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Projector HID Headlight Converison for 1999-2006 BMW 3-Series [E46] (w/o Factory HID) by DEPO


Quick Overview

Replace your stock fogged over headlights for a pair of xenon HID headlights that will restore the life to your BMW and give it a complete facelift!!!

NOTE: You must have an E46 that did not come with factory Xenon/HID headlights - these headlamps work with HALOGEN headlight models ONLY!!

Sku # : Depo_Xenon_E46_Headlights_ER
PC Module
Replace your old fogged over BMW E46 headlights and upgrade them with a new pair of HID Depo headlights.  These xenon HID headlights do not only give your E46 a new more modern look, but will also drastically improve the aesthetics of your ride in day or night.  They are not all for show these lights are designed to be functional allowing you to drive more safely at night.  These Depo lights will give your E46 a custom look at night that any halogen light will never be able to give you Whether you order with angel eyes or not, the xenon HID lighting will restore the life to your BMW and give it a complete facelift.  Our Projector kits are completely plug and play and require no complicated installations.  With pure white angel eyes and a bright self leveling bulbs these headlights would be a perfect addition to any E46, whether your going for a new custom/modern look or just looking to replace your outdated halogen set up.

*PC Module will cancel any errors you may have. They can be added after the fact if you discover errors.  Note: Some E46 models have light flickering problems when these Depo HID E46 Headlights are installed, this PC module will fix this problem.

NOTE: Sold in Pairs.

NOTE: Snap in are typically 2001-2002
           Screw in are typically 2003-2006

CCFL Rings: Are an upgraded angel eyes, that are brighter and whiter then your stock angel eyes.


For the BMW E46 Headlights (Built-in Angel Eyes):

1. Base Package - Upgraded Rings Package - headlights with upgraded CCFL rings. Standard Halogen Bulbs included - NO HID.
BME46HL-2DE-PKG-C - (2dr Snap In)
BME46HL-2DL-PKG-C - (2dr Screw In)
BME46HL-4DE-PKG-C - (4dr prefacelift 98-01)
BME46HL-4DL-PKG-C - (4dr facelift 02-04)

2. The Works - Headlights with CCFL ring upgrade, HID kit 8000k, high low bulbs all preinstalled.
BME46HL-2DE-PKG-CH - (2dr Snap In)
BME46HL-2DL-PKG-CH - (2dr Screw In)
BME46HL-4DE-PKG-CH - (4dr pre-facelift 98-01)
BME46HL-4DL-PKG-CH - (4dr facelift 02-04)

BMW E46 Headlights Features and Benefits
  • Updated Look
  • Custom look at night
  • Significant improvement in visual appeal of car
  • Very Bright/Neo Modern Look
  • Pure White Angel Eyes
  • No Modification Required  
  • Plug and play design
  • 2X As bright as the Competition
  • Provides safer night driving
  • Projects further and wider
  • Comes with Auto-Leveling

BMW E46 Headlights Fitment Information
Years: 1999-2006
Make: BMW
Model: Sedan, Coupe, Cabrio, M3
Chassis: E46
Description: OEM Headlight Replacement Xenon. Complete Headlight replacement for your halogen headlights.
No need to have your dealer reset to eliminate error on dash unlike the OEM alternative.
Note: Your vehicle MUST have OEM halogen headlights

What is included in the BMW E46 Headlights kit?
Unlike other stores which may have misleading kits with missing parts, our kits are all inclusive with everything you need. While other kits may appear cheaper, the hidden costs of the "options" actually add up to end up costing you even more. These "options" are included from the beginning with our ModBargains kits! When you purchase a kit you will receive...

  • DEPO Headlight Housing
  • Installed Xenon Bulb System (Optional)
  • Pre-installed Angel Eyes (Optional)
BMW E46 Headlights Materials:
  • Plastic Lens
  • Plastic Housing
  • Plug and Play wiring

BMW E46 Headlights Installation:

  • See Installation guide include with headlights
  • No drilling cutting or modifying needed
  • PERFECT fit every time

BMW E46 Headlights Hardware:

  • None, Re-Use OEM Hardware

About Xenon and H.I.D. Technology
H.I.D (High Intensity Discharge) or Xenon bulbs refer to a new type of technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite a gas inside the bulb. These bulbs do not use a filament and are named from their intense white light that they emit.

  • Instantly Deliver 3 Times the Light Output
  • Consume 40% Less Power
  • 5x Longer Lifespan (2000+hrs vs. 500hrs)
  • Intense Light Similar to the Sun
  • See Further and Wider
Xenon Headlights Allow Safer Driving
Xenon headlight technology is becoming crucial from a safety standpoint. This light provides more light than conventional bulbs in a quality similar to daylight. Xenon lighting allows you to see road signs, objects, and other hazards more quickly and clearly. The risk of a car accident is twice as great during dark hours due to the fact that humans can simply not see as well. Xenon lights help compensate for overstimulation, reduction of visual acuity, loss of important information, and tiredness, and allow you to drive much more safely at night.

What is a Projector Kit?
A projector kit is essentially a full headlight replacement for your BMW. These headlights give you the opportunity to add Xenon Headlights for a great price and with very little hassle if your car was originally built with halogens. Our kits are directly "Plug and Play" and look just like factory Xenon headlights! In addition you can add in the option for built in Angel Eyes to really enhance the look of your BMW. There are many great benefits to having Xenon headlights that are outlined below.

Depo E46 Xenon Headlight Gallery

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