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Get your Forgestar wheels for your Corvette at modbargains

Forgestar wheels are a perfect pair for your Corvette. Whether you want a set of stylish wheels, or perhaps something to help your track time, we have a set of wheels for you. Forgestar Wheels are Industrials leaders and what differentiates themselves from their competitors are that they provide customizable wheels, creating unique sets of wheels that are a truer expression of their owners, as well as being some of the lightest and strongest rims around. Since we are one of the largest Forgestar Wheels distributors we are able to provide you with the quickest build times, and exceptional customer service when ordering your Forgestar Corvette rims. Please pick your style and fitment by clicking on one of the links below or images.


Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Corvette Wheels


Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Forgestar F10 20"
Available in hyper silver & gloss black
Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Forgestar F14 18"
18 Lbs per wheel!
Available in 15 finishes
Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Forgestar F14 19"
23Lbs per wheel
Available in 15 finishes
Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Forgestar F14 20"
Available in 15 finishes
Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Forgestar F14 22"
Available in 15 finishes
Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Forgestar CF10 20"
Available in 15 finishes

Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
ForgestarCF5 18"- 20"
Available in 15 finishes

Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight
Forgestar F14F 18"- 20"
2-Piece Modular Forged Wheel

Forgestar custom rotary forged flow formed wheels answer the age old question of "can it be light and strong?" Forgestar's revolutionary process presents a unique solution to this by developing their Rotary Forged Flowforming, through the combination of "heat, pressure, and spinning" develop a rim area with the strength similar to that of a forged wheel.

This process allows every wheel created to be up to 15% lighter in weight when compared to a standard cast wheel. Forgestar technological breakthroughs in heat treating allow increase dent resistance without having to make the wheel heavier.

"This grain structure pattern, combined with the exceptional quality of casting required for the process, gives the rim area of the wheel huge mechanical strength, and elongation. As a result of these mechanical characteristics, Forgestar is able to reduce the thickness of the rim area resulting in reduced weight, without compromising strength and resistance to impact."
- Forgestar

Please note the Forgestar wheels will require cone seat lug nuts so that the wheels sit properly on the hub. We can provide these for you (see attributes)

Video of Rotary Forged Flow Forming Process:

We offer low price guarantees on all of the Forgestar Corvette Wheels we carry. If you have questions about the Corvette Forgestar Wheels please don't hesitate to contact us: (714) 582-3330.

Upgrade to Forgestar Corvette Rims

  • Custom Offsets- All Forgestar wheels can be manufactured in any offset. This allows you to decide exactly how you want your Forgestar Corvette wheels to sit (we can help you select the offset and fitment you are looking for). Forgestar Corvette rims are specifically created for your car and it's suspension setup.

  • Lightweight - Forgestar Corvette wheels are much lighter than your standard set of wheels. This aspect makes these wheels especially great for track use.

  • Strength - All Fogestar Corvette rims utilize a manufacturing process that is known as flow forming. Flow-formed wheels are similar in strength to that of a fully forged wheel, without the high cost. The process used to construct the wheels is the same process companies like BBS and Enkei use to manufacture their wheels.

  • Large Range of Sizes - The entire line of Forgestar Corvette wheels are available in a large variety of styles and fitments. Allowing you to choose what diameter and width you want to run on your vehicle compared to cast wheels which are only available in a set front and rear width.

Forgestar Corvette Wheels - Lightweight

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