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Brembo Big Brake Kit Upgrade for 1996-2008 Audi A4 [B5/B6/B7]


Quick Overview

Sku # : Brembo_BBK_A4_KM10
Big Brake Kit Size
Caliper Color (Please select according to guide)

Drilled / Slotted

Welcome to ModBargain's Brembo Webpage!!

This is our purchase page for Brembo products. If you have not yet seen ModBargain's main Brembo page, please go ahead and do so--it is filled with vital and  intriguing information about Brembo's manufacturing, testing and current product lines, as well as a glimpse of Brembo’s history and their dedication to future technology.

Within those pages, ModBargains.com, as Brembo's authorized dealers, would like to offer you insight on Brembo’s attention to quality, performance, and SAFETY, and how that is incorporated into every Gran Turismo braking system that we offer.

Click here for our Brembo's Main Page!!

General Benefits of Big Brake Kits

Big Brake Kits give your vehicle that Supercar look and feel, and exceed stock performance in two areas. First, larger rotors increase heat capacity. Second, stiffer calipers and stainless steel lines reduce system compliance.

The key, however, is to increase heat capacity and reduce compliance without upsetting the stock front to rear brake torque ratio. If the brake upgrade you select adds too much front torque (as many do), you reduce your car's ability to utilize the tractive capacity of all of the tires to the maximum practical extent (even on ABS equipped cars) and you therefore create performance sacrifices. In addition, too many pistons or pistons that are too large will make the brake pedal much more difficult to modulate, which limits a driver's control of brake input on the race track.

Advantages of Brembo over other brake upgrades:

  • Shorter Stopping Distances
  • Better Brake Modulation
  • Firmer Brake Pedal
  • Less Brake Fade
  • Better Looks

    The combination of Brembo's unique knowledge in manufacturing high performance braking systems for high performance vehicles, Brembo can GUARANTEE top quality standards and the most advanced technological knowledge--it's now wonder that they are a world market leader in its sector!  The first choice for the most sophisticated sports vehicles and high-class sedans is Brembo.  Today, their skills ensures an incomparable level of performance in the best cars produced in Europe, the United States, and Japan!  Brembo is perfect company partner for anyone in search of "state of the art" brake discs--no disappointments.  Their company is an all-in-one design, engineering, and production company, using their outstanding knowledge of metallurgy in its braking system components design--don't expect anything less than an optimal production cycle.  They have phases and tests, from research and development phases to the testing phases to static comfort tests and road tests, even dynamic tests, to finally arrive at the definition of the product and its successive marketing.

    With Brembo's extravagant knowledge and processes, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed in their braking systems!  They have manufactured outperforming Big Brake Kits (BBK), and that will probably lead you into thinking "dust, dust, dust".  Do not fear, with Brembo's 4-Piston BBKs, you have the option of integrating low dust pads to keep your wheels clean, even under intense tracking conditions!

Fitment Guide

Color Legend:  B=Black, G=Gold, R=Red, S=Silver, Y=Yellow
Model Year Caliper Disc Size and Type Part Number    
Pistons Color Drilled Slotted
A4 Front (B5) 1996 2001 4 B, R, S 328x28 2-Piece 1A1.6005A 1A2.6005A   $2,850.00
A4 Front (B5) 1996 2001 4 B, R, S 332x32 2-Piece 1B1.7001A 1B2.7001A   $3,295.00
A4 Front (B6) 2002 2005 4 B, R, S 328x28 2-Piece 1A1.6020A 1A2.6020A   $2,850.00
A4 Front (B6) 2002 2005 4 B, R, S 332x32 2-Piece 1B1.7017A 1B2.7017A   $3,295.00
A4 Front (B6) 2002 2005 4 B, R, S 355x32 2-Piece 1B1.8002A 1B2.8002A   $3,595.00
A4 Front (B6) 2002 2005 6 B,R,S,Y 355x32 2-Piece 1M1.8011A 1M2.8011A   $3,795.00
A4 Rear (B6) 2002 2005 4 B, R, S 345x28 2-Piece 2C1.8016A 2C2.8016A 7 $3,295.00
A4 Front (B7) 2006 2008 4 B, R, S 320x32 1-Piece 1B4.6001A N/A   $2,095.00
A4 Front (B7) 2006 2008 4 B, R, S 332x32 2-Piece 1B1.7017A 1B2.7017A   $3,295.00
A4 Front (B7) 2006 2008 4 B, R, S 355x32 2-Piece 1B1.8002A 1B2.8002A   $3,595.00
A4 Front (B7) 2006 2008 6 B,R,S,Y 355x32 2-Piece 1M1.8011A 1M2.8011A   $3,795.00
A4 Rear (B7) 2006 2008 4 B, R, S 345x28 2-Piece 2C1.8016A 2C2.8016A 7 $3,295.00
General Notes:
Many of the GT systems require modification to, or removal of the OEM dust shield or backing plate.

Drilled vs. Slotted
(Not sure exactly what's best for your car?  Click here!)

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