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Stainless Works

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Stainless Works, an industry leader in stainless steel performance headers and exhaust systems

If youre looking for a clean look and deep sound, then Stainless Works is the right company for you. Based here in the United States, Stainless Works designs and manufactures all of their products on site. With options for different models including Camaros, Challengers, CTS-Vs, and even trucks, Stainless Works can cover you needs for moding your muscle car the right way. Their products mix modern technology such as performance connections and CNC Mandrel Bending, with the class deep rumble and stainless look, giving your car the best of both worlds.

Call ModBargains.com to get your Stainless Works headers and exhaust systems today! 714-582-3330

The technology behind Stainless Works

Factory Y Connection Stainless Works

Factory Y Connection

"True Dual", X-Connection - Improves Performance

Stainless works uses different types of technology to improve performance, ease installation, and keep high quality in their products.

"Performance Connect" is a system which involves both headers and exhausts from Stainless Works. It provides a consistent diameter throughout rather than necking down as seen in factory systems, increasing airflow and performance.

Along with improved sound from headers, Stainless Works has three different levels of mufflers creating their signature sound.

Turbo Chambered Exhaust by Stainless Works
Turbo chambered is a loud level, offering a deep muscle car growl at idle and cruising speeds. Though made for the daily driver, they are deep enough for that weekend project car.
Chambered Round Exhaust by Stainless Works
The Chambered Round is a louder exhaust than the Turbo Chambered, creating a "Street Rod" tone. They can be reversed for an every louder sound, and can be produced up to 60" long.
Turbo S-Tube Exhaust by Stainless Works
The loudest muffler is the Turbo S-Tube. This straight through design gives maximum flow, and aggressive tones while on the throttle. Some consider this too aggressive for a daily driver, but if you're the aggressive type, then this is for you.

Integrated Merge Spike

Integrated Merge Spike by Stainless Works

The integrated merge spike by Stainless Works is designed to create better airflow. All V8 long-tube headers offered by Stainless Works are manufactured with the integrated merge spike. Sound ,power, and scavenging (pushing exhausted gas out, and bringing new air in).

Integrated Merge Spike Diagram by Stainless Works



Stainless Works ships complimentary Header Bolt Kits and High Temperature RTV Gasket-Maker/Sealant. Also included are necessary clamps and O2 extension. You'll have all the necessary parts to install your headers right when you get them.

Get your Stainless Works product installed at ModBargains.com


Call ModBargains.com to get your Stainless Works headers and exhaust systems today! 714-582-3330



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