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Solo Performance


Pontiac G8

Solo Performance Exhaust Pledge

To say the least, Solo Performance is dedicated to making quality exhaust systems that give the driver 100% satisfaction, not the underdeveloped, cheap kits that you hear sputtering and droning around town. Their axle backs, resonators, converters, and cat back systems are all designed with quality, sound and performance in mind. When Solo Performance runs into a problem during the design process, they don't just shake it off and put it out on the market like that; they address the problem and test and redesign their products until they get what they were originally aiming for, perfection.

They are an American company who's goal is to make today's American muscle cars sound more, well, muscular. But not just that; they keep the driver's needs in mind. They have created J-Tube technology to decrease drones, hums and unwanted frequencies in the cabin which allows for the driver and passengers to carry out a regular conversation at any speed without the headaches or yelling. Now if that isn't thinking about the customer, I don't know what is! The research and development that goes into Solo Performance's exhaust units is extensive and thorough. If they notice something that they don't like they will find a way to fix the problem and sometimes get even better results than they expected. Point and case, when you buy an exhaust product from Solo Performance, you're making the right choice!

If you have questions about any Solo Performance exhaust products, please give us a call at: (714)-582-3330

Solo Performance G8 rear View Quad Tips Cat Back Exhaust

Exhaust Performance

One of these results that you get from a Solo Perfromance exhaust product is a very noticeable increase in horsepower and torque caused by higher air flow. This gives your car that edge above all other stock cars on the road; you not only have a sound that sets your American muscle car apart from the rest, but the extra power that guarantees a fun and adrenaline-pumping drive every time. Solo Performance takes pride in its ability to provide quality exhaust products that do more than just make your car louder; they have turned it into a science, a development in a way. And it has proven to pump out some of the most performance-enhancing and best sounding exhaust products in the world.


Solo Performance Exhaust Sound

One of Solo Performance's main focuses in their product line is the exhaust note. You can't have a head-turning exhaust system without a loud, aggressive and raw scream from that powerful muscle car engine when you really lay into it. But you also don't want your exhaust to be so loud that it's irritating, so Solo Performance exhausts are made to have the perfect balance of volume and clean and clear tone. You get that loud, throaty roar when you want it, AND you get near stock quietness at cruising speeds and idle. Solo Performance's high flow cats, stainless steel construction and resonators all contribute to an unforgettable, unique sound that is both pleasing to the ear and your wallet.


Solo Performance Retains Value

Speaking of money, you don't really have to worry about it when it comes to Solo Performance exhausts. You won't find yourself scrounging for thousands and thousands of dollars to get a high quality system for your American muscle car because Solo Performance has created such durable, performance-enhancing exhaust kits for a great price that there are no downsides. With all of the choices and options available inside of their product line, a Solo Performance exhaust product is the way to go if you want to get your dream sound out of your dream car without paying amounts of money that you would only dream of. The opportunity to get the exhaust system that you've always wanted is right in front of you when it comes to Solo Performance, so just go out and do it!

Solo Performance Camaro Axle Back Exhaust System Solo Performance Camaro V8 Std and Auto Axle Back with J Pipes above view

  • Spikes in horsepower and torque to make that American muscle car not only sound better, but perform like it should
  • Pure stainless steel construction for that rust-free look throughout the product's life
  • Get your daily driver to roar like a racecar without the unwanted noise in the cabin
  • Carry out a regular conversation in your car while having that aggressive sound that you've always wanted
  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • New J-Tube technology that eliminates annoying hums and bassy frequencies in the cabin
  • High flow cats and larger piping for more air output and that throaty sound that you desire
  • Driver controlled exhaust kits; the more you push on the throttle the louder they get!


If you have questions about any Solo Performance exhaust products, please give us a call at: (714)-582-3330

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