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Dinan High Performance Adjustable Coilovers for 2011 BMW 1M [E82] (R190-8311/R100-0908)


Quick Overview

This Dinan High Performance Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System allows you to adjust ride height without compromising comfort or performance.
This product earns you 3 Dinan points.

(R190-8311 / R100-0908)

Sku # : Dinan-Adjustable-CoilOver-Suspension-E82-1M-JS
Track Springs
Dinan High Performance Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System for 2011 BMW 1M [E82]

  • Enhance the appearance of your BMW 1M with a 3/4" drop with Dinan Coilovers.

  • With a lower center of gravitty you'll be able to take on those tight corner much more aggressively.

  • Quietest coilover system on the market, perfect for daily use and track days.

  • 3 Dinan points
  • Up to a 3/4” drop
  • Strut mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Heavy-duty rubber and barrel shaped Delran internal components
  • Compatible with 2.50" I.D. racing springs for convenient adjustment
  • Easy camber adjustment between -1.2° and -3.2°

  • 2011 BMW 1M [E82]
Dinan High Performance Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System for BMW 1M

This High Performance Adjustable Coilover Suspension System by Dinan allows you to adjust ride height as well as fine tune fitment with easy Camber adjustment. The Beehive shaped front springs and low profile camber plates with progressive bump stops allow the full 3/4" drop while still maintaining stock suspension travel. These are also the quietest coilovers on the market. The strut mounts are machined with 6061-T6 aluminum and heavy duty rubber internal components to ensure superior performance and quiet operation.

Dinan High Performance Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System:

  • Quietest Coil over kit on the market so you can live with it every day.
  • Beehive shaped front spring and low profile camber plates to maintain full suspension travel with up to one inch of lowering.
  • Threaded collars allow easy front & rear vehicle height adjustments.
  • Included suspension packers allow adjustment of bump-stop clearance to fine-tunehandling and comfort.
  • Dinan-spec progressive bump stops improve ride quality at lowered ride heights.
  • System comes with adjustable camber plates allowing easy camber adjustment between-1.2° and -3.2°.
  • Camber plates are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are designed with heavy-dutyrubber and barrel shaped Delran internal components for superior performance and quiet operation, compared to noisy spherical bearing style mounts.
  • Improved suspension travel by 12mm front and 7mm rear.
  • Front & rear Dinan components are compatible with 2.50” I.D. racing springs.
  • Compatible with BMW non-EDC shocks.

Includes: Coil-Over Spring Set, Matching Front Bump-Stops, Adjustable Camber Plates, Threaded Adjustment Collars, Suspension Packers, and Heavy Duty Brackets.

Track/Racing Springs:

Stiffer front springs for use with Dinan Coil-Over suspension systems. This pair of front springs are 19% stiffer than the ones included in the base Dinan Coil-Over suspension package and are aimed at providing better handling at the track.

Please Note: RACING ONLY PRODUCT - Due to the nature of the intended use, Dinan Racing Products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship only. These products are not warranted against wear and/or failure under any circumstances. These products do not fall under the standard Dinan Limited Product Warranty. Racing-only parts may also affect the BMW warranty and emissions warranty.

If you feel that you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you bring in your vehicle and let one of our technicians do the install.

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