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StopTech Big Brake Kit BMW 128i/135i [E82]


Quick Overview

Sku # : StopTech_BBK_E82_ER10
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General Benefits of Big Brake Kits
Big Brake Kits give your vehicle that Supercar look and feel, and exceed stock performance in two areas. First, larger rotors increase heat capacity. Second, stiffer calipers and stainless steel lines reduce system compliance.

The key, however, is to increase heat capacity and reduce compliance without upsetting the stock front to rear brake torque ratio. If the brake upgrade you select adds too much front torque (as many do), you reduce your car's ability to utilize the tractive capacity of all of the tires to the maximum practical extent (even on ABS equipped cars) and you therefore create performance sacrifices. In addition, too many pistons or pistons that are too large will make the brake pedal much more difficult to modulate, which limits a driver's control of brake input on the race track.

Advantages of StopTech over other brake upgrades:

  • Shorter Stopping Distances
  • Better Brake Modulation
  • Firmer Brake Pedal
  • Less Brake Fade

Feature Benefit Summary:

  • Balanced Brake Upgrades™ with optimum brake bias offer the shortest stopping distance with the best pedal feel
  • Our patented AeroRotors® with the best airflow available result in better cooling, less fade and longer rotor and pad life
  • The stiffest aftermarket calipers with patented bridge result in better clamping under hard braking and less pad taper
  • Track testing of new applications ensures optimum performance

Improved cooling and heat capacity means less fade

StopTech has incorporated several design innovations to improve rotor airflow, cooling and heat capacity. The ability to absorb and dissipate heat is essential to brake system performance.

Benefits of Improved Airflow

  • Less fade
  • Longer rotor and pad life
  • Beter performance

The patented AeroRotor features curved vanes with innovations on leading and trailing edges. The uniquely designed vanes inside the disc optimize airflow through the rotor. This improved directional design minimizes turbulence and flows more air than any rotor tested. The result is up to 80% better airflow over original equipment rotors and 10-30% better airflow than directional vaned racing rotors currently available.

Outer rotor faces run hotter. The patent pending AeroHat™ has directional stand offs between the rotor and mounting bell (hat) that increase airflow to the outside faces of the rotor by 50-100%. Increased airflow reduces the temperature difference between the inside and outside faces of the rotor resulting in less distortion and better performance compared to other fully floating designs. Outer pad wear is reduced. AeroHat™ improves entire brake system airflow by up to 4%.

The below chart shows that StopTech (top red line) has the highest induced airflow of any rotor tested. Leading aftermarket and original equipment rotors were tested for airflow from 30mph to 150mph. AeroRotor® dramatically outperformed all other rotors, with improvements from an impressive 11% to a staggering 80% increase in airflow (corrected to 20°C and sea level.)



Using finite element analysis (FEA) modeling software, we have designed a bolt-in bridge strong enough to stop distortion without sacrificing cooling through the top of the caliper. Distortion is virtually eliminated. The fully forged StopTech ST-40 caliper has the least flex of any tested aftermarket and OE caliper. The air channel in the bridge is designed to help air flow through the retainer, resulting in better cooling.

Benefits of Stiffer Calipers:

  • Better performance with less vibration, noise and pad taper
  • Better pedal feel under extreme braking conditions
  • No radial pad taper

Caliper Deflection
The chart below shows the results of testing 25 leading caliper models by the major caliper companies. Each caliper was subjected to the same pressures and deflection was measured with a dial caliper. StopTech's is the stiffest caliper of the major brands tested.

What’s included?

  • Calipers
  • 2 piece floating directional AeroRotors with hats (pre-assembled)
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Caliper mounting brackets
  • Street performance pads

Caliper Color Options:

Calipers are available in the following colors:
Blue, gold and yellow calipers have a 30-45 day lead time and are $200 extra per axle.
Silver calipers are available at no extra charge, but do have a 30-45 day lead time.

Rotors are available slotted, drilled or plain. Drilled rotors are $100 extra per axle.


StopTech now offers an anti-corrosion gold zinc coating for all AeroRotors. The coating benefits customers who live in cold climates where snow and road salt are commonly encountered, and customers who would prefer to not have visible surface rust on the vanes and outer circumference of their rotors. Zinc coating does not have a negative environmental impact like other coatings. Gold zinc coating costs $70 per axle extra.

Slotted with Zinc Coating
Drilled with Zinc Coating

Standard Pads
The performance pads included with kits are suitable for both street and light track use such as Autocross (1 lap at a time). For more aggressive track use or race use, it is very important to select pads appropriate to the type of driving.

Other Options

  • High performance brake fluid - Higher boiling point than stock fluid
  • Rear slotted or drilled rotors for front kits - Add bite and match the aesthetics of the front kit
  • Rear stainless steel lines for front kits - Provide quicker pedal response and better feel
  • Rear performance pads for front kits - Increase maximum operating temperature compared to stock


(4 piston kits with 380mm rotors use ST-45 calipers)
  • Fully forged aluminum construction
  • ALL finished parts are 100% leak down and pressure tested to 2500 PSI
  • ST-40 uses standard FMSI D372 pad (VIEW PAD SHAPE)
  • ST-45 uses standard FMSI D609 pad (VIEW PAD SHAPE)
  • Any combination of 8 piston sizes available to match kit to vehicle application
  • Differential piston sizes minimize pad taper
  • Dust boots are standard
  • Weight: 7.94 lb (3.6 kg) unloaded
  • Same caliper used by top Speed® World Challenge and Grand-Am Cup Teams


  • Fully forged aluminum construction
  • Patented, bolt-in bridge minimizes caliper compliance for a firmer pedal
  • Stiffest 6 Piston caliper currently on the market
  • Uses standard FMSI D1247 pad (VIEW PAD SHAPE)
  • Can be used on rotors with outer diameter of 328-380mm and thickness of 28-35mm
  • ALL finished parts are 100% leak down and pressure tested to 2500 PSI
  • Uses a popular pad shape readily available in over 15 street performance and race friction compounds
  • Over 19 different piston size combinations available to tune brake torque to the needs of each individual application
  • Differential piston sizes minimize pad taper for longer pad life and a firmer pedal
  • Dust boots are standard for reduced maintenance

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