at modbargains.com- Several members of the modbargains Teamare Audi owners and enthusiasts.


B8 A4/S4 B8 A4/S4 (2009+) B8 A5/S5 B8 A5/S5 (2008+) B7 A4 B7 A4 (2005.5-2008) 8P A3/S3 8P A3/S3 (2003-2011)
B7 S4 B7 S4 (2005.5-2008) B6 A4 B6 A4 (2002-2005) B8 RS5 B8 RS5 (2010+) B7 RS4 B7 RS4 (2006-2007)
B6 S4 B6 S4 (2003-2005) B5 A4 B5 A4 (1996-2001) B5 S4/RS4 B5 S4/RS4 (2000-2002) 8L A3/S3 8L A3/S3 (1996-2003)
Mk2 TT Mk2 TT (2007+) Mk1 TT Mk1 TT (1999-2006) Q7 Q7 (2006+) Q5 Q5 (2009+)
C7 A6/S6 C7 A6/S6 (2011+) C6 A6/S6 C6 A6/S6 (2005-2011) C5 A6/S6 C5 A6/S6 (1998-2004) C5 RS6 C5 RS6 (2003)
R8 R8 (2008+) D4 A8/S8 D4 A8/S8 (2010+) D3 A8/S8 D3 A8/S8 (2004-2009) D2 A8/S8 D2 A8/S8 (1994-2003)
A7 C7 A7 C7 (2011+)

Popular Audi Exterior Brands:

APR Performance Lamin-X Protective Films
A Front Lip or Splitter for Audi
Front Lip for Audi at modbargains   Front Lip for Audi at modbargains

Often called an Air Dam, a Front Splitter, or "lip" will give your Audi a muscular, more aggressive edge. They come in every variety from subtle to outrageous, you'll find it here at modbargains. Originally designed to generate front end downforce, these aerodynamic devices were invented for racing, and though a handful of front splitters or air dams are functional aero devices, the majority available today are mostly cosmetic.

Carbon Fiber Front Lip for Audi at modbargains

These are a great way to really change the aesthetics of your car and make it truly your own. We offer Front Lips from APR Performance, and many other fine manufacturers. If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask our Modification Experts!
Call (714) 582-3330 to speak with a Modification Expert today.

Rear Diffusers for Audi Models

Rear diffuser on white Audi at modbargains

The rear diffuser was originally designed for racing use to streamline airflow under the car to generate downforce and enhance performance. Since its racing origins, today, the diffuser can be found as a part of the styling of nearly every make and model.

Rear diffuser on Audi at modbargainsRear diffuser on Audi at modbargains

On many newer Audi models, the diffuser is a separate piece and can be changed out separately from the rest of the bumper cover. We offer high quality Carbon Fiber Diffusers (and other materials too) from the finest names in automotive exterior styling.

Rear Spoilers for Audi

Rear spoiler on white AudiSpoiler on Orange Audi at modbargains

The rear spoiler has always been a mainstay of automotive styling, and even on today's cars the addition of a subtle lip or more aggressive ducktail or GT Wing really changes the aesthetic of your Audi. We offer spoilers from finest names in styling: ABT, APR Performance, Oettinger and Caractere.

Grilles For Audi
Front Grille for Audi Cars Front Grille for Audi Cars

Want the S-Line or RS look for your standard Audi? We offer high quality front grilles for Audi models to alter the exterior appearance of your Audi. Fitting your Audi

Display Your Plate The Pretty Way with a No Holes License Plate Holder

Audi R8 with no hole license plate holderAudi with no hole license plate holder

A No Holes License Plate Holder for Audi rids you of that giant, nasty stock front plate holder and relocates the mounting point of the front plate, mounting it using the tow hook plug already in your bumper. Your car is still displays its front plate, but without that ugly OEM junk on your front end - and NO HOLES in the bumper.

Clean up a Front Plate Delete with Painted Bumper Plugs for Audi

Color matched license plate hole covers for Audi

Removed your front license plate holder, but still have two holes in your bumper from incompetent dealers who DRILLED HOLES IN YOUR FRONT BUMPER, WITHOUT ASKING? We offer the perfect solution for this all-too-common problem - Painted Bumper Plugs for Audi. It's unfortunate, but it appears that dealerships never are going to train their employees to properly read requests to "DO NOT MOUNT FRONT PLATE". Until these monkeys can master this simple concept, these bumper plugs are the solution, designed to fill the holes left in your bumper. These plugs come painted to match your exact paint code for a great aesthetic.

Check out these great Audi-related posts on the modbargains blog:
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Audi S4 on Forgestar F14s

We hope the information above has been useful in illustrating just a few of the different types of aesthetic upgrades for Audi vehicles that are available right here at modbargains. Browse our selection online, or chat live with our Modification Experts about your project at modbargains.com, or call 714-582-3330 to speak to one of our enthusiastic experts today.

Expertise available for Audi Exteriors @modbargains
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