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K&N Filters is the leading authority in air filters for your vehicle.

K&N Filters is the number one choice for you if you're considering upgrading your air filter or intake system. K&N is the inventor and leading innovator of reusable filter technology for your car. K&N Filters make products for literally every car application possible, and they are all specifically designed to add effective performance for your car. K&N Filters' sole purpose is to offer the best air filters for your vehicle. Other air filter manufacturers are looking to K&N Filters for the newest technology to replicate. When you purchase a filter replacement or intake system from K&N Filters, you are getting a product that will add horsepower and never needs replacing.

K&N Filters Revolution

K&N Filters noticed that the OEM air filters and some aftermarket upgrades were using disposable paper filter elements. These antiquated paper filters are inefficient for air intakes and get worn out easily. K&N Filters decided to create a cotton gauze filter to help fix that problem. Cotton gauze filters are not only more efficient at allowing more airflow into your engine, but they are also more durable and can last a lifetime. K&N specifically designed these filters to help you save money, fuel, and help the environment as well. K&N Filters is pleased that many OEM and aftermarket companies are starting to use cotton gauze filters, and is happy to be the spearhead of their "cotton gauze filter revolution". K&N Filters does not stop here, as they are continuously doing research and development to take their filter technology to the next level.

K&N Filters Products

K&N Filters offer you different products depending what you want for your car. If you just want to replace your OEM filter with a reusable air filter that will add horsepower, then the K&N stock replacement filters is the right choice for you. Replacing the OEM air filter is the simplest upgrade you can perform to see power gains and better airflow into your engine. If you crave even more power, then K&N high performance air intakes will be a better fit for you. K&N Filters high performance air intakes replace the OEM intake system with free flowing piping to allow for a significant improvement in airflow and even greater power gains. No matter which product you choose, K&N Filters provide you with their patented cotton gauze air filters with their Million Mile Limited Warranty.

K&N Drop-in Replacement Filters
  • Direct OEM filter replacement
  • Simple, drop-in performance
  • Increases horsepower and acceleration
  • Provides excellent filtration
K&N High Performance Intake System
  • Significant power gains
  • Replaces entire OEM intake system
  • Easiest aftermarket modification to install
  • Greater airflow gains over drop-in replacement filter

The K&N Filter Advantage

K&N Filters will add horsepower to your car without compromising reliability

The K&N cotton gauze air filters help improve the airflow to your engine which increases power to your car. Along with improved power, you will see improved throttle response since your engine is able to breathe easier. Also, cotton gauze air filters are more durable than the OEM paper-based filters and will last the lifetime of your car. Dare to say, you are receiving a product that is better than OEM parts with better performance!

K&N Filters will add performance while saving you money

So you read about K&N Filters adding power and improving overall performance on your car, but the other great benefit to these filters is that they will save you money. Remember, K&N Filters offer a Million Mile Limited Warranty on all their filters so you know that your filter will last longer than your car. K&N cotton gauze air filters are washable and reusable so you never have to buy a replacement air filter ever again. Also, with an improved airflow, your engine will be able to breathe easier meaning less fuel being consumed. In these times where gas prices are skyrocketing, improving your gas mileage could save you thousands of dollars every year!

K&N Filters will give you more power while saving the environment

Now you know that K&N Filters will give you the power you crave while saving you money, but one of the best benefits of purchasing a K&N filter is that it saves the environment. Over 100,000,000 paper air filters end up going to US landfills and incinerators every year. Imagine the toll that puts on the environment and the number of trees being used to create these inferior paper air filters. K&N cotton gauze air filters are reusable so you never have to replace your air filter again, plus K&N Filters are made from cotton, a renewable resource. Who knew you could get more power for your car while saving money and the environment? K&N Filters does, and now you can too.

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